Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 662

Chapter 662 Seed Of Eternity

Moreover, a crystal sphere that was meant for defense wasnt too important to the Tower of Dusk. As for the equipment of the Magic Legion, Lin Li felt that it wasnt suitable for the mages from the Tower of Dusk, though it could be considered top-tier magical equipment.

Although the Tower of Dusk had been established not long ago, it had gradually formed its own system of mage cultivation. The equipment here was designed based on the characteristics of the High Elves Magic Legion. Although others could use it, they would still face all kinds of problems. It was like wearing shoeseven a size bigger or smaller wouldnt be suitable even though the wearer could still fit into it.

Lin Li had the ability to construct his own magical equipment. Instead of using the equipment used by others before, it was better to construct his own equipment for his men. Moreover, although the equipment from the Magic Legion was of high level, Lin Li was confident that he could construct similar one with a bit more effort.

After Cheyenne had taken all the magical equipment, his eyes were filled with gratitude for Lin Li, though he didnt say it directly. Where else could he find such an ally who would give up such precious magical equipment without hesitation? Even with Cheyennes status, he couldnt help but feel genuinely grateful to Lin Li.

Cheyenne even kindly hoped that the third level contained some magical equipment that had equal value as this batch. After all, he couldnt let his good ally there suffer.

"Mage Felic, Mage Cheyenne, we have already collected all the items here. Is it time for us to explore the third floor?" Chief Elder Randy didnt want to stay here any longer. Seeing that Cheyenne had taken box after box of magical equipment, Chief Elder Randys heart was bleeding.

However, although he was very regretful and strongly desired that magical equipment, Chief Elder Randy didnt dare to have other thoughts, and only cast all his hopes on the later exploration.

After leaving the warehouse where Cheyenne had cleared everything, the team proceeded upstairs. With different individual sentiments, the team walked towards the third floor of the Central Tower.

After climbing up the long spiral staircase, everyone was stunned by what they saw on the third floor of the tower. They werent stunned because of some rare and precious items there, but rather the exact opposite. The third floor hall was so empty that it didnt seem to contain anything. If it werent for the mud on the ground, the team would have thought that they were teleported back to the second floor because of some illusion magic.

At that instant, Lin Li couldnt help but doubt his earlier speculation. Could it be that the Immortal Kings treasure only consisted of those items on the earlier two floors? Although the items discovered there were definitely considered treasures, how could the Immortal Kings treasure be so simple?

Honestly speaking, both Chief Elder Randy and Cheyenne pitied Lin Li a little after seeing this empty hall. Of course, it was impossible for them to spare Lin Li some items that they had already gotten. After all, sympathy and interests were two separate matters.

How could the Immortal King only have these? Even Lin Li wasnt interested in those items, so how could the Immortal King treat them as treasures? Lin Li couldnt believe it, so he stepped forward to see if the hall was really empty or something was hidden in it.

Whether out of sympathy or other reasons, Chief Elder Randy and Cheyenne hurried after Lin Li when they saw him walk forward unconvinced. However, once they had stepped into the hall, they felt something wasnt right. They could clearly feel a gush of mana swarming into their bodies the moment they entered the hall. In an instant, they had recovered the mana they could only get through meditation.

Shocked, Cheyenne immediately closed his eyes and attempted to meditate. Much to his disbelief, just a moment of meditation had recovered all his mana which had been almost exhausted during the battle in the Seven-Realm Spiral.

A process was needed to transform the magical elements into ones own mana. However, Cheyenne didnt feel this transformation process at all during the moment of meditation just now. It felt as if the mana was his in the first place, and he just had to absorb it into his body. Although the concentration of magical elements correlated with the effect of meditation to a certain extent, it was impossible to reach such high efficiency.

Cheyenne was even worried that there was something wrong with himself, but he didnt sense any abnormality with his body after careful inspection. As for the mana he had gotten through meditation just now, it felt the same as the mana he had always used, and didnt feel foreign at all.

