Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 657

Chapter 657 Reincarnation

What was harder for them to understand was the fact that the young mage Lin Lis Magical Domain had also collapsed as the three arrows flew out. First, it was the Light Domain, followed by the Darkness Domain, which appeared together with the arrow of the nomological power. The Magical Domain had become a complete world of ice.

However, the collapse of the Magical Domain did not mean that Lin Lis powers were depleting. On the contrary, the power of Lin Li was really rising at an extremely daunting rate. The collapse of every Magical Domain would give him more power and push him to a terrifying height, making everyone feel astonished.

The magical wave around him was getting stronger and stronger, and the massive mana seemed to be roaring like surging tides. The air seemed to be break, and the seemingly infinite mana seemed to be withdrawn from his skinny and weak body.

Facing this daunting scene, even Cheyenne who claimed that he had a good understanding of Lin Li had no choice but to admit that he had underestimated the young mage Lin Li who was in his early twenties again. The formidable power was worlds apart from the previous one, and Cheyenne no longer knew what Lin Lis limit was.

The strong mana around Lin Li seemed to be stirring up like a hurricane. It didnt seem like what a young mage who had just stepped into the Legendary-realm would possess. Even Elder Randy, who had already broken through to the Legendary-realm during the Dark Age and was now already a level-23 Legendary powerhouse, had no choice but to swallow his pride when faced with such a terrifying power, for the strong mana scared him more than the Green Dragon King did. The mana was probably already nearing the Sanctuary-realm.

The most shocking thing was that the horrifyingly powerful force was controlled by Lin Li, who did not seem to lose control of it at all, right from the start. They were all Legendary powerhouses here; hence, they naturally knew that it meant that Lin Lis mental strength was already near the Sanctuary-realm, and he would definitely break through to the Sanctuary-realm once he accumulated enough mana and mastered enough nomological power. He would then become the subject of envy and awe. Not to mention, he was only in his twenties

Seeing the power that Lin Li was exhibiting, everyone could not help but be overwhelmed by a complicated feeling, and they even temporarily forgot about the dangerous situation that they were currently in. A Legendary powerhouse in his twenties was definitely considered a prodigy in Anril, but a twenty-something-year-old powerhouse of the Sanctuary-realm was unprecedented. Those who had not confirmed it themselves would simply call it a crazy and absurd idea.

However, no one was willing to question anything now, and they had all seemed to stop thinking. Everything in front of them was a huge stimulation that was beyond what they could comprehend. Everyone stared at Lin Li in bewilderment and watched as his Magical Domains collapsed together with the launching of the three arrows, while Lin Li whipped out a string-less crossbow from his Ring of Endless Storm.

Lin Lis crossbow was very delicate and small, almost only the size of his palm. However, that did not mean that it was simple, because there was a complicated mageweath inscribed on it that everyone else could not decipher. The only thing they could recognize was the terrifying power contained within the mageweath.

However, apart from the mageweath, the material used to create the crossbow was also confusing for them because they could only recognize it to be a metal that they could not identify even after racking their brains. Even Elder Randy whod become a Legendary Druid during the Dark Age and was proficient in advanced mageweaths could not identify the metal used, let alone the rest. Lin Li was probably the only person in Anril who knew what it was.

The mageweath inscribed on the crossbow was actually made up of six mageweaths pieced together, dense and complex. Each mageweath was Guru-level and possessed unique power. Lin Li liked calling the combination of the six mageweaths "Reincarnation".

The difficulty of making a Mageweath Array was not just a little higher than that of the mageweath. Even a Guru of Inscription like Lin Li had to put in plenty of effort to complete the Reincarnation Array. In Anril, it might be a long-lost skill, but it would still be considered a top Mageweath array even in the Endless World.

The rest couldnt identify the metal used to make the crossbow not because they had little knowledge, but rather because the metal originally belonged to the Endless World, which was a virtual world that seemed similar to Anril but was completely different. The metal used to create the crossbow was called the Divinity Metal!

The Divinity Metal could be said to be the most valuable forging material in Lin Lis Ring of Endless Storm. Although equipment made of Divinity Metal would not have any prominent attributes, it was also because its value was too highits characteristics would dull in comparison to the high value. While the main value of Divinity Metal was reflected in the growth potential of the equipment, it was still higher in performance compared to other equipment made of rare metals.

It could be said that this handheld crossbow was not a weapon that should appear in Anril. The only thing that belonged to this world was probably the design sketch of the crossbow. The sketch was the Enchantresss Howl that William placed in between a stack of prescriptions at the Time Consignment Store.

Of course, in the opinion of Lin Li who was a Smithing Guru, the Enchantresss Howl design sketch still had room for improvement. Hence, the Enchantresss Howl that Lin Li was holding was far better than the original version in the sketch after a series of amendments. The improved Enchantresss Howl could be considered a premium masterpiece, even amongst the works of the Gurus.

Everyone watched while Lin Li chanted the long spell. As the three Magical Domains collapsed one by one, he slowly put down the Helios Scepter and composedly retrieved a string from the Ring of Endless Storm which he carefully placed on his crossbow.

