Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 722

Chapter 722 Titan Dragon Spear

However, they felt that the greatest possibility was probably not Lin Li who had created plenty of miracles in the Sky Castle, since he could not even get near the Alchemy Colossus. Aldwins mages seemed to be performing well, however.

Despite knowing the problem that existed between the mages, Aldwin actually did not divide the mages into two teams. In terms of general cooperation, their chemistry was not affected to that great of an extent, but Aldwin dared not take the risk during the joint casting of spells. If an error were to happen again, that would be disastrous for the mages.

For a long time, the mages had always been confident in the battling power of their team. Even though their abilities and strength might not be that outstanding, they believed that with their tacit cooperation, they should be regarded as the strongest force in Anril.

However, they had now met opponents who could be considered the real enemy. The Undead creatures that did not give off Undead aura had pure magical waves, and were extremely cooperative and in sync when fending off the intruders. Hence, the mages could not help but feel shocked, because the Undead creatures seemed to have fused together and become one to form an intricate fighting machine.

These necromancers are definitely Osrics Magic Legion!Aldwin thought to himself in shock while he continued to direct the mages. He had spent a lot of efforts on the mages, and was also very experienced in combat. However, he still could not imagine what kind of training the Undead Magic Legion in front of them had gone through.

Although there were more than 200 members in the Undead Magic Legion in front of him, Aldwin felt like he was fighting a powerful mage of level-24. Joint casting was a skill that the mages were rather proud of. However, even the elite group of mages could not do as they pleased. They could only cast a spell jointly after practicing it thousands of times, yet they were now facing an Undead Magic Legion that put out powerful Legendary level-24 magic seemingly effortlessly.

There were only 200-odd mages who turned into Undead creatures; Aldwin couldnt imagine how terrifying the entire Magic Legion under Osric would be. It was no wonder that Osrics Magic Legion would raid more than 10 floors of the Abyss and leave the arrogant Demon Lords with no choice but to succumb to them.

Apart from the tacit understanding and seamless cooperation they had, each member of the Undead Magic Legion also possessed extremely powerful strength. However, that did not refer to the level of their physical strength, but their mastery of time and magic. Every spell that they cast took up an appropriate amount of their mana without any wastage. There wouldnt be failure because of a lack of mana, either.

Their control over the casting even made Aldwin, a level-22 Legendary-mage, feel incredibly ashamed. They could clearly capture every gap between casting and catch the instant that casting failed. They would cast spells before every failure so as to attack the enemies while causing their defensive spells to malfunction. Their control of timing was far greater than that of the Mage Killer Eminos.

Although Aldwin was a level-22 Legendary-mage, he was sure that he might not be able to endure for too long if he were to face the Undead Magic Legion alone. He might not even have the chance to escape. After all, it was a battle of team power, and the only thing Aldwin could do was command his mages to roam around. Attacking was a luxury.

However, Aldwin believed that as long as he retained the core, he would be able to establish a more powerful group even if he had suffered a great loss. It was because they had already seen what a real rapport, coordination, and Magic Legion were.

Andoine and Rosen were forced into having no means to counterattack, and all they could do was continue putting up defenses and pin their hopes on the mages they were commanding. They didnt have the time to see that the situation in both other battles was terrible too.

Lin Li controlled the Crimson Dragon and revolved around the huge body of the Titan-level Alchemy Colossus in a bid to find a chance to surge in. However, the Titan-level Alchemy Colossus seemed to be extraordinary, and nothing could penetrate its defenses at all. In fact, it was practically as agile as a warrior.

"Damn, is this guy even an Alchemy Colossus? Why is he even more annoying than a monkey!?" The Crimson Dragon beneath Lin Lis feet had self-healing abilities, but the new scars that formed continuously made those abilities seem insignificant.

Lin Li waved the Helios Scepter in his hand and cast various powerful magic spells against the Alchemy Colossus. However, the spells were easily dispelled by the giant spear, and were even blocked by a layer of light.

That was the terrifying part of the Alchemy Colossus. As long as it had enough mana sources, its attack would not grow weaker and its protection would not be broken. He was just like a moving giant fortress, and it had the upper hand.

Generally, the defense of the Alchemy Colossus would have to be broken or the power would have to be exhausted in order for the Alchemy Colossus to be knocked down. However, Lin Li knew very well that it was simply unrealistic for those rules to apply to the Titan-level Alchemy Colossus. Lin Li had no idea what mana source was used by the Titan-level Alchemy Colossus, but he was certain that Osric would have no problem using tens of Legendary magical crystals as the mana source because of how wealthy he was.

Lin Li sighed, and once again drove the Crimson Dragon away while two rays of light from the Magical Crystal Cannons bore two deep black holes in the ground.If only I had two Alchemy Colossuses!

Lin Li was not thinking nonsense out of shock. If he had two Alchemy Colossuses, he would be able to try and lure them into attacking each other. In order to break the defense of the Alchemy Colossus, Lin Li would probably require the massive power of another Alchemy Colossus.

"Come on, incompetent human, arent you going to give up? Youd better stand properly for Lord Angelano. One shot of his is all it will take for you to die without pain. Is this not enough to satisfy you!?" Dull sounds of hysterical yelling continuously came from the Alchemy Colossus, and the rays of light seemed to have formed a net of death which bombarded Lin Li.

