Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 753

Chapter 753 Win Over

"I have a task for you. Later, you" Lin Li told Angelano his plan as he continued to coordinate with Andoine and the other Legendary powerhouses to attack Osric.

"If If your plan fails, Im definitely going to die. Osric will never let me off! Why dont we take the chance to leave now?" The Alchemy Colossus Angelano was controlling moved two steps back. Angelano was incredibly fearful of Osric.

"Leave? You may be able to escape this time, but when Osric revives entirely, where are you going to escape? Im sure you know how Osric treated traitors, dont you? At that time, you wouldnt be able to die even if you wanted to," Lin Li chided.

Lin Lis threat was extremely effective on the Goblin. Although Osrics era had been long over, Angelano was extremely clear of how Lin Li treated the Fire Demon King the other time. That was an agonizing experience that would make people suffer as they stayed alive. If he were to become like the Fire Demon King, he would rather die immediately.

Finally, the Alchemy Colossus re-entered the battlefield. However, it didnt go into frenzy and attack Osric like before. Instead, it was like an enormous assassin that strolled around the battlefield.

Seeing that the Alchemy Colossus was getting closer and closer to the spot hed chosen, Lin Li tried to lure Osric once more. He was doing what he did the previous time. He lured Osric to the edge of the boundary slowly. This level-23 Legendary-mage had to be mindful of his actions as he tried to lure the level-26 or 27 Sanctuary powerhouse. Not only did he have to be mindful that he should not be escaping too quickly from Osric, he had to be extra careful not to get caught and killed by him. This job sounded easy, but it was indeed a challenge.

There were new wounds on Lin Lis body. Although he had managed to avoided fatal attacks, he had been losing blood as well. His decreasing levels of energy had made his movements increasingly stiff and slow. Lin Li clenched his teeth as he forced himself to press on. Although he had no idea what might happen as a result of his plan, the importance of the four pieces of the debris of the stars motivated him to bet his life on it.

Finally, Osric got lured to the spot as planned by Lin Li. Just when he was about to give up on targeting Lin Li, Lin Li started to recite the demonic runes quickly. Massive force of abyss landed onto Osric instantaneously, and that immense pressure delayed Osrics movement for a split of a second. At this same time, Angelano who had been strolling about activated all of the Alchemy Colossus powers.

However, Angelano did not intend to use that force on Osric. He dashed over to the front of the crystal coffin and pushed it in the direction opposite Osric with its immense strength. It moved for a distance of 10 meters in the blink of an eye.

The abyssal force had vanished, and Osric was still standing in front of Lin Li. He pointed his spear at Lin Li, and did not do anything else.

Lin Li secretly sighed in relief. It seemed that his plan had succeeded. The soul imprint that was controlling this perfect body seemed to have awakened prematurely, and was not fully integrated with the body. That limited the body to moving within the control of the Eternal Furnace. But now, that perfect body had left the control of the soul imprint, and became an item without an owner.

Of course, the crisis had not yet passed. Osrics wits would certainly keep him thinking of ideas to regain control of his body. Lin Li did not dare to delay any longer. He grabbed the chance to scream at Connoris, "Didnt you want me to create a body for you? What are you waiting for?"

The hammer made a crisp shattering sound as if something was broken. What followed was a soul with a faint glow that flew out from the hammer. After he sent a spell to Lin Li through his mental strength, he pounced towards the perfect body that Osric had created without hesitation.

Lin Li raised his Helios Scepter and started to recite that line that was constructed with 100 demonic runes. The obscure and lengthy spell was ear-piercing in the silence. As he recited the spell, massive abyssal force appeared and went into Osrics body. It helped Connoris to get rid of Osrics consciousness and snatch control of the body.

Time trickled by. That perfect body continued to radiate all sorts of light. It was as though his skin and flesh had turned transparent. At some time, they could see his organs, and at other times, they could see his skeleton. His expression continued to change. At some time, he was frowning in agony, but at other times, he showed a delightful smile

After downing a bottle of potion, Lin Li bent his back and laid his hands on his knees. He panted heavily. He was already weak due to the loss of blood, and the spell that was made up of 100 demonic runes took a greater toll on his body. He was not concerned about Connoris condition at all. He had done what he could, and would leave the rest to Connoris.

The crowd could not help but feel petrified when they saw how Osrics body transformed. They saw a soul rushing into Osrics body, and could guess what was happening to that body now. If that soul were to fail, Osric would appear again. If that time were to come, the situation would stay the sameeverybody could only be slain by Osric.

However, if that soul were to succeed in occupying Osrics body, would that entail safety for everyone? The men could sense how powerful that soul was when it dashed out. Knowing how powerful Osrics body was, they really could not imagine what would happen if a powerful soul were to be integrated with an even more powerful body. They only knew that the integration would create an individual at the peak of the Legendary-level at least. As they became even more integrated with each other, there would certainly not be a problem for the soul to enter the Sanctuary-realm. The question was whether the soul would turn out to be a friend or foe. No one knew what to expect in that situation.

