Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 78

Chapter 78: A Different Person

The next day, Jarrosus City seemed to be shrouded in an eerie atmosphere.

With the exception of the Merlin Family and the Guild of Magic, the leaders of the other 16 forces arrived at Daylight Square early in the morning. They put on their best clothes, as if they were going to a big dinner party. Whether it was the assassin leader or the casino tycoon, all of them seemed to get along very well on this special day. There was harmony in the Daylight Square. They talked about the changing weather, the chaotic Jarrosus, the results of the Arcane Magic Potion auction But never about the duel that was to come

At the beginning of the day, several streets near the Daylight Square were already blockaded. This was on an order issued by the Castellan Mansion and jointly executed by the 18 forces. No one could resist this force in Jarrosus City. Vendors and residents were temporarily relocated, leaving only an empty Daylight Square.

All those qualified to watch this duel were prominent figures in the Jarrosus CityCastellan Isaac and his attendants, the leaders of the 18 forces and their henchmen, and several wealthy businessmen and celebrities in Jarrosus City. The worst of them were at least eligible to attend the banquet at the Castellan Mansion.

The grand scene left the assassin leader, Old Odin, with some regret. Why hadn't he taken up some celebrities assassination requests before he came? In this way, he might've been able to earn some gold coins as an allowance after watching the duel

But he only entertained such thoughts in his heart. This was a duel between the Guild of Magic and the Merlin Family. Even if Old Odin had a hundred times more nerves, he wouldn't dare to challenge the two giants of Jarrosus Cityin particular the current Guild of Magic. Old Odin was in no condition to provoke them.

Backed by the wealth of the 18 forces, temporary stands were built overnight at the southern end of the Daylight Square. A polished marble table was arched around less than half of the Daylight Square. The previously harmonious atmosphere in the square immediately became quite distinct after a group of celebrities ascended the stands.

The six underground forces and the ten mage families were sitting at the top of the stands with the best view. Among them, three of the most prominent positions were left for Castellan Isaac, President Gerian, and Chief Matthew. The three most powerful men of Jarrosus City should naturally sit in the most prominent positions. Even Ysera of the Mannes Family and Reuben of the Saruman Family did not dare to lay their hands on these seats.

Among these forces, there was also a hierarchy. Among the mage families, Ysera and Saruman were the closest to the three seats in the middle. As for the six underground forces, Old Odin was the leader. After the rise of the Guild of Magic, this old friend of Gerian was suspected to be the leader of the six underground forces.

As for the rich businessmen and celebrities, they naturally sat below the 18 forces as befitting their position in Jarrosus City, where they had always been trampled by the 18 forces.

What followed was a long wait. It was as if the Guild of Magic and the Merlin Family had agreed beforehand; none had shown up at the Daylight Square. Although the leaders of the various forces on the stands waited anxiously, no one dared to complain, including Matsis of the Blood Brotherhood. Although he did dare to lash out at the leaders of the two powers behind closed doors, calling Gerian a lunatic and Old Merlin an old turtle, once he was in the stands, he would not dare to insult either of them even if someone lent him a hundred guts to do it.

Amidst the anxious and helpless waiting, two figures finally emerged from the end of the streets.

Cromwell was wearing a gray robe and clutching a staff embedded with magical crystals in his hand. His handsome, young face was brimming with confidence as he strolled through the streets with a radiant smile. On the contrary, beside him, the powerful Archmage Old Merlin looked somewhat aged and tired, and the smile he showed from time to time carried a hint of bitterness in it.

When the old and the young entered the square, several of the strongest people on the stands, such as Reuben from the Saruman Family, Ysera from the Mannes Family, and Andrew, the Castellan's mage, felt almost at the same time that Cromwell seemed a little out of the ordinary today.

Cromwell was the sole heir to the Merlin Family and also a famous genius mage in the younger generation of Jarrosus, so the Mannes Family and the Saruman Family had paid close attention to him every day. At the same time, the two men also had to admit that Cromwell was really good, having the strength of a level-seven mage at such a young age.

But when Cromwell showed up today, the two men suddenly realized they did not recognize him anymore.

Is this person really Cromwell from the Merlin Family? Ysera and Reuben looked at each other incredulously. If it was really Cromwell, how could they be frightened by the aura he exuded?

Both of them were powerful figures, and it would never be just a level-seven mage who made them feel the fear.

"At least level-fourteen" The voice of the black-robed mage, Andrew, sounded from behind and startled both Ysera and Reuben. Apart from Gerian and Old Merlin, Andrew was definitely the most authoritative mage in Jarrosus. Now that even he had said so, Cromwell's strength must have grown by leaps and bounds

"How How is this possible" Although Reuben specialized in conjuring, the Saruman Family had its roots in magic after all. How could he not know that the ascension of magic level was by no means as simple as one plus one equals two? In addition to the accumulation of mana and the training of skills, a great deal of time was required for research. He had not thoughtnot even in his dreamsthat there would be someone like Cromwell, who went up seven notches in a month.

For a moment, the looks of the two family patriarchs were somewhat complicated. They were the first two forces to swing to the Guild of Magic at the auction for the Arcane Magic Potion. To some extent, they had been tied to the Guild of Magic. Cromwell having level-fourteen in magic was definitely no good news to them