Feeling the brimming mana in his body, Cheyenne was totally convinced that he had recovered to the peak of his power now. Even his mental strength, which couldnt be recovered via meditation but required natural recovery, totally recovered. This was a miracle. Even if he had directly taken a high-level magical potion, it probably wouldnt achieve the same effect as this.

The others were equally shocked. Chief Elder Randy, who had a doubtful look on his face, started scanning the surroundings, hoping to find the real reason for this. No matter who it was, he could think it was a serious problem for a gush of unknown mana to swarm in for no apparent reason.

However, the empty hall was like a gigantic box. The clean walls didnt hold any traces of mageweaths or Alchemy Arrays. There was also nothing special about the floor under their feet. Other than being filled with mana, there was nothing suspicious about this hall.

The overflowing mana confirmed Lin Lis speculation that something was definitely hidden in this empty hall. With this thought in mind, Lin Li slowly walked towards the center of the hall, and his vision was suddenly fixed on a spot in the air. If one were to look from afar, he wouldnt be able to see anything special about this spot. However, Lin Li seemed to have found what he had been looking for there, and his lips curved in a smile.

Chief Elder Randy and Cheyenne had also arrived at this spot by now. Both of them looked in the direction Lin Li was staring in spontaneously. What was floating in midair was a grain-sized little thing that emitted a faint glow. However, the mana it possessed made everyone here turn pale.

"The Seed of Eternity!" Chief Elder Randy suddenly gasped. Even if the Immortal King were to appear in front of him now, he probably wouldnt be so flabbergasted.

After all, Chief Elder Randy had experienced the Dark Age before, and had already reached Legendary-realm at the end of the Dark Age. Thus, his knowledge and experience were incomparable to a normal persons. Although Chief Elder Randy hadnt had the right to pray to the Tree of Eternity from which all High Elves had been born during the Dark Age, he was still familiar with the Tree of Eternitys aura. Even after 1,300 years, Chief Elder Randy could still vividly remember that aura.

Chief Elder Randys gasp evoked memories of the Seed of Eternity among everyone. Although it was only a legend, the appearance of the Seed of Eternity here made the legend no longer just a legend. Although everyone still found it unbelievable, they knew that Chief Elder Randy wouldnt say something that he couldnt be sure of.

However, everyone still had the same doubt. If this strange thing was really the Seed of Eternity, could the 1000-year-old legend be actually true?

The Dark Age had ended more than 1,300 years ago. For a human who had a short lifespan, 1,300 years was undoubtedly a long time. A lot of things would have become illusory legends by now. The memories that had been evoked about the Seed of Eternity was just one of those legends.

Back when Geresco killed the High Elves queen under the Tree of Eternity, he destroyed the Tree of Eternity which bred all High Elves to completely kill off any possibility of the High Elves reviving. From that moment, the High Elves walked towards complete decline. Under the force of the coalition army, the remaining High Elves were wiped out as the last Sky Castle escaped into the crack between time and space and never appeared in Anril again.

There was an accompanying legend which said that when the Tree of Eternity fell, it left a seed behind. Whoever got this seed would have the possibility of reviving the Tree of Eternity.

Thus, at the end of the Dark Age, many people really went around looking for this seed, whether to prevent the High Elves from reviving or in search of the powerful strength of the Tree of Eternity. After countless disappointments and with the fact that nobody had ever seen this seed before, the legend remained a legend.

Much to everyones surprise, this legendary Seed of Eternity appeared in this Sky Castle 1,300 years after the end of the Dark Age. No wonder those people traveled all around Anril but still didnt manage to find this Seed of Eternity. Nobody would have guessed that the Seed of Eternity had always been located in the Sky Castle controlled by the remaining High Elves.

However, the team couldnt understand why those remaining High Elves in this Sky Castle didnt use this Seed of Eternity to revive the Tree of Eternity. Since the Tree of Eternity had born the High Elves, wouldnt the revived Tree of Eternity share the same ability? Why would those remaining High Elves give up on such a precious opportunity to revive their race?