Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 764

Chapter 764 Undercurrent

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Everyone could clearly feel that the vitality in his body was continuously flowing out, and it was as if there was a menacing beast that was continuously consuming the vitality in it.

At this moment, Lin Li grabbed the ink-like potion again, and pulled out the cork of the bottle, after which the nauseating stench filled the room again. The rest even thought that he had taken out the wrong potion, but Lin Li did not hesitate, and simply placed it directly on Rosarios lips before pouring it slowly into his mouth.

At this moment, everyone was paying attention to the changes in Pope Rosario nervously. They all knew that if the antidote was not effective, nothing else would be able to suppress the Vipers poison, and damage would definitely be unavoidable, especially since Rosarios body was extremely weak now.

Time passed second after second, and the vitality in Rosarios body began to weaken. They had no idea when it would disappear completely. His body was trembling, and he was also frowning, a clear evidence of the pain that he was going through. The battle between the Vipers poison and the antidote was taking its toll on Rosarios body without restraint.

After a long time, Rosarios breathing finally became more stable and rhythmic. His wrinkly face also gradually turned rosy, and a holy aura emanated from his body, making him emit a faint halo.

Upon sight of this, Lin Li and the rest finally breathed a sigh of relief. It was obvious that Rosarios body was recovering quickly. It was no doubt that the poison had already been removed.

"Master Felic, Im really sorry for being suspicious and doubtful of your plan." Unexpectedly, Holliard, the head of the Divine Paladins, apologized with a very sincere expression on his face. Holliard was a powerhouse who had entered the Legendary-realm several years ago. Hence, him apologizing to a young mage in front of everyone was absolutely unimaginable.

However, after thinking about Holliards hobbies, everyone began to realize that Holliard had to be interested in Lin Lis pharmaceutical knowledge. While apologizing to a young man might be embarrassing, apologizing to a pharmaceutics Guru was very normal for someone who loved pharmaceutics.

"Head Holliard, I understand that you were just being concerned about the safety of His Holiness," Lin Li said while waving his arms. He had a good impression of Lin Li who preferred pharmacy to forging.

With his Sanctuary power and the residual power of the Gift of The Earth Goddess, Rosarios body recovered at a visible rate, and he looked shriveled up like a Lich that was withering. At the same time, he also looked like dry soil that was being moistened with water as his skin began to tighten a little. There was a layer of gold luster on his gray hair, and within just a days time, he turned back into a strong older man who looked like he was only in his fifties.

The elimination of the poison in Pope Rosarios body was an event worth celebrating for the entire Brilliance Shrine. However, due to the fact that his power had not been restored to the peak, the celebration would have to be postponed. For the rest of the people in the Brilliance Shrine, they would still have to keep the matter a secret. Lin Li wasnt too bothered by that, because he had already cured Rosario. When he thought about Sendros invitation, he got ready to bid Rosario goodbye and leave.

However, although it was just fulfilling an agreement, it was rather significant to the Brilliance Shrine. How could they just let Lin Li leave like this? Rosario, in particular, suddenly proposed to cooperate with the Tower of Dusk when Lin Li bade him goodbye. Hence, Lin Li had no choice but to consider it for a few days.

Of course, Rosarios proposal for a cooperation was not only because he wanted Lin Li to stay behind a while longer, but also because working with a real pharmaceutics Guru would be a great benefit to the Brilliance Shrine. Another reason that was more important was that they had always been searching for the Son of the Holy Light, and according to various signs, everything seemed to hint at the young mage Lin Li. However, no one dared to jump to conclusions without any concrete evidence. In case of a misunderstanding, the Brilliance Shrine would become the greatest laughing stock of Anril.

Lin Li could totally let his subordinates from the Tower of Dusk, such as Gavin and Beckley, take part in the discussion. What really made Lin Li choose to stay was that Rosario promised to let him read the classic of the Brilliance Shrine, the Light Bible.