Andoine, Aldwin, and Macklin had great relationship with Lin Li. They had heard Lin Li talk about him having an ancient soul. Knowing that the Fire Demon King had been integrated into Balaks magical crystal, they knew that the soul that rushed into the body had to belong to that ancient entity. However, they were all aware that it was only common for old spirits that had been sealed for ages to have a distorted personality, and they would be hard to reason with. Although it might have showed obedience to Lin Li when it was sealed up, it would not be easy to control him outside the seal.

As a result, Andoine, Aldwin, and Macklin with the team of mages did not think of taking any rest. They readied themselves with spells to protect Lin Li from a possible betrayal.

Rosen who had treated his wounds was supporting himself with his staff. He glanced at Lin Li from the distance smilingly, and anticipated his doom. Although they had worked together in the battle earlier on, that did not seem to affect his disdain of Lin Li. He was really delighted to see Lin Li digging his own grave.

"Greed is the biggest sin!" To Rosen, the best way to deal with Osrics body when it first had that glitch was to use a Thunderbolt to destroy it. To him, Lin Li was a young and presumptuous fool who actually wanted to use a sealed soul to snatch Osrics body. He thought that Lin Li did it out of greed to possess a powerful follower.

However, subduing a powerful follower would depend on the ability of the master. While Rosen was absolutely positive that the integration of the soul and body would create an impregnable being, he felt that it would definitely not be advantageous for that young mage. How would a powerhouse in the Sanctuary-realm submit to the orders of another? Even if he had the same ability as his supposed master, Rosen was certain that any loyalty was out of the question. Hence, to Rosen, Lin Li was indeed digging his own grave.

At the same time, Osrics body and expressions started to calm down. The glow of magic that emitted from that body became more subtle as well. Osrics bodyor Connorisopened his tightly shut eyes to look at his surroundings. His gaze then landed on Lin Li, and he gave him a mysterious smile.

Connoris actions did not make Andoine and the rest relax at all. They became very tense, and the staffs in their hands were all glowing immensely. They were prepared to strike at Connoris any time.

Lin Li, however, mustered his bit of recovered strength to hoist himself up. He gestured at Andoine and the rest to stop them from what they were intending to do. He had the same smile as he fixed his eyes on Connoris who had gained a new body.

Connoris breathed in deeply, and suddenly started to recite demonic runes. The spell that seemed so obscure and lengthy to others flowed out of his mouth smooth and light-heartedly as though he was humming an ancient folk song.

Andoine and the others grew anxious when they heard Connoris recitation, but they remembered Lin Lis gesture when he tried to stop them. They forced themselves to feel less wary of Connoris, but their hands were all tightly gripping their weapons. Rosen, on the other hand, was prepared to watch a good show from the distance.

However, the results of Connoris demonic runes had an extremely familiar effect that stupefied everyone. That spell created a servant contract!

Servant contract was something not foreign to these mages. In fact, followers of normal mages that willingly joined them would usually request to establish a servant contract with them. Unlike the blood-oath, soul contract, and slave contract, the servant contract would ensure that the servants did not lose their right over themselves. It protected servants from the need to offer their body and powers to their master. Also, it was rid of the terrifying clause that the servants had to die alongside their masters. The servant contract was like an employment relationship. It helped to ensure that the masters would not exploit and mistreat their servants unreasonably, and that the servants would not do things that would harm their masters.

No one would have thought that the soul that claimed the body of Osric had no intention of harming Lin Li with his immense powers. Instead of parting ways with Lin Li, this soul actually established a servant contract out of free will. From the effects of the contract, it was obvious that Lin Li was the master, and the soul that claimed Osrics body was the servant. This meant that this powerhouse with an ability close to the Sanctuary-realm would have to take Lin Lis orders for as long as Lin Li wanted.

Rosen was flabbergasted. Did that soul turn into a fool because he was sealed up for a long time? How could he let go of such a good opportunity to regain his freedom? How could he volunteer to be the servant of that arrogant Felic?

Andoine and the rest of the men felt immense relief. Their gazes fixed on Lin Li were filled with joy and surprise. It was not simply joy that the crisis had been averted, but more of a pride that seniors felt after witnessing the growth of their junior.

After establishing the servant contract, Lin Li sized Connoris new body up. He took out a magic robe from his ring and casually threw it onto Connoris. "What were you doing? We had met each other for such a long time. Do you think I wouldnt trust you?" Lin Li said indifferently.

Connoris received the magic robe and wrapped his perfect and beautiful naked body up. He glanced at Lin Li from the side of his eye, and indignantly said, "Do not think that the almighty Soul Trader is a moron!? How would I not know your personality? If I had not signed that servant contract willingly, I bet you wouldnt have been able to fall asleep. Or perhaps you had already left traps on this body"

What an impressive body this is! Is this why Osric decided that this shall be the body of the Immortal?Connoris thought as he inspected his new body. Although he did not find anything unusual with his new body, he managed to ascertain one thing. Having known Lin Li for such a long time, he naturally knew that Lin Lis abilities were not the strongest. However, this fellas methods against his enemies were out of the world. To quote the Fire Demon King, this human had to be the true demon in the eyes of demons.

After all, Connoris was an ancient deity who was in charge of conspiracy and deception. Although his abilities were not as formidable as before, he was definitely not one who would settle his problems with a fist.