Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 730

Chapter 730 The Gates Of The Abyss

At this moment, Lin Li also raised the Helios Scepter in his hand to condense countless Angels of Light and Dark in the Light and Darkness Domain. Although the power of ice and snow was not used as a carrier, the bodies of the Angels of Light and Dark were more solid than before. There seemed to be a perfect fusion of two conflicting forces.

As Lin Li pointed his staff forward, the army of Angels of Light and Dark collided with the Lava Monsters. The sudden collision was like the beginning of a grand and majestic war at this very moment.

The spears in the hands of the Angels of Light and Dark contained either pure Power of Light that could purify everything or the Dark Force that seemed to devour everything. When the spears pierced the Lava Monsters, the monsters were either reduced to magma because of their Evilness, or turned into black stone statues because of the Devouring Force of Dark Force.

Unfortunately, the Fire Demon was a terrifying existence that was close to the Sanctuary-realm, so the strength of the Lava Monsters created by it had also caused great damage to the Angels of Light and Dark. However, when the bodies of the Angels of Light and Dark were destroyed, the power of Light and Darkness would lose their restraint and seem to cause a violent explosion because of the extremely opposing attributes. The powerful explosive force would also immediately rip apart all of the Lava Monsters in the surroundings.

If the Fire Demons strength was also level-23 like Lin Lis, the battle might not be very difficult for the latter. Even the explosion caused by the conflict between the two forces of light and darkness would definitely cause the Fire Demon to suffer great losses. However, dealing with creatures that were reaching the Sanctuary-realm was definitely not as simple as dealing with a powerhouse that was at the peak of level-24. The Sanctuary aura meant that the Fire Demon had already stepped into the Sanctuary-realm, and it was a gap and difference in power.

Hence, under the siege of the four Legendary powerhouses, the Fire Demon did not lose the upper hand. The tyrannical destructive power in the Volcano Domain was constantly impacting their Magical Domains and suppressing them without caring what means the Legendary powerhouses were resorting to.

Among the four Legendary-mages, the level-22 Aldwin seemed to be rather weak. Although his Flaming Storm Domain was extremely powerful, that was not enough to make up for the difference in levels. However, Aldwin seemed to be much more relaxed than the rest in the Volcano Domain.

Although the Fire Demons power was close to the Sanctuary-realm, it was also the power that controlled the fire element. With the understanding of the fire Laws, Aldwins resistance to fire element power was far greater than the other threes.

In Aldwins Flaming Storm Domain, numerous fireballs fell from the sky and smashed into the lava that was constantly flowing, but instead of attacking and moving the lava away, Aldwin integrated his own nomological power and competed for control of the fire element power in the lava, affecting the invasion of that powerful force in the Volcano Domain.

The five powerful Magical Domains that were unfolding in the palace constantly collided, making the entire palace suddenly quake violently. Dazzling rays of light continuously emerged from the mageweaths around the palace from time to time, and dissipated the power that was enough to destroy everything invisible.

With the passage of time, Lin Li was suddenly surprised to find that he and others seemed to be gradually turning the situation around. The tremendous oppression from the Volcano Domain of the Fire Demon seemed to have loosened up, and they finally had the chance to launch an effective counterattack to increase the range of their Magical Domains.

It seemed that victory was in sight, but Lin Li felt that something was wrong. Indeed, the change in the situation was what Lin Li wanted, but the change itself was also somewhat abnormal.

However, at this time, Lin Li couldnt afford to think too much about it. Although it seemed that he was gradually gaining an advantage, that advantage was also obtained through unremitting efforts. Were he to slack or loosen up once, the situation would probably revert to status quo soon.

Lin Li moved the Helios Scepter forward a little, and the Angels of Light and Dark that had already formed around him immediately flapped their black and white wings, and launched an attack toward the front without turning back at all. The Lava Monsters that were formed in the Fire Demons Volcano Domain were driven out of the Light and Darkness Domain, and the two forces continued to fight each other at the junction of the domains.

Although the Lava Monsters were close to the Legendary-level, the number of monsters generated in a certain period of time was much less than before. Everyone could clearly feel that the Volcano Domain seemed to be gradually losing its offensive power and putting up a passive defense.

