Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 815

Chapter 815 Return

Regardless of whether Lin Li admitted it or not, the five high priests of the Darkness Shrine and the chief high priest, Sendros, all regarded Lin Li as the incarnation of the God of Darkness. Now that the incarnation of the God of Darkness had fallen into the large rift, the ones who knew his possible identity could not help but feel worried, because they didnt know if he was dead or alive. It was not simply an issue of faith, because everyone knew what the incarnation of the God of Darkness meant for the Darkness Shrine.

In the past, the Brilliance Shrine was continuously suppressing the Darkness Shrine, and even induced fear within the Supreme Council at some point, all because of Willen the son of the Holy Light. If the Darkness Shrine also had their own God of Darkness incarnation, their rise would definitely be unstoppable even if they didnt surpass the Brilliance Shrine. They might even be able to return to their former heyday.

However, a long time had passed since Lin Li entered. During this period of time, there had been a slight rebound coming from the crack, which made all of them feel rather nervous. However, before they could even reinforce the rift, the silence was restored, and no one could guess what had happened in the big rift.

However, before they could come up with a solution, another shocking thing happened again as a terrifying and violent aura emerged from the rift again. Although the aura didnt result in uncontrollable changes in the big rift, everyone could sense that something extremely terrifying had happened in the rift.

Even Sendros felt weak and powerless because of that aura at this moment. The other high priests had begun to discuss retreat. Leaving the Eternal Darkness Altar would not be enough. They would only feel at ease if they were to evacuate from the entire Darkness Shrine. The unparalleled and domineering aura was too terrifying, and they even thought that a god had descended on the world in the rift. During the disaster back then, there were only just a group of Minotaurs and three Manticores, yet they almost managed to wipe out the Darkness Shrine. If the godly and terrifying existence were to emerge from the rift at this moment, the Darkness Shrine would probably be annihilated.

After sensing the terrifying aura that was erupting from the big rift, almost everyone already deduced that the God of Darkness incarnation who they had finally found after putting in painstaking efforts probably wouldnt be able to come out of the rift alive. After all, the incarnation of the God of Darkness had yet to grow to his greatest potential, and was now only level-23 in strength. He was still worlds apart from the Sanctuary-realm, and definitely couldnt compare to the power of that godly existence.

Even Sendros, the person who knew Lin Li best, could also feel the aura that would make him shudder a little. A feeling of desperation emerged from his heart, and he hopelessly thought to himself,Is the Darkness Shrine really doomed this time!?

However, as time went by while everyone was in a state of anxiety, fear, and despair, everyone discovered something strange. Logically speaking, the seal of the Eternal Darkness Altar should be completely useless in the face of such a terrifying power. It should be rather easy for that existence to break through the big rift. However, even after the terrifying aura erupted from the rift, the rift did not suffer too huge of a blow. Although there were some fluctuations, all was still within the normal range.

While everyone was waiting in fear, the terrifying aura that was coming out of the rift suddenly disappeared without a trace, just like how it appeared out of nowhere. The environment around the Eternal Darkness Altar immediately returned to its usual appearance, and the intense magical waves also subsided as if everything that had just happened was an illusion. They couldnt even believe that the disaster that had struck the Darkness Shrine had just passed. Could it be because of the incarnation of the God of Darkness?

As the situation revolving around the big rift calmed down completely, everyone felt fortunate yet extremely regretful. They felt fortunate that they were able to survive the disaster without facing much destruction, but they also found it a shame that there was no longer any hope for the rise of the Darkness Shrine. That reminded them of Rogge, the legendary high priest of the Darkness Shrine, who seemed to have also gone missing without any reason. Hence, the high priests of the Darkness Shrine did not seem to be overjoyed despite having made it through the ordeal.

"Master Sendros, sorry to have kept you waiting!" said a voice that suddenly sounded from the top of the Eternal Darkness Altar.

At the instant that the cool and collected Sendros heard that voice, he suddenly trembled uncontrollably like he had been struck by a thunderbolt. He raised his head slowly and looked in the direction of the Eternal Darkness Altar while feeling a trace of terror in his heart, for fear that he was hallucinating just now.

However, as a powerhouse who was at the peak of the Legendary-level, how could he have hallucinated? Sendros looked up and saw a figure flying downwards from the Eternal Darkness Altarit was Lin Li who had charged into the big rift.

"Master Felic!" the other high priests exclaimed in unison with horror written all over their faces.

"Master Sendros and dear High Priests, Im really sorry to have made you guys worried," Lin Li said with a faint smile on his face as he landed in front of everyone gently.

"Master Felic, why have you come up from above?" The several high priests initially wanted to ask if Lin Li was alright, but they looked at Lin Li and realized that he didnt seem to have experienced a tough battle. Instead, he seemed to have just gone in for a swim.

"Uh, there is a little problem," Lin Li said as he emerged from the Eternal Darkness Altar. Of course, it was because of High Priest Rogge. However, he thought about the instructions given to him by Rogge previously, and thus only answered perfunctorily without explaining much.

Seeing that Lin Li had returned unharmed, everyone didnt know how to express their inner emotions. To them, he was the incarnation of the God of Darkness and the hope for the rise of the Darkness Shrine! Theyd initially thought that they would lose all of that, but now that the disaster was over and the God of Darkness incarnation had returned safely, they were all ecstatic.

However, due to their special appearances, they looked rather strange when they were expressing their joy because they either looked like ghouls and skeletons or kept their faces hidden. Lin Li couldnt stand it anymore, and quickly said to Sendros, "Master Sendros, nothing happened outside during the period of time that I was in there, right?"

However, Sendros did not answer Lin Lis question, and instead asked with some apprehension, "Master Felic, have you made another breakthrough?"