The first piece of the debris of the stars that Lin Li had obtained was Holy Light, which he had researched the most so far. However, in spite of this, he still had an inadequate understanding of the nomological power of Holy Light compared to clergy. If Rosario had the debris of the stars Holy Light, he would definitely be able to exert more power than Lin Li who did not have Stars of Fury. Hence, when Lin Li heard Rosario promise to let him read the Light Bible, he decided to seize the opportunity.

Thus, Lin Li began to get busier in the next few days that he spent in the Brilliance Shrine. Englos and his peers who were interested in pharmaceutics would occasionally consult Lin Li about questions that had troubled them for a long time. Holliard, in particular, immediately went to Lin Li and bombarded him with questions while sincerely asking him for tips and guidance. It seemed that he did not find it embarrassing at all to be asking a youngster for advice.

Lin Li didnt find it troublesome, either. It was not that they didnt have any foundation or background in pharmaceutics and needed him to teach them bit by bit. Hence, the questions they asked were often because they hadnt figured out some of the key points. Moreover, those who could become superiors of the Brilliance Shrine were naturally not fools. Once Lin Li gave them some pointers and prompts, they would be able to understand the issue quickly.

However, the more relaxed Lin Li was in answering, the more unbelievable they found it, especially Holliard whose pharmaceutical knowledge was the worst amongst his peers. He could at most be regarded as an intermediate pharmacist. However, pestering Lin Li for the past few days gave him shocking gains because he actually managed to formulate an advanced potion after just a few tries.

That made Holliard surprised, and at the same time, he began to admire Lin Li greatly. He even wanted to find an excuse to leave with Lin Li and stay at the Tower of Dusk for a period of time. At his current rate of progress, he believed that he would probably become a true master of pharmaceutics in no time.

Although they didnt react as exaggeratedly as Holliard, Englos and the rest who were already Masters of pharmaceutics could clearly feel that their level in pharmacy had increased greatly after receiving Lin Lis answers. Master of pharmaceutics? They knew that they could only be considered Masters now, and the thought of how they called themselves Masters in the past made them feel ashamed.

In addition to answering everyones questions about pharmaceutics and reading the Light Bible, Lin Li also visited the Holy Mountain which Dawn Cathedral was located on together with Rina, who showed him the way. Enjoying the company of a beautiful female Paladin like Rina was undoubtedly a pleasant thing. Although Lin Li had always been focusing on magic, that did not mean that he did not know how to appreciate beauties.

The mountain at the back of the Holy Mountain was known as a forbidden land, but it was not really one. However, here were plenty of precious herbs that had light attribute. It was definitely beautiful, but if there were no restrictions, the herbs would probably be destroyed in no time. As the disciple of the head pharmacist of the Brilliance Shrine, Englos, Rina naturally had special grants that allowed her to access the place freely. Hence, it became her favorite place on the entire Holy Mountain.

However, this time, Rina didnt seem to be in a good mood, because the young mage Lin Li was following her. Of course, the problem did not lie with Lin Li. Although Rina hated the fact that Lin Li had recruited Undead creatures to be his servants in the past, she began to change her opinion of him after seeing that he had personally helped Rosario remove the Vipers poison. At this moment, she felt nothing but respect for him, and that was the very reason Rina decided to bring Lin Li to the place that would often cheer her up.

However, there was a young man dressed in a bishops robe who stopped in the middle of the passage, blocking their way. He was a young bishop who had curly brown hair, a handsome face, and a well-proportioned figure. He was clad in a clean white robe, and was an absolute hunk.

"Bishop Siddarth, what are you doing here instead of learning from Archbishop Domingo?" Rina questioned coldly with a slight frown. Shed initially brought Lin Li there purely with the intention of showing him around her favorite place. She wanted Lin Li to see the most beautiful scenery in her opinion. However, she was in a foul mood because she was suddenly stopped in her tracks by someone who ruined her journey.

"Teacher has made a breakthrough in pharmaceutics lately, and hes been engrossed in research the past few days. Im here because I need some fresh herbs," Siddarth said while shifting his gaze onto Lin Li with a look of disdain and disgust.

Lin Li shook his head secretly. Obviously, he had sparked some anger and displeasure within the young men in the Brilliance Shrine lately because their dream lover had become his tour guide.