Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 667

Chapter 667 Laboratory

Cheyenne and Elder Randy had indeed thought about that, hence reaching a tacit understanding. They then decided to grab all the books that had a halo. At the same time, they also referred to the various accomplishments and legends of famous authors in history. In fact, they didnt hesitate much or read the content in detail before stowing it away in their pockets.

However, Lin Li stood rooted to the ground, seemingly fascinated for a moment. Seeing that the two of them were almost done snatching most of the books, he slowly walked towards a row of bookshelves. It didnt seem to be part of Elder Randys and Cheyennes consideration at all, because the magical books seemed no different from normal ones. Even though they had magical halos, the halos were extremely dim, and seemed to be on the verge of vanishing.

Anyone could tell that the books on that particular bookshelf were of great value if brought outside. However, they were far inferior to others. Hence, from the beginning, Chief Elder Randy and Elder Randy had already decided not to take them.

Lin Li did not rush to put everything into the Ring of Endless Storm, but instead pulled out a book from the shelf, which was written by an author named Oloderis. He wasnt that famous in the Dark Age. Well, at least Lin Li couldnt remember anything about the name.

However, when he opened the book in his hand, he was greeted with content that made his eyes glisten. It was practically a standard book of magical materials, and there wasnt anything too mystical in the book. All of the content was rather in-depth and included plenty of theories that explained magic.

It seemed that the textbook-like magical book was indeed not as valuable as the notes written by the strong figures who documented their experiences. There was no content about the enlightenment and understanding of Laws. nor formidable magic that could destroy the world. However, how many members of a force could really have the ability to learn from the experiences of the powerhouses?

Besides, Lin Li already had the Book of Eternity which was written by Geresco, who was known as the God of Mages. The elites of the High Elves could not compare to Geresco at all.

If a force was merely supported by one or two powerful leaders, its members would forever be spoon-fed, and they would be destined to be doomed. Not only would the members of force like this be unable to provide any help for their leaders, they might even become a burden. The reason the Malfa Family and Dark Blade could possess such high authority and status in the Breezy Plains was not only because of their Legendary leaders, but also because they had a strong foundation.

Hence, increasing the strength of the leader was not the most valuable thing for a force. Improving the overall power and strength of the entire faction was of paramount importance. Although having a strong leader was mandatory, the leader might not be able to support the force in the long run if his underlings were all useless wastrels.

The Malfa Family that was helmed by Cheyenne was a good example. Although they had a strong foundation, they still hampered Cheyenne from increasing his individual power and strength. If it werent for the quest in the Haiga Mountain Range, it would probably be only a matter of time before the Malfa Family got annihilated by the Dark Blade.

Lin Li looked at the cover of the magic book in his hand and noticed that there was a number annotated on the upper right corner. He then looked at the other books on the shelf to see that there were several magic books with consecutive numbers. Clearly, the books belonged to the same series, and were perhaps magic textbooks used by the High Elves in the Dark Age.

Lin Li glanced through the books one by one, after which he confirmed his conjecture. Of course, the magic textbooks of High Elves were definitely not used by mage apprentices. Lin Li roughly deduced that the magic textbooks should have been used by High Elves that were akin to the level of Archmages or Legendary-mages. In particular, there was a detailed description stating the methods to advance to the Legendary-realm. If anyone could master it, it would probably be easy to become a Legendary-mage.

Apart from this set of magic books, Lin Li also grabbed some other magic books, but they all seemed rather basic. They included some explanations and analyses of magic theories. Oloderis was the author of all the magic books, and Lin Li reckoned that he should be considered a magic educator to the High Elves.

In the world of Anril, Lin Li was familiar with a certain saying: while the teacher of the strong was not necessarily powerful himself, the students of a powerhouse were mostly mediocre. Apart from talent, elaborate education was important. Hence, renowned powerhouses might not be able to become great teachers.

At this moment, Cheyenne and Elder Randy had already taken away all the books that they wanted, and were walking towards Lin Li curiously. They had long seen the books there, but the faint halo made them forgo the idea of taking them away. Apart from feeling curious, they also gloated over the fact that Lin Li decided to take those books.

