Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Torrent of Elements Ring

The sudden influx of a large amount of emotions was frantically tearing at Lin Li's mental strength. At that moment, he felt as if he had completely broken down, or as if he were a schizophrenicat one time laughing, and at another crying. Accompanying the laughing and crying was a splitting pain. The pain that gushed out of the depths of the mind had nothing to do with the body. It was just the purest of all pain that couldn't be diverted nor relieved; he could only let it wreak havoc in his mind.

Lin Li felt that he had gone insane under the inhuman suffering. No one knew how long this pain lasted; perhaps it was only one second, perhaps it was a year. Just as he was on the verge of collapse, a ray of light tore through the endless darkness

It was as if a red sun rising from the east at the darkest hour before dawn, shining in all its splendor and filling the whole world with life and vitality. This was what Lin Li felt at the moment. After that wisp of light tore open the endless darkness, boundless rays of light permeated it all at once and cleared away the haze in an instant. The world became pure all of a sudden.

The dream-like voices disappeared and the various emotions were gone without a trace. Through the mental strength, Lin Li could feel a kind of peace and tranquility very clearly.

Apart from the dazzling light, there was an immense void all around. There was neither time nor space around, only the purest and most primitive nothingness, as if it were all but for the purpose of making this piece of light exist.

After a short respite, Lin Li extended his mental strength and examined the bright light quietly

With his recent lesson, he did not dare to be careless. Everything was done with caution. His tenuous mental strength was divided into dozens of feelers, probing around one by one.

The light seemed to contain some kind of power and rules; it maintained a tenacious and unyielding resistance to the invasion of that trace of mental strength from Lin Li. This resistance made the invasion extremely difficult, and Lin Li had to control his mental strength to wander around in search of cracks to penetrate.

This was a process that required patience. After a few thousand tries, a trace of mental strength managed to get through at last

The mental strength fused with the light the moment it succeeded. At the same time, there seemed to be a loud noise in the deeper part of Lin Li's mind. It was a complete fusion, as if a soldering iron had come down, and a unique imprint of Lin Li had been branded on the ring.

The branding was more thorough than the one on the gold rod. The gold rod was only controlled by a trace of residual mental strength. However, this time, Lin Li left his own mental mark on the ring completely, making the ring part of his mental strength. To prompt it, he didn't need any mana or connection through his mental strengtha mere thought could activate the attributes of the ring.

"Good stuff" When the ring was branded with his mark, Lin Li knew exactly what kind of magic equipment it was. It never occurred to him that a level-eight magical beast like the Leviathan Gorilla could come to possess such a powerful treasure.

What was really powerful about this ring was that it could create an elemental channel in an instantall the magical elements that might hurt oneself would be guided into this particular channel. The magical elements guided into it would then be stored in their complete form; regardless of the elemental sequence or the magic structure, there would be no change. When needed, the owner of the ring could also release the stored magic by mana activation

The only thing that was regretful to Lin Li was that the channel could only be created once a day, and the magic that could be guided into it could not exceed his own level by five.

But apart from these two flaws, this ring with the black diamond was absolutely invulnerable. Not to mention the opportunity for a magic immunity, there was also an additional powerful magic spell on the house. If the ring was utilized well, with Lin Li's current strength, he might even have the chance beat an Archmage

"Not bad, not bad" After putting on the ring contentedly, Lin Li was grinning from ear to ear. It was only after a long time of elation that he suddenly remembered such a handy magic equipment had yet to have a name. "Since it's used to immunize magic through a channel I'll simply call it the Torrent of Elements"

With this Torrent of Elements Ring, Lin Li felt that he had no need to go to Gerian again. The Guild of Magic had been poor for years, and the only magic equipment it could bring out were probably the one that the Mannes Family contributed. The magic equipment in the guild's warehouse either enhanced mental strength or supplied mana. What little enhancement did a monster like Lin Li who was almost like a magical beast need?

Fumbling through the Ring of Endless Storm again, there seemed to be no more equipment that could be used

So, Lin Li naturally had his mind on potions.

After selecting several commonly used herbs, Lin Li hesitated for a while, and gingerly took out a black lotus petal.

This was probably what they called "character determines destiny." If Gerian were to fight in this duel, with the old man's arrogant character and an opponent who had been defeated easily before, he would have gone to the duel straight, without even bringing his staff

But Lin Li had always been cautious. Even facing Cromwell, whom he had easily beaten before, he would still want to be fully prepared before the duel. Although the black lotus petals were precious, they were not worth mentioning compared to his own life.

Moreover, he would not be so naive to think that this duel would be easy.

Old Merlin had seen clearly what happened in the Emerald Tower that day. With his vision, how could he not see that Cromwell was no match for Lin Li? He was not an idiot. How could he send the sole heir of the Merlin Family to die knowing the disparity in power?

Lin Li was almost certain from all these unreasonable points that the Merlin Family definitely had something formidable up their sleeves for this duel. The Cromwell who would appear at the Daylight Square tomorrow would definitely be a lot stronger than the one he knew!