Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 665

Chapter 665 Gordon

Although the unicorn had been confined in this prison for more than 1,000 years, its sacredness and purity didnt fade over time. Even after more than 1,000 years of confinement, the unicorn erupted with powerful mana waves immediately after it had been released from the fog. Its strong battle aura radiated throughout the hall. It didnt look like the drowsy and gloomy creature shown in the crystal ball at all.

However, when the unicorns vision swept across the crowd, it gradually restrained its aura after seeing the elves. Although the unicorns eyes were still full of wariness, it was no longer in a ready-to-strike position, and seemed to have a lot of questions.

Princess Elune suddenly started walking towards the unicorn cautiously. Without using the Song of Heart, Princess Elune wouldnt be able to withstand even one blow from the unicorn. All the other elves, including Chief Elder Randy, couldnt help but feel extremely worried, just that nobody did anything.

Finally, Princess Elune arrived in front of the unicorn. She lifted her arm slowly and gently placed her palm at the tip of the unicorns silver spiral horn. The other elves finally heaved a sigh of relief then. The unicorn would only allow the purest and most trusted person to touch its horn. Now that this unicorn had allowed Princess Elune to touch its horn, it meant that Princess Elune had gained its approval.

Princess Elune whispered to the unicorn as if explaining what had happened over the past 1,300 years. Maybe she had talked about the catastrophe the elves had gone through at the end of the Dark Age, for the unicorns eyes widened in shock. Seeing the two humansLin Li and Cheyenneas well as Lin Lis two Undead servants, the unicorns eyes were filled with disgust and hatred.

Lin Li wasnt scared by the unicorns expression, but Chief Elder Randy was frightened. He didnt want this unicorn that they had finally found to cause some irreversible trouble because of a historical problem from 1,300 years ago.

Fortunately, who knew if it was because Princess Elune had said something to the unicorn, but it finally shifted its glance away from Lin Li with disdain.

Even such a sacred creature acted in such a manner? Lin Li secretly found it very funny. He said to Chief Elder Randy, "Congratulations, Chief Elder Randy. Youve finally found back your clans sacred beast. What are your plans next?"

Since Chief Elder Randy had come here to find this unicorn, would they leave this place or continue to explore the secrets of the tower now that the unicorn was already found?

This was the Central Tower of a Sky Castle! Out of all the Immortal Kings treasures, how much of a gain was a crystal ball! The exploration had only just begun.

Chief Elder Randy naturally wouldnt miss out on such a good opportunity. Although he was a little embarrassed, he still replied, "Weve gone through so much to reach this place. Ill naturally continue to see what other items the Immortal King has left behind."

Chief Elder Randys reply wasnt too surprising to Lin Li. If it was any other person, he wouldnt stop here, either. Lin Li asked this question only to remind Chief Elder Randy to keep track of the time. Since the unicorn had already accepted Princess Elune, there was no point wasting more time here.

Princess Elune stopped communicating with the unicorn and returned to Chief Elder Randys side. The unicorn followed her closely. Not only was it scornful of humans like Lin Li, it was equally so of male elves like Chief Elder Randy.

Although the team was rather disappointed with what they saw on the fourth floor, it was a great gain for the elves to find their sacred animal. However, just as the team was all set to move on, Lin Li stopped in his heels and turned back to the crystal ball without any explanations.

Just as everyone was puzzled by Lin Lis behavior, Lin Li tapped on the crystal ball, and a gush of powerful aura erupted from the thick fog at one side of the hall.

None of the creatures confined here by the High Elves was easy to deal with. Upon sensing such violent and powerful aura, the team all turned tense.

Because the elves had Princess Elune who was acknowledged by the Moon Shadow Leopard, as well as the aura Goddess Monferra had bestowed upon the Elven Kingdom, the unicorn had agreed to follow along. However, other than the unicorn, the countless Abyssal Demons locked in the numerous cells were all ferocious and untamed. Nobody knew what Lin Li wanted to do and what kind of beast he wanted to let out.

"Dong, dong, dong"

With heavy footsteps, a gigantic creature gradually appeared out of the fog. It was indeed an Abyssal Demon.

