Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 676

Chapter 676 Oil Lamp

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However, although Lin Lis behavior was a little suspicious, everyone tacitly decided not to ask for the reason for his late arrival, because they all knew that there was nothing left in the laboratory. Both Elder Randy and Cheyenne felt that they had made the biggest gains on the fifth floor, especially when compared with Lin Lis alchemy puppets. Hence, no one wanted to talk about the fifth floor again lest they caused the young mage Lin Li to be displeased.

"Hehe, we had no choice but to wait. Mage Felic, youll understand when you walk over." Elder Randy and Cheyenne greeted Lin Li with a wry smile, and tactfully made way for Lin Li to stand in the middle. They had already unknowingly put Lin Li above them during the cooperation.

Lin Li looked at the two of them peculiarly without saying much. He then walked towards the space between the two of them and looked through the door, only to get a great shock. He finally knew why they looked so glum and sullen.

There was a long corridor after the gate, and there didnt seem to be anything special about it. On the surface, it didnt look any different from the one on the first floor. The ground was also covered with precious magical gemstones, and there were cyan lamps on the walls of both sides.

However, as a Legendary powerhouse who was highly sensitive to energy fluctuations, Lin Li could clearly feel that the plain-looking corridor was full of lethal dangers. Besides, the menace in the corridor did not come from the Alchemy Array or any magic gears. Instead, it came from pure nomological power.

"This is really absurd!" Lin Li only scanned a bit of the surroundings, but the shock that the corridor brought him was unimaginable, for the Laws of the space in the long corridor were extremely chaotic and way out of the ordinary. It was, in fact, very outrageous.

If space was described as a sheet of white paper, the space in the corridor would be a sheet of white paper that had been torn into pieces and forcibly pieced back together. From afar, there seemed to be nothing too different about it. However, when one took a closer look, he would be able to see the dense cracks on it. The shredded pieces of paper definitely wouldnt be a threat, but the broken pieces of space that had been forcibly been put together again were absolutely fatal. One definitely would not be affected when standing outside the space, but once they stepped into it, they would definitely be ripped into shreds by the countless cracks in space, regardless of how powerful they might be.

Without a doubt, the Immortal King, who was known to be as powerful as gods, was the only one who could create such an insanely powerful space. For any intruder, this trap would be almost impossible to resolve. It was clearly telling every intruder that there was a fine line between life and death.

Lin Li was horrified because of that. The power in the cracked space was indeed terrifying, but it would at most cause him to be a little taken aback. Back in Tutankhamuns cabin, using the Spacetime Beacon Spell, Lin Li had once witnessed the massive power displayed by Geresco that was enough to tear the space apart.

However, the corridor that he and the rest were facing now did not pose just the problem of a cracked space. The dense and menacing cracks were absolutely hair-raising and equivalent to countless areas of cracked space being forged together again. It almost had nothing to do with technique, but was a pure display of power. The Immortal King had created an almost-invincible trap that could not be overridden. Such power was really equivalent to that of the gods in legends.

What was even more incredible was the fact that any cracks in space would gradually recover under the Space Laws in the world until they began to disappear. Otherwise, the countless wars that had been happening since the prehistoric times which were powerful enough to tear space apart would have already caused the world to collapse and get destroyed completely long ago.

However, the space cracks in the corridor did not at all recover even after a long period of time. It wouldnt be an overstatement to say that this force had violated the laws of the world.

Lin Li shook his head slightly. If it were an Alchemy Array, a magic gear, or even a master-level magic trap, Lin Li could still use his own knowledge to find a way to solve it. However, the space trap in front of him was created by the Immortal King using his purest and unparalleled power. There was no way to resolve it at all.

Lin Li could only sigh helplessly. Sometimes, knowledge might be useless. Although he had a considerable amount of knowledge in Alchemy and magic gears, it seemed that he could not put it to use now that he was faced with the trap created with formidable power.

Having noticed Lin Lis expression, Elder Randy and Cheyenne could not help but appear disappointed. Although they also knew that it would be impossible for anyone to get rid of the space trap in the corridor, they still had a tiny bit of hope in Lin Li, hoping that he could create some miracle again.