However, with the emergence of the string, everyone who had almost stopped thinking suddenly gasped in unison. Although they could not recognize the metal of the crossbow or decipher the mageweath on it, they were still learned and knowledgeable people.

Even Cheyenne, who was the weakest of all and the previous patriarch of the Malfa Family, had personally explored Anril, what more Elder Randy who had seen the prosperity and civilization brought about by the High Elves.

Indeed, they could not recognize the six mageweaths or the metal that was used to make the crossbow, but that was not because they lacked knowledge. The Mageweath array itself was not a field that ordinary Inscribers could delve into, let alone the Reincarnation Array that was at the top of the pyramid of Mageweath arrays. It was not their fault for failing to know about the Divinity Metal, because it did not belong to Anril in the first place. Even if they were knowledgeable, there was no way they could get to know about it

However, they began to find Lin Lis crossbow a little familiar.

"The Dragon Tendon!" Cheyenne said with shock all over his face. Although everyone had just experienced the siege of the green dragons, Lin Lis crossbow seemed way more powerful than that.

"No, its the tendon of the ancient wyrm!" Elder Randy was greatly astonished, even more so than Cheyenne and the rest. As an elf from the Dark Age, he definitely had more knowledge than them. As soon as Lin Li whipped out the crossbow, he immediately sensed that, judging from the formidable aura, it definitely did not belong to an ordinary wyrm.

Cheyennes words gave them a great shock, while what Elder Randy said took them aback.

What was the Ancient Wyrms tendon? During the prehistoric times, the ancient wyrms were absolutely domineering, and the only thing that could rival them were the Titans. It was said that the baby ancient wyrms and the adult wyrms possessed power that was beyond the Sanctuary-realm. The descendants of the wyrms could never compare to them at all.

Those powerful ancient dragons would not obediently give their tendons to others. Even if they died, they would make sure to die in the dragon graveyard, and killing an ancient wyrm would be considered an impossible daydream. Even a powerhouse of the Sanctuary-realm might not be able to complete the task.

Everyone had experienced the siege of the green dragons, as well as the despair brought upon them by the Green Dragon King. However, the current wyrms were considered the weaker ones, and even the Green Dragon King was just a little near the Sanctuary-realm. Compared to their ancestors, the ancient wyrms which had dominated the world of Anril, the strength of these descendants might not even match that of a newborn ancient wyrm.

Moreover, most of the ancient wyrms which had survived mostly disappeared in the cracks in time and space like other prehistoric magical beasts when the prehistoric times came to an end. One might never obtain an ancient wyrms tendon even if he really had the ability to kill wyrms.

Just as everyone was exclaiming, Lin Li, who had already placed the string on the crossbow, smirked when he heard their speculations.

"They all guessed wrongly. This is the tendon of the Dragon Aspect" he muttered under his breath.

Lin Li was right. The string that Lin Li was putting on his crossbow was from Azardas, the Dragon of Destruction. Although Lin Li had always been afraid to deal with the corpse of the Dragon of Destruction for fear that poor treatment would result in wastage since every part of it was a priceless treasure, he could easily use one of its tendons on the crossbow without ruining it.

When Lin Li completed the assembly of the Reincarnation crossbow, the magical waves around him peaked, especially when the massive mana of the baby elemental wyrm stimulated the three pieces of the debris of the stars. The power generated was enough to rival Thunderbolt.

No matter how shocked the surrounding people were, Lin Li waved Holy Light in front of him without hesitation. Holy Light was just a Solar Sphere, but Lin Li managed to control it. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a short bolt that automatically fell into the groove of the crossbow.


As Holy Light fell into the crossbow, a deafening roar sounded in the air, and the entire world seemed to sway continuously. Next, a pillar of light shot up into the sky and almost pressed onto their heads. The sky seemed to have split too.

In the center of the sky, the huge vortex of lightning that was constantly rotating fragmented and shattered even before Holy Light approached it, revealing the Stars of Fury. At this moment, Elder Randy and the rest finally knew that they were not facing a Legendary powerhouse in the last realm, but a pair of bow and arrow.

After a loud roar, the entire world seemed to have grown silent, while the surrounding wind elementals trembled and stopped attacking. The black clouds in the sky and the myriad of powerful Razer spells vanished together with the Razer Pythons that ran away fearfully.

The power of this arrow was far beyond everyones imagination. It was so powerful that it even reminded everyone of the Sanctuary-realm archer, Wind Whisperer Hull. Although Elder Randy was perhaps the only one who had really seen the Wind Whisperer Hull in action, everyone knew how formidable the latter was.

Elder Randy, whod seen the arrow once shot by Wind Whisperer Hull, was even more shocked than the rest. After all, Wind Whisperer Hull had managed to enter the Sanctuary-realm with his archery skills and the usage of Song of Heart. However, Lin Li was only a young Legendary-mage. Even if his crossbow was not inferior to Song of Heart, it was impossible for his arrow to have such great power!

However, that was not the end.