"Haha! Its been too long! Long enough for me to forget how many years have passed. However, Im finally out of that wretched cage now!" The Abyssal Demon laughed recklessly. His laughter reverberated throughout the hall, filled with the joy of freedom and endless hatred for the High Elves.

However, what made everyone puzzled was why Lin Li chose to release this particular Abyssal Demon that everyone wasnt familiar with. Although he possessed powerful Legendary-level abilities, he was certainly not the strongest amongst all.

Looking at the Abyssal Demon at had walked out from the fog, Lin Lis lips curved. Actually, Lin Li had a lot of questions about this Abyssal Demon as well.

It wasnt Randy and the teams fault for not recognizing the Abyssal Demon at the moment. After all, he was the demon Gordon that only existed 60 levels deep into the Endless Abyss.

A demon like Gordon had a very special hobby. It liked consume all kinds of magical metals. This hobby seemed similar to that of magical beasts like the Metal-Engulfing Beasts.

However, Gordon consumed these magical metals not to satiate his hunger, but because he possessed integration ability. With this ability, Gordon could use all kinds of magical metals to recast his own body continuously. With integration ability, he could obtain the magical metal just by consuming it.

Lin Li had released this demon Gordon not because he had any powerful abilities. Instead, it was because he had strangely sensed a familiar aura on this demon. Lin Li couldnt make out what kind of magical metal Gordon had integrated at the moment, but since it wasnt too troublesome, he chose to release him to examine him closely.

As one of the many powerful demons locked here, Gordon was still a demon from deep in the Abyss even though he wasnt the top in terms of abilities. With its Legendary-level power and the special ability to integrate any magical metal into his body, he did have enough capital to be proud of itself.

The laughter wasnt enough for Gordon to let out all his anger. He glanced at everyone in the hall and released all his pressurizing aura. With a cruel expression on his face, he said, "Its you who have released me, lowly humans! Oh! And elves. How can I thank you?"

Of course, nobody would foolishly think that this demon was genuinely thankful. After feeling the intense aura, almost everyone got ready for battle. The elves had already put up their bows, while the mages held up their magic staffs. Although Chief Elder Randy hadnt shapeshifted into a wyrm yet, it was just a matter of seconds for him to do that should they really start to fight.

Gordon could sense everyone was wary, but he wasnt bothered by that at all. In fact, this precisely showed that these people were frightened of him. His vision swept across the crowd and licked his lips. He continued, "To express my gratitude, Ill grant you with the great honor of becoming a part of my body! Ill start with you!"

Lin Li stood right next to the crystal ball closest to Gordon. Although Gordon wanted to taste that female elf more, it didnt matter if he tasted her now or later. With that, he started walking towards Lin Li.

However, just as Gordon was bragging exaggeratedly, a delicate crossbow appeared in Lin Lis hands. This was exactly the Reincarnation Crossbow that he had used back at the Seven-Realm Spiral.

Without any words, Lin Li shot out the debris of the stars Thunderbolt that had been placed on the Reincarnation Crossbow as Demon Gordon slowly walked towards him.

A faint flash of lightning suddenly appeared. Without even figuring out what was going on, Demon Gordons body uncontrollably collapsed onto the ground. Only then did he realize that his body that had integrated so many magical metals that it had stronger defense than even a wyrm had now been disintegrated by more than half just from that one blow.

This wound wasnt fatal for Gordon. He could even recover in just a little while with his ultra-strong recovery abilities. However, Gordon felt an immense fear from that blow. If that blow hadnt been targeted at his body but his head, no amount of healing abilities could have saved him.

"Youre spouting too much rubbish. I just want to ask you one question: obey me or die?" sneered Lin Li as he pointed his Reincarnation Crossbow on Gordons head.

At that moment, Gordon truly felt death approaching. His regrowing body suddenly stopped moving.

Demon, this human is the true demon!thought Gordon. From Lin Lis cold gaze, Gordon knew clearly that he couldnt play any tricks on this human. Even if he were to reply a little late, this human would probably destroy him without any hesitation.