Unfortunately, Lin Li said to everyone, "This corridor is not accessible at all. Seems like we have to find another way. Otherwise, we will have to stop here."

There wasnt a tinge of hypocrisy in Lin Lis tone, because he really didnt have a solution this time. Although he had the debris of the stars, in the end, the cracks were not physical entities. Even if the debris of the stars could not be destroyed, it would disappear through the cracks and disappear in the chaos of time and space. Lin Li had finally seen the hope of gathering the seven pieces of the debris of the stars and piecing them together; hence, he did not want to take the risk. If he were to lose one of the pieces of the debris of the stars in the chaos of time and space, he would probably never get it back again.

Lin Li didnt have much interest in continuing to delve deeper, because he was preoccupied with his thoughts about the debris of the stars, Nothingness, that was in Osrics mausoleum. However, Elder Randy and Cheyenne were obviously still unwilling to give up. Although they had obtained the Magic Tides and the Tower of Death, the fact that there was such a powerful unsolvable trap in front of them meant that there would be a greater treasure behind the trap. Everyone knew that it was bad to be greedy, but when faced with such temptation, it would be hard for anyone to stop appropriately.

Everyone was crowding around the gate, some pressing their faces against the wall and carefully scrutinizing the patterns in a bid to find the switch to shut down the space trap in the corridor. They would also tap their hands against the wall in hopes of finding a hidden door or something. According to the common sense applied when exploring and finding treasures, the harder the trap, the more likely it was that there would be great treasures. Hence, the space trap that could not be dealt with had aroused greater interest within the people.

Lin Li and his two Undead servants did nothing except to stand in front of the gate and carefully look into the corridor because Lin Li was well aware that whatever Cheyenne and Elder Randy were doing was useless. The Immortal King had set up the trap prevent others from entering. Hence, how could there be an alternative way to enter?

Indeed, it didnt take long for Elder Randy and Cheyenne to return to Lin Li after finding out that they had nothing to gain. They remained silent and simply stared at the end of the corridor.

"Seems like this is really the end of our journey," Elder Randy said while holding an arrow. He threw it into the corridor, immediately after which the arrow was ripped into shreds by the countless space cracks.

Everyone could not help but shiver in fear; they could completely imagine what would happen to them if they were to barge in.

"Yeah, its just a single expedition, and weve already gained enough. We really shouldnt be greedy and hope for more." Cheyenne sighed, clearly feeling indignant, but there was nothing he could do now that he was faced with the space trap that could not be solved at all.

However, no one took the initiative to leave, because they were all filled with a dash of hope, and were thinking about how great things would be if they could find a way to pass through. Nonetheless, they knew that the chances were very slim.

"Did you guys discover that that magical oil lamp seems different from the rest?" After standing in front of the door for a long time, Cheyenne suddenly pointed at the corridor and questioned them while feeling uncertain.

However, Cheyennes discovery did not pique the interest of the rest. In fact, every lamp in the corridor had a different style and design. Hence, the difference did not seem to be of any significance.

"Didnt you guys sense that the magical wave of that oil lamp is different from those of the surrounding lamps?" Cheyenne seemed to have really felt something, and there was a tinge of excitement in his voice. If that oil lamp was really special, it could very likely be related to the trap. The High Elves wouldnt have used other materials just because they lacked one.

"You mean the second lamp from the right?" Elder Randy glanced apprehensively in the direction that Cheyenne was looking at, and closed his eyes to carefully feel the aura of the oil lamp under the influence of the countless cracks in space. He stopped feeling doubtful, and gradually began to feel a sense of joy and surprise.

It was indeed different! When Cheyenne mentioned it for the first time, Lin Li focused his attention on the oil lamp and discovered that the burning flame of the oil lamp was slightly different, though it was very similar to cyan.

The shape of the oil lamp did not seem to stand out from the surrounding ones. After all, all the oil lamps were different. However, Lin Li discovered that the oil lamp actually had a lot of similarities in structure with the Summoning Lamp that he had.