Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 802

Chapter 802 Talent Wasted

"The chief high priest of the Darkness Shrine now is Master Sendros, whos also a very admirable elder. Under his lead, the Darkness Shrine has recovered quite a bit. However, Master Sendros sensed some abnormality at the Eternal Darkness Altar recently. He thinks that the catastrophe in the past may occur again, so he is rather worried." Lin Li continued to introduce the situation of the Darkness Shrine now. Although he had just entered the Darkness Shrine not too long ago, Sendros had already considered him the incarnation of darkness, so he didnt treat Lin Li as an outsider. Because of that, Lin Li knew quite a lot about the Darkness Shrine.

Rogge nodded. He was very satisfied with Sendros as his successor. However, he frowned upon hearing Lin Li mention the other high priests in the Darkness Council, and asked, "Arent you a member of the Darkness Shrine, Felic?"

"I manage a small Guild of Magic in the Breezy Plains. Master Sendros invited me to the Darkness Shrine as a guest during this period, and I encountered this situation." Lin Li wasnt being humble. Although the Tower of Dusk was developing pretty well now, its was still merely a small Guild of Magic compared to the Darkness Shrine. He didnt mention that Sendros had invited him because of this incident, and reversed the cause-effect order. If not, hed have to explain about the matter regarding the incarnation of darkness.

"No wonder! With your abilities, you could definitely enter the Darkness Council if you were in the Darkness Shrine. Are Apophis and the Supreme Council blind without Geresco? How can they just let you be the President of a small Guild of Magic! If Geresco knew about this, hed probably be angry to death." Evidently, Rogge attributed Lin Lis position as the President of a Guild of Magic to the misjudgment of the Supreme Council. He wasnt at all polite to scold all the arbitrators in the Supreme Council, including Apophis. In Anril now, given that Geresco was nowhere to be found, perhaps Rogge was the only one who had the right to scold Apophis.

Apophis was so unjustly scolded. Lin Li silently wiped his sweat, and could only apologize to Apophis in his heart.

"Felic, why dont you come to the Darkness Shrine? I will give you a token, and you can pass the token to Sendros when you go back. I believe that youll definitely be able to secure a place in the Darkness Shrine given your abilities." As someone who valued talent, Rogge wanted to recruit this young genius mage for the Darkness Shrine given the fact that its recent developments were not so good.

Actually, there was nothing wrong with Rogges thoughts. After all, other than President Aldwin of the Alanna Guild of Magic, other Presidents seldom reached Legendary-level. President Gerian of the Jarrosus Guild of Magic was only level-15 when he first became President. The Presidents from the Guilds of Magic of other countries were also only level-17 or 18. On the other hand, Lin Li was a Legendary-mage at the peak of level-23. It was really a waste of talent for him to be the President of a Guild of Magic.

Obviously, Lin Li couldnt boast that his Tower of Dusk would surpass the Darkness Shrine sooner or later in front of Rogge. He could only give excuses such as he didnt have the aspiration, and was already very content with his current status. Rogge could naturally sense Lin Lis reluctance, and didnt speak of joining the Darkness Shrine anymore. After giving Lin Li a long look, he moved on to another topic.

After some conversation, Lin Li understood more about incidents that had happened during the Dark Age. He also told Rogge briefly about the current situation in Anril. By then, Lin Li felt it was about time for him to leave since he could neither teach Nefa a lesson nor obtain the branch of Eternity. Moreover, the catastrophe at the Darkness Shrine last time was because Rogge had been asleep. Now that High Priest Rogge was awakened, the catastrophe probably wouldnt occur again.

"High Priest, Im honored to discuss so many questions with you. However, Master Sendros is probably very anxious now given that I have come in for so long. Do you have any word for me to bring back for the Darkness Shrine?" asked Lin Li respectfully.

Rogge contemplated for a moment, and replied, "I indeed have a favor to ask."

"Please. I will do whatever I can to help you." Lin Li didnt hesitate to reply, not only because he needed Rogges help to go back, but also out of respect for this high priest. Moreover, he believed that Rogge wouldnt request him to do something above his capabilities. Thus, he was very happy to do something for this admirable elder.