Lin Lis back was drenched in cold sweat. If it werent for the fact that he had seen how pathetic Andoine and Rosen were doing, he would have really regretted choosing the Alchemy Colossus as his opponent. Ever since Lin Li had chosen this opponent, he was having numerous close shaves with death as the condensed power of the Magical Crystal Cannons and the giant spear that could tear through space were enough to kill him.

Seeing that the intertwining Magical Crystal Cannons attacks were darting towards him, Lin Li jumped off the Crimson Dragon, and took out the Summoning Lamp while putting the Crimson Dragon away at the same time. He had already done such a thing several times before, and after dodging the fatal net, he summoned the Crimson Dragon again. He then continued to leap towards the Alchemy Colossus.

Actually, Lin Li had already found the Alchemy Colossus weakness, and that was its joints. Regardless of whether it was an Alchemy Colossus or a Titan-level Alchemy Colossus, they did not have too many protective measures for their joints in order to allow them to move flexibly. If they were to use sturdy metal armor, it would definitely affect the movement of the Alchemy Colossus joints without a doubt. With the Alchemy Array, the metal that could be used with it would not be strong enough to support the body of the Alchemy Colossus. The friction of the movement of joints would also damage the Alchemy Array. After all, nothing was truly indestructible.

However, since Lin Li knew what the weakness of the Alchemy Colossus was, Angelano definitely did too. Although Angelano often called humans lowly and disgusting, he did not decrease the protection of the Alchemy Colossus joints. At least, Lin Li never once found a chance to rush into the Alchemy Colossuss direct vicinity.

"Haha, ignorant human, are you desperate now? You actually think that you can knock down the great Lord Angelano with such a pillar!" The Alchemy Colossus burst into laughter.

It was no wonder that Angelo laugheda huge stone pillar that completely covered him somehow appeared in Lin Lis hands. Only the wings of the Crimson Dragon could be seen, creating a funny sight. Not to mention, it was incredibly fragile compared to the attack of the Alchemy Colossus even though it was huge. What damage could it do to the Alchemy Colossus?

It was a Titan-level Alchemy Colossus, and not a decaying wall. Even a madman would not make such a crazy move. However, Lin Li didnt utter a single word, and instead just held up the huge stone pillar and rushed towards the leg of the Alchemy Colossus. It seemed that he wanted to bank on the pillar breaking the joints of the Alchemy Colossus.


Lin Li and the Crimson Dragon suddenly stopped, after which Lin Li released the stone pillar and threw it hard at the leg of the Alchemy Colossus.

"Damn it, Ill give you a real taste of the Titan Dragon Spear!" Lin Li couldnt find any chance at the end of the day. Staring at the Alchemy Colossus wielding the giant spear, Lin Li suddenly remembered that there was another thing that hed obtained from the Haiga Mountain Range in his Ring of Endless Storm. Although the Titan Dragon Spear had already become deeply dormant, it still contained an immensely massive force of thunder.

When he faced the Double Death Dragons back then, Lin Li managed to throw his Titan Dragon Spear at the right time, and the razer from the spear helped him defeat the powerful Double Death Dragons. Could the Titan-level Alchemy Colossus really resist the power of the Titan Dragon Spear?

Lin Li thought of this and drove the Crimson Dragon towards the Alchemy Colossus again. At the same time, the quaint Titan Dragon Spear appeared in his hand, looking like an ordinary stone pillar. However, it had a tiny crack because of the attack by the Double Death Dragons previously.

"Disgusting bug, you finally succeeded in angering Lord Angelano. Die!" The stone pillar shot at the leg seemed like an insult to the Alchemy Colossus. When the spear was smashed against the stone pillar, his Alchemy Array began to shine brightly too.

"Boom!" The whole space seemed to tremble with a loud noise.

Lin Li, who stood on the back of the Crimson Dragon, was struck by the shock wave which rolled backwards. Lin Li had a hard time trying to stabilize his body again. Looking at the Alchemy Colossus at this moment, Lin Li realized that his Titan Dragon Spear had been flung far away, but there were countless electric awns on the body of the Alchemy Colossus which was trembling uncontrollably. Lin Li could even hear the sounds of his teeth chattering.

Its a chance!Lin Li urged the Crimson Dragon to fly towards the Alchemy Colossus continuously. He knew that if it was the Titan Dragon Spear used by the real Titans, it would be easy to destroy the Alchemy Colossus. However, the passive power that his Titan Dragon Spear possessed would definitely not cause permanent damage to the Titan-level Alchemy Colossus.

Lin Li flew immediately to the front of the Alchemy Colossus. At this moment, the electric awn on the Alchemy Colossus also seemed to have weakened greatly as he raised the giant spear. However, Lin Li didnt want to miss this opportunity; he immediately activated his own Light and Darkness Domain, and smashed his Light and Darkness Sword against the Alchemy Colossus arm joints.

"Boom!" There was another loud noise, and the Alchemy Colossuss giant spear fell out of its arm, which also fell off its body. It then swung and swayed under inertia.