Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 726

Chapter 726 Perils Lurking In All Corners

The deadly attacks in the illusions that they had seen were so extremely realistic in terms of aura and magical waves that they could not tell the truth from illusion at all. Even if they had been told that everything was just an illusion, it was hard for them to ignore it. Once they tried to dodge or defend, it would mean that they had admitted that the illusions were real. The illusory deadly attacks would then be able to take effect on their bodies. That had clearly happened to the last few mages who were falling behind.

Looking at the corpses on the ground and recalling the horrifying illusions that they had just experienced, everyone was thankful that they had overcome it, but still could not help but feel anxious.

"Is this the entrance of Osrics mausoleum?" Andoine asked as he pointed at the small palace-like building. At the same time, it also shocked the mages who were in a daze.

Angelano nodded, and said, "Yes, this is the entrance. Highlord has been resting here for more than 1000 years. However, I must remind you that I cant help you much after we enter, because just like you guys I dont know much about the things inside."

Along the way, there were countless powerful traps. Without the guidance of Angelano, they probably wouldnt have been able to break through them. Since the area outside the tomb was already so perilous, how could Osric really rest without any protection? Hence, Andoine, Rosen, Aldwin, and the rest had sullen expressions on their faces after hearing Angelanos words.

However, it was obviously impossible to retreat. Even without Angelano, they still had to go on with the exploration. When formulating the exploration plan, no one thought that Angelano would be joining them anyway; hence, it was already fortunate for them to have gotten there with the help of Angelano.

After a short break, the team entered the luxuriously decorated palace. There were very few ornaments in the palace, and only a large square entrance on the ground. The stairs were also extending towards the depths, and were concealed in a corner in the passageway. Although it was an underground passage, it was not darklong magic lamps that exuded a faint light illuminated the entire passageway.

Lin Li and Angelano walked in front, while Andoine and Rosen followed closely behind. On the other hand, Aldwin and Macklin led the mages in the back. They carefully made their way down the steps paved with magical gemstones and slowly walked towards the depths of the passage.

Although Angelano had said that he couldnt provide more help once they entered, he was much more familiar with Osrics habits than others, and Lin Li also had extremely comprehensive knowledge of the magic gears in there. Hence, the traps did not cause too much trouble to the team.

After stepping on the stairs and making their way downwards for a long time, they began to lose track of the distance, but they were sure that they had definitely covered more than 1000 meters. After finally making a turn at the corner, they were greeted with the sight of an exceptionally bright exit. Everyone clearly felt that the air in the passage was getting hotter as they approached the exit.

The team walked out of the passage and stood on a large platform outside the exit. All of a sudden, their field of vision broadened, and it was as if they were in a whole different world.

Looking down, they realized that there was a long stream of golden yellow magma flowing continuously about 100 meters below them; the smell of sulfur filled the entire underground space. There was a huge and magnificent palace suspended in midair above the long river of magma. It combined all kinds of precious and brilliant materials together, having an elegant and luxurious vibe that left them all in awe.

To Lin Li, the scene in front seemed extremely familiar. It seemed to be just like what he saw when he entered the Gates of Ashes, except this palace was much larger than the Eternal Furnace he had seen previously.

"Thats where Osric is resting. Apart from himself, no one else knows whats in there, but I can be certain that the dangers there are definitely no less than in the area outside," Angelano said to Lin Li and the rest who were pointing at the floating palace.

"How is it, Angelano? Do you want me to take you there?" Lin Li had already exhibited his flying skills and flown away from the platform. Obviously, he intended to proceed to the palace.

"Dont underestimate Lord Angelano. Such a short distance is peanuts!" Angelano exclaimed while pulling the joystick of the alchemy machine with his slender arm. The legs of the alchemy machine immediately lit up the complicated Alchemy Array and slowly flew upwards.

Lin Li didnt say anything anymore, and instead turned around to look at Andoine and the rest. All of a sudden, he dodged, and it was as if a sharp arrow had shot the palace in the distance, or rather the Eternal Furnace.

Honestly, when Lin Li had got the Eternal Furnace, he was extremely shocked, but he was also full of disdain when he heard that Osric was trying to replicate the Sky Castle. It was because the Eternal Furnace was far inferior to the Sky Castle.

However, now that Lin Li was in front of the gate of the palace, although he had yet to see the interior design and arrangement, he felt that the Eternal Furnace was really very similar to the Sky Castle. Compared to the Eternal Furnace that Lin Li had, the palace was much bigger, and the facilities were also more perfect in all aspects. That was the true masterpiece of Osric.

Soon, Andoine and the rest of the mages who were using the Levitation Spell also landed safely in front of the palace. Everyone looked at everything in front of them with excitement they could not hide in their eyes. Regardless of what kind of deadly perils there were in the palace, the fact that they were standing there meant that they were already close to Osrics treasure. Hence, it was difficult for anyone to keep calm in this time.

Everyone knew that such a magnificent palace could not be built just with many precious materials. The various knowledge involved in it might have exceeded the peak of what mortals could grasp. Regardless of what heinous things the Highlord Osric had one in the Dark Age, everyone could not help but be in awe and admiration of the majestic palace.

Suppressing the shock and terror within them, everyone stepped into the palace, only to be bedazzled by the splendid decorations inside. Their definition of magnificence and luxury had been improved countless times. The beautiful and extravagant style of the High Elves was vividly reflected in this palace. Even the legendary luxurious palace that the High Elven Queen had lived in was probably inferior to this.

The walls of both sides of the palace were covered with large and exquisite murals. Apart from the intricacy and beauty of murals, the precious materials used were also extremely amazing and eye-catching. The outlines made using precious materials, while the gilded clothing, the accessories, and the magical weapons were all inlaid with genuine, rare magical gemstones.

Red fiery Infernal Magic Iron was shining brilliantly together with Rainbow adamantine and pure magical crystals that did not have a single trace of impurities. The many precious materials were extremely rare, yet they were casually used in the construction of the palace as ordinary building materials. It was as if they were not precious at all.

Everyone could see the gilded and fancy interior of the magnificent palace which seemed spacious and calm. However, no one knew what fatal perils were hidden amidst the peace. Even though everything in the palace, including the tiles on the ground, was particularly tempting to them, they did not dare to let their guard down, because they did not forget that Osric was the owner of this territory. Osric was no philanthropist, and wouldnt display his wealth for adding to their collection.

The perils awaiting in this palace were unknown. Lin Li could only rely on his rich knowledge to discover some things that the rest did not know about through some clues he found. Although he couldnt see everything, he was certain that they were not worrying for nothing.

The beautifully carved murals inlaid with magnificent gemstones might be beautiful pieces of art in the eyes of others, but in Lin Lis opinion, they were very likely to be a powerful Alchemy Array if some lines were erased. The dazzling decorations in the palace, such as the sculptures and the oil lamps, seemed to have no other striking quality apart from their exquisiteness, yet Lin Li felt that they were more likely to be powerful magical weapons meant for guarding the palace.

The designs reminded Lin Li of the Psychic Array in the Sky Castle, which was combined and fused together with the Conquering Mageweath. Although he could vaguely see some ingenious designs through this brief observation, he believed that there were more that he had yet to see. Even Lin Li who had experienced the Sky Castle before could not help but admire the intelligent design.

Apart from its luxurious decor, the palace seemed to be extremely ordinary. In Lin Lis opinion, it appeared akin to the mouth of a huge beast which devoured everything. Every corner in the palace was full of fatal perils. The team of less than 200 people was just like a ruptured boat that would be swept and capsized by a small wave here.