Rogge nodded, and said, "Its not a difficult task. I hope that you can go back to the mountaintop and tell that little black dragon that I can give him the branch of Eternity. However, he has to come down to help me with something first."

"What? Give him the branch of Eternity? Wont he" Lin Li was shocked at Rogges words, but given that there was still Tutankhamun outside, Nefa probably wouldnt enjoy any real freedom even if he was out. At least he wouldnt dare to step onto the grounds of Anril. There was still another question that Lin Li couldnt figure out, so he asked Rogge, "Doesnt Nefa need to suppress the strength of this fire element world at the mountaintop? He probably wont be able to come down to see you."

Rogge smiled, and asserted, "No worries, I can help him suppress that strength. You just need to bring my words to him. Im sure he wont reject it."

Lin Li nodded, and replied, "Okay, Ill bring your words to him." Although he really wanted the branch of Eternity, what Rogge wanted to do wasnt something he could help with given his current abilities. As for the branch, it was good enough knowing who it was with now. Given the speed of his improvement now, it wasnt impossible for him to snatch the branch from Nefa when his power was good enough.

After a temporary goodbye with Rogge, Lin Li immediately headed back to the top of the volcano. He had wasted some time when he first entered this world to harvest its valuable materials, so he didnt need to waste any time on the way back. Lin Li used the Power of Flight directly, and shot towards the mountaintop like a flash of lightning. After just a moment of time, he had reached the peak.

What did that human mage do? Why is Rogge awake now?Nefa felt very uneasy because he could sense Rogges aura from here. This meant that Rogge had already been awakened from his deep slumber, which was something Nefa hadnt expected at all. Although the ever tormenting power had suddenly disappeared just now, Nefa wasnt at all relieved. He racked his brains, trying to figure out what happened down below.

Just then, Lin Li passed the prehistoric magical beasts directly from the top and landed in front of Nefa. As Nefa had tried to set him up, Lin Li didnt have any positive feelings towards Nefa. However, he suppressed his resentment since Rogge had asked for Nefas help. Lin Li glared at him, and said, "You must be really disappointed that I came back here alive."

"Huh, its not like that. Did you meet Rogge below?" Nefa knew that Rogge had revealed all his tricks, so he didnt know how to reply to Lin Li at this moment, and could only change the topic.

"You should be very clear what I mean!" Lin Li struggled to stop himself from skinning this dragon, and sneered, "High Priest Rogge wants to see you. If you want to obtain the branch of Eternity, follow me to the foot of the mountain now."

Nefas eyelids twitched. From Lin Lis words, he knew that the tormenting power suddenly disappeared because of Rogge. Rogges abilities must have improved considerably during his slumber. Although that confining power had disappeared, Nefa knew that he was still not free. Other than the fact that he didnt have to endure the tortures of this fire element worlds power, the circumstances he was in now were no different from before.

"Okay." Nefa nodded unwillingly. Although he knew that Rogge wouldnt call him for anything good, he had no other choice. Where else could he go? His good brother was still waiting to kill him in Anril, while this fire element world was totally a forbidden zone for him.

Seeing that Nefa had agreed, Lin Li didnt wait for him, and directly flew downhill. Nefa looked around, thought for a moment, and followed Lin Li with a bitter smile on his face. Although Nefa didnt want to work for Rogge, the enticement of the branch of Eternity was too strong. Even though he had told Lin Li that he could take the branch away, Lin Li would never be able to get the branch even if that plan was successful.

The two soon reached the foot of the volcano. Rogge stood there waiting for them, his body burning in flames. Originally, Nefa had thought little of Lin Lis abilities. After all, a level-23 Legendary-mage was just a bigger ant to a Sanctuary-realm powerhouse. However, after this flight, Nefa was shocked to realize that he couldnt even catch up with this human mage using Power of Flight even though he was a wyrm and flying was instinctive for him.

Obviously, Nefa wouldnt know that Lin Li could use the Levitation Spell like the Power of Flight back when he had been just an Archmage. After stepping into the Legendary-realm, he put in immense effort to practice his Power of Flight. Not to mention power, there were less than 10 people in Anril who could catch up with Lin Li. Although Lin Li often seemed like he would confront all obstacles with bravery, he didnt slack at all in terms of obtaining skills that allowed him to retreat fast when his life was threatened.