Even in Andoines Thorn Domain, the countless intertwined plants seemed to have formed huge green waves like an ocean, and were constantly impacting the Volcano Domain of the Fire Demon. The layers of plants were burned to ashes at high temperatures, but they instantly sprung up again to widen the range.

That was what a battle between the Magical Domains was like. There wasnt much calculation, and it was merely a battle of control of nomological power. Although the combat power of Andoines Thorn Domain was not very outstanding, the power of the Magical Domain during a battle of the Legendary stage would rely on the mastery of nomological power. The nature of the Laws was not a decisive factor.

Countless ice cubes fell from the sky and fell into the lava with a loud roar. In the rising steam, the boiling lava seemed to have turned into black rocks in the blink of an eye, with a subtle layer of white frost covering it. Compared to Andoine, Rosen clearly had a better advantage when dealing with the Fire Demons Volcano Domain because he had the Element Domain.

Aldwins Flaming Storm Domain was originally a powerful Magical Domain, but at this moment, the Flaming Storm Domain that was facing the Fire Demon could not show its powerful attacks. However, judging from the lava on the ground, he could clearly see that the two different-colored flames were colliding with each other. Among them, the nomological power held by Aldwin had the upper hand.

It seemed that obtaining victory was near them, but the flame-covered Fire Demon still did not seem to be angry at all, despite having lost the upper hand. In fact, it never once moved away.

Is there really no way for it to retaliate?Lin Li did not believe that the Fire Demon that was near the Sanctuary-realm would allow the rest to besiege it without restraint and let itself be forced into losing.

Given the current situation, the results of the battle would definitely not be optimistic for the Fire Demon if it were to be prolonged. The longer the battle was, the smaller of a chance the Fire Demon would have to reverse the situation. However, the Fire Demon didnt seem to realize that, and thus did not rely on the suppression of the level to obtain the desired results. Instead, it continued to let the battle go on and remain in a standstill. It was absolutely abnormal.

The Fire Demon was not the same as the generic inferior demons that did not have any brains. While inheriting the blood of the ancient demon deities, it also inherited wisdom that was far superior to that of ordinary humans. How could it make such a mistake?

Although Lin Li felt that something was wrong, he knew that given the current situation, it was impossible to really stop and investigate the reason as that would result in him getting attacked by the Fire Demon immediately. The only thing he could do now was to raise his vigilance while doing his best to launch full-swing attacks on the Volcano Domain.

However, in many cases, it was impossible to prevent some things from happening just by raising your vigilance. When everyone thought that battle had been brought under their control, six dark red spots suddenly lit up on the ground. Immediately afterwards, a series of crisscrossing rays of light quickly shot out of the spots, linking all six points together to form a Six-pointed Star Array.

"Damn it, the Gates of the Abyss!"

When the dark red lights were ignited, Lin Li knew that things were going to get terrible. Even the children in Anril knew that when the Six-pointed Star Array was ignited, the Abyssal Demon would cross the Gates of the Abyss and bring about endless disaster to the world on the mainland.

Indeed, as the Six-pointed Star Array lit up, a huge dark red gate gradually emerged behind the Fire Demon. Through that dazzling ray of dark red light, Lin Li and the rest could see that countless Fire Demon were looming behind the Gates of the Abyss. A Fire Demon even ripped the corner of the Gates of the Abyss with his hand and was about to squeeze his body out.

Lin Li was immediately shocked. It was no joking matter; all of the creatures in front of them were Fire Demons. With the blood of the ancient demon deities, their strength was definitely above level-20 even if they were inferior to the one in front of everyone. If all those terrifying creatures were to surge out, probably the entire Anril would be destroyed, let alone the people who were present here.

At this moment, Lin Li finally understood why the Fire Demon, whose strength was extremely close to the Sanctuary-realm, had never shown his due strength despite the battle being at standstill and to his disadvantage, and instead waited calmly while not showing any signs of anger. It turned out that hed been waiting for the Gates of the Abyss to open and for his peers to arrive in this world through the Gates of the Abyss.

The Fire Demon in front of Lin Li was probably not just an ordinary Fire Demon from the 66th floor of the abyss, but a Lord of the Abyss, the Fire Demon King. Only a Lord of the Abyss would have the right to open the Gates of the Abyss and summon such a huge army of Fire Demons.