After accepting the surprise brought by Lin Lis return, Sendros discovered that the waves of mana that were being emitted from Lin Lis body seemed to be very different from before. Although he knew that Lin Lis power had already reached level-23, and that it would only be a matter of time before he reached level-24, Lin Li was in the rift for only a short period of time.

Lin Li felt that there was nothing to hide about his advancement in level; hence, he nodded resolutely, and admitted, "Yeah, I did gain some enlightenment in there."

Although Lin Li thought it was nothing, the rest didnt. After hearing Sendros reminder, they all noticed the changes in Lin Lis strength. He was now level-24what did that mean!? He was at the peak of the Legendary-realm, and was about to reach the Sanctuary-realm soon! However, he was only in his early twenties. He was truly deserving of being the incarnation of the God of Darkness.

However, after getting Lin Lis confirmation, the shock and suspicion in Sendros eyes did not diminish at all. Instead, they became even more intense, and he could not hide his horror at all. He continued to ask in a shaky voice, "Could it be that you have already seen that door!?"

"I saw a little bit of it, but it wasnt clear enough. I think it will take some time," Lin Li said with a nod, knowing what Sendros was talking about.

The five high priests gasped in shock unanimously after hearing Lin Li and Sendros conversation. They couldnt suppress the whirlpool of emotions in their hearts, either. The so-called door was the name often used to describe the threshold between one level and another. For example, one could be said to have passed through the door of level-24. However, they already knew now that Lin Li had reached level-24. So, what door was Sendros referring to!?

Level-24 was the peak of the Legendary-realm, so what about the door after Level-24!? That was the real door that would truly allow one to become immortal! However, didnt he just reach level-24? He should only have the chance to see the door of the Sanctuary-realm when he reached the peak of level-24!

Although the matter was too incredible, no one doubted its authenticity, because they trusted Sendros greatly. They were all looking at Lin Li with awe and respect. Their respect for the incarnation of the God of Darkness was due to their belief in Darkness, and the fact that a powerhouse had already seen the door to the Sanctuary-realm at the peak level-24 made them feel even more respect towards him.

Although Sendros had already detected something, he was still rather worked up, and couldnt calm down for a long time after hearing Lin Li admit it himself. He finally suppressed the excitement in his heart, and said to Lin Li with a little envy in his eyes, "Master Felic, this is not a place to talk, lets find a place to sit down. Id really like to hear what youve encountered in the big rift."

In the conference hall of the Darkness Shrine, Lin Li and Sendros sat side by side in the main seats while the five other high priests sat beside them. All eyes were on Lin Li, and their gazes were full of curiosity, waiting for Lin Li to reveal the truth about the disaster that struck the Darkness Shrine.

"First of all, I am sorry that I barged into the big rift without discussing it with everyone, causing you guys to get worried about me," Lin Li said, once again expressing his apology to Sendros and the rest. He then began to talk about everything that happened after he entered the big rift. "The other side of the big rift is a deserted world where large numbers of prehistoric magical beasts gather. However, I didnt get into a fight with them after I entered, mainly because"

Lin Li told them everything about his encounter with Nefa, the descendant of the Dragon of Destruction, and High Priest Rogge, followed by the fight between the two Sanctuary powerhouses and the Flame Dragon Lothar. However, during his account, he skipped the details about certain matters, such as his pact with Nefa, as well as Nefas pact with Rogge. He also chose not to elaborate on the understanding that hed gained about the battle between the Immortal King and the Dragon of Destruction.

"Is High Priest Rogge still alive? He really is alive!" To everyone in the Darkness Shrine, Rogges status was on par with that of the incarnation of the God of Darkness. Upon hearing Lin Li announce the news, the high priests including Sendros stood up with excitement.

"Yes, but High Priest Rogge said that the time isnt ripe yet; hence, he will not come out to see you guys. It wasnt appropriate for me to ask about the reason, since he didnt mention it. However, before I returned, High Priest Rode asked me to bring you something," Lin Li said as he took out a thin journal and handed it to Sendros who was beside him.

"This is" Sendros grabbed the journal solemnly with both hands. The journal was made of the skin of a three-headed Manticore, and was emitting a strong magical wave. After he sat down, he opened the journal gently and took a glance. His eyes widened all of a sudden, and he couldnt help but say in surprise, "This This is the Dark Magic that has been lost for centuries! It cant be found in the Darkness scripture at all."

Lin Li had already read the contents of the journal, and received Rogges personal guidance. Hence, he was not surprised by Sendros astonishment, because apart from the powerful Legendary magic, various Sanctuary-realm spells that maximized the Dark Force were also recorded in the journal. Although Sendros was still unable to cast Sanctuary-level magic, he would definitely be close to the door of the Sanctuary-realm after studying Sanctuary-realm magic.

Sendros didnt read the contents in detail, as every spell in the magic journal would take him a long time to read. It was obviously not the time to do so now. He carefully put away the magic journal and looked at Lin Li with a gaze that was full of gratitude. Lin Li had helped them resolve the crisis of the Darkness Shrine, confirmed that High Priest Rogge was still alive, and even brought them such an important magic journal. To the Darkness Shrine, it was a huge favor.

After the conversation ended, the five high priests proceeded to perform their respective duties. After all, the Darkness Shrine had made some preparations to deal with the disaster, but they were clearly unnecessary now. Although the big rift still existed, and they still didnt know if there would be such a disaster again in the future, they reckoned that there would be at least hundreds of years of peace in the Darkness Shrine with High Priest Rogge around.

"Master Felic, you can already see the door of the Sanctuary-realm. How confident are you in preparing the Tribute of Darkness?" Actually, Sendros was quite embarrassed when he was asking that question. After all, Lin Li was the one who solved the problem for the Darkness Shrine this time. It did seