Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 799

Chapter 799 Giant Blazing Hand

If Lin Li did not retreat in time, he would probably have to face the siege of the fire element creatures. If that were to happen, how would he deal with it

After much consideration, Lin Li decided that it would be better to be cautious. Hence, he approached the world of red slowly in a bid to get closer and learn more about the actual situation. However, before he could even take a few steps, he heard a loud roar that would make ones heart trembleeven though it was not as deafening as a dragons roarcoming from the sky.

Lin Li quickly stopped and looked up into the sky, only to see a blazing cloud of fire descending from the sky and darting towards him. The cloud of fire was right in front of him, and he immediately exerted his Power of Flight to the maximum before he could even identify what it was. He then dodged in another direction, and the cloud of fire that seemed to be falling like a meteor followed. It stopped in the air opposite Lin Li at this moment.

Lin Li finally had a clear view of the cloud of fire, and realized that it was a crimson bird that was covered in flames which seemed to be its feathers. Heat waves seemed to be surging out in all directions, and massive and violent mana was also spreading to the surroundings with it as the center.

"Damn it, its the Fire Phoenix!" Lin Li finally identified the creature that had suddenly attacked him. It was the terrifying magical beast that existed together with the wyrms in the prehistoric times and the supreme existence among the fire elemental creatures, the Fire Phoenix.

Legend had it that the Fire Phoenix was born in flames that were terrifying enough to destroy the world, and its body was made up of Annihilation Flames that gave it the power to manipulate all flames. All of them were extremely powerful and were close to the Sanctuary-realm. They were definitely top-level existences during the prehistoric times. However, the four Elemental Worlds were then separated from Anril by the Titans and wyrms that colluded together. The Fire Phoenix, a terrifying magical beast, had never appeared in Anril from then, and had always been living in the fire Elemental World.

After hearing Nefa mention that the world would overlap with the fire Elemental World, Lin Li did not think that there would be such fire elemental creatures here. He should have long expected to see the Salamanders and the Lord of Fire Elementals. However, the appearance of the Fire Phoenix gave Lin Li a great shock, and the one in front of him was clearly an adult one. The mana that it was giving out was near the Sanctuary-realm.

While Lin Li was feeling surprised about the Fire Phoenix, the pair of wings that were covering the sky flapped twice rapidly as if the phoenix was shaking off its feathers. Countless flaming feathers darted at Lin Li rapidly like arrows, shrouding the space that Lin Li could retreat to.

Although they seemed to be flames, Lin Li could clearly feel that every one of them definitely contained horrifying power. Perhaps even the Infernal Magic Iron that was famous for its high melting point and heat resistance would melt immediately. Although Lin Li had been using his Elemental Shield, he dared not move closer to it at all under such circumstances, because the Annihilation Flames were definitely not something that magical defense could withstand.

The overwhelming fire feathers were moving instantaneously, and ordinary Legendary-mages would probably have no other means except to turn around and run away. However, Lin Li raised his arm without feeling flustered, and pointed the gemstone of Dream Garden towards the endless fire. Next, a petite head popped up from the ring, and opened its mouth while facing the flames.

All of a sudden, the fire feathers immediately surged towards the mouth of the baby Elemental Wyrm as if there was an irresistible attraction, forming a large funnel-like vortex. In the blink of an eye, the fire feathers disappeared. Xiao Hua popped its head out, opened its mouth, and spat out some sparks before returning to Dream Garden again.

Seeing that its own fire feathers were devoured completely by a strange little thing instead of turning Lin Li, the outsider, into ashes, the Fire Phoenix flew into a rage and roared loudly. The flames on its body suddenly erupted, and leaped towards Lin Li fiercely like a small hot sun.

The Elemental Wyrm could devour the fire feathers that darted out because they were composed of pure fire element, but it was obviously impossible for it to devour the Fire Phoenix which had powers that were close to the Sanctuary-realm. Of course, Lin Li did not expect Xiao Hua to be able to devour the Fire Phoenix in one go. Perhaps the Dragon of Dream would be able to do so, but Xiao Hua was still far from that level. At this moment, Lin Li had already activated his Light and Darkness Domain without hesitation, taking advantage of the opportunity that Xiao Hua had created. When the Fire Phoenix leaped towards him, the Light and Darkness Sword had already condensed in the sky.

Facing the fierce Fire Phoenix, Lin Li did not evade, and instead pointed the Helios Scepter forward. The sword in the air immediately slashed the fireball that the Fire Phoenix had transformed into. In an instant, there was a loud bang, and the Light and Darkness Sword hit the giant fireball in the middle. The Light and Darkness Sword shattered, while the Fire Phoenix wailed and rolled backward, leaving behind countless flaming feathers along the way.

Its no wonder that its a powerful presence that once rose with the Wyrms!Lin Li thought to himself secretly when he saw that he had only caused the Fire Phoenix to retreat a little. However, he wasnt too disappointed, because hed condensed his Light and Darkness Sword using his own power this time. He had not used the power of Holy Light and Gloomy Dark at all. Lin Li was now just a Legendary-mage who was at the peak of level-23. The fact that he could use his own powers to strike a Fire Phoenix that was near the Sanctuary-realm was enough to prove that he had reached an astonishing stage of enlightenment of the Power of Light and Darkness. It was also because he had read the Light Bible and the Darkness scripture.

It was not that Lin Li didnt want to use the power of Holy Light and Gloomy Dark, but he just didnt dare to use Holy Light, because there was still a high priest of the Darkness Shrine in the fire Elemental World who didnt know about the current situation. If Lin Li were to take out his Holy Light, get mistaken as the Son of the Holy Light, and end up getting killed by the high priest, he would be terribly wronged.

As for Gloomy Dark, he could use it freely, but the Light and Darkness Sword required both light and Darkness to be balanced. If he were to use Darkness alone, it would either disrupt the balance or end up unable to exert its power. Hence, there was no difference between using it or not.

Lin Li had more than just Holy Light and Gloomy Dark. He also had the other debris of the stars such as Rebirth, Thunderbolt, and Nothingness, which were all enough to increase combat power, but after reading the darkness scripture and gaining some pointers from Sendros, Lin Li had also learned about several methods for using Dark Force. The situation now was a good opportunity for him to try his hand at using what he had learned.

When the Fire Phoenix was repelled and thrown off balance, Lin Lis Light and Darkness Domain suddenly transformed, and the Power of Light completely converged. The Dark Force became everything that supported the Magical Domain, and the Light and Darkness Domain had instantly turned into the Eternal Darkness Domain, while the debris of the starsGloomy Darkwas integrated into the Magical Domain. Of course, strictly speaking, it could only be considered a pseudo-Eternal Darkness Domain because the Laws that constituted that domain were, in reality, still the Laws of Darkness from the Light and Darkness Domain. It was still different from the actual Eternal Darkness Laws.

Now that Lin Li had seized the opportunity, hed naturally not let the Fire Phoenix retaliate again. Countless shadow tentacles formed in the Eternal Darkness Domain, and were lashing the Fire Phoenix forcefully. The cackling flames on its body began quivering violently before it could even react. At the same time, one of the shadow tentacles was immediately burned into ashes by the Annihilation Flames.

Although the Fire Phoenix was overwhelmed, most Dark Mages would have their mana depleted before the Fire Phoenix was subdued after the taxing attacks. However, Lin Li didnt lack mana at all. Besides, he had the support of the debris of the stars Gloomy Dark. After one of the tentacles vanished, the rest continued to whip the Fire Phoenix. While the shadow tentacles were moving, all sorts of powerful Dark Magic offensive spells surged out through the gaps. Although they couldnt deal any major damage to the Fire Phoenix, the flames on the Fire Phoenix were gradually dimming too.

Under Lin Lis fierce pursuit, the fierce cries of the Fire Phoenix that were full of exasperation and indignation intertwined with the loud sounds of explosion. Sparks were darting everywhere and landing on the ground as if it rained fire. Actually, there was already a clear winner at this juncture. The Fire Phoenix was merely relying on the support of the Annihilation Flames, and it was only a matter of time before it got defeated.

However, at this moment, a giant palm that was covered in flames was suddenly extended from the fire Elemental World, and it clutched the Fire Phoenix that had already been defeated. With a loud bang, the Fire Phoenix that was near the Sanctuary-realm suddenly collapsed in an instant, and returned to the purest fire element. Its vitality vanished forever as well.

Lin Li got a great shock. Although he could also kill the Fire Phoenix on his own, he definitely couldnt do it so easily. After all, the Fire Phoenix was near the Sanctuary-realm, and was extremely powerful even for a powerhouse of the Sanctuary-realm, who could not kill it easily.

How terrifying must the owner of the fire palm be!?

Damn it, that bastard Nefa. Its no wonder that his father got killed and hes trapped in such a place!Lin Li cursed in his head while putting away the Magical Domain. He then turned around in a bid to escape quickly. Lin Li had self-awareness, and he knew that no matter how many trump cards he had, he wouldnt be able to use them here. Although the branch of the Tree of Eternity might be important, it still meant less to him than his life did.