"Mage Felic, how are things going?" Elder Randy asked politely with a smile, but his tone was rather derisive.

Lin Li didnt avoid the question at all, and instead raised the books in his hand before answering, "Nothing too eventful. These are some magic books about basic theories that were written by an author named Oloderis."

" What, Oloderis?" Upon hearing Lin Lis reply, Elder Randys and Cheyennes faces stiffened as their smiles vanished.

"Yeah, are you familiar with this author named Oloderis, Elder Randy?" Lin Li asked curiously while turning his head to look at him.

Elder Randy and Cheyenne kept their eyes peeled to the signature of the author of the magic book in Lin Lis hands. Although they remained calm on the surface after confirming that it was indeed signed by Oloderis in High Elves Print, they were overwhelmed with regret deep down.

If Lin Li were to keep those books because of Oloderis, it would still be somewhat acceptable. However, the problem was that they could tell Lin Li obviously didnt know who Oloderis was. That made Cheyenne and Elder Randy who knew who Oloderis was feel rather flabbergasted and embarrassed.

Actually, Oloderis identity did not differ much from Lin Lis conjecture. He was indeed a noble educator amongst the High Elves who produced numerous students that became famous powerhouses, including the authors of the magic books that Lin Li and the rest had seen. Some of the authors were Fenix and Alrond.

Although Oloderis might not be the strongest amongst the High Elves, he had an extraordinary and unparalleled understanding of magic. Many of his students had made outstanding achievements in magic, but they were all accredited to the support of his magic theory.

Elder Randy and Cheyenne focused only on the famous writings of the powerhouses, and managed to secure plenty of knowledge about many lost magic spells as well as the experiences of the authors. However, it could be said that all of the content was merely an extension of Oloderis theory. They had obtained the extensions, but Lin Li gained the foundation that was solid and would allow him to add or build on it.

The lost magic spells might be very powerful, but they couldnt be used by just anyone. For example, an Archmage who had obtained a Legendary magical spell might not be able to use it even if he memorized it completely. Without sufficient power or foundation, there would be no use even if they gained Sanctuary-realm magic.

Elder Randy and Cheyenne were overwhelmed with regret. However, no matter how regretful they were, there was no turning back. Both of them had already taken the books that they wanted, and they had no choice but to look at Lin Li and watch him stow the magic books away into his ring.

"There is still a chance, there must be a chance, this is only the fifth floor!"

Lin Lis expression was still indifferent, while Elder Randy and Cheyenne expressed their displeasure and frustration from time to time. They then left the fifth floor and made their way up the spiral stairs to the sixth floor.

When they entered the hall on the sixth floor, everyone could not help but marvel at the things in front of them. They could tell from the decor that it was obviously a laboratory. Moreover, the only person who could turn an entire floor into a laboratory was probably the Immortal King.

No one in this world would not be tempted or enticed by the Immortal Kings laboratory. Back then, the Immortal King was known as invincible, for he was the one who created Sky Castles as well as much other handcrafted magical equipment. There were even legends about the Immortal King once creating an actual artifact. Since this was the laboratory of the Immortal King, they reckoned that there were probably many other hidden items.

Everyone walked slowly into the laboratory, and they were suddenly struck with a peculiar feeling, as if they had passed through an invisible obstacle. However, no one had the time or mood to consider the source of the feeling that they got at this moment, because they could all clearly sense the shocking magical wave in the laboratory.

The magical wave made everyone tense up, especially since they knew clearly that it was a massively powerful magical wave.

Almost no one could keep calm facing such temptation, and even Elder Randys breathing began to quicken. The elves behind him could not hold themselves back at all, let alone Cheyenne who could not help but feel agitated despite trying his best to hide the expression on his face.

Even the proud unicorn and the Undead creatures Norfeller and Ujfalusi could not restrain the eagerness in their eyes.

Lin Li was the only one who did not show any excitement, though he was no longer indifferent, and seemed to be in doubt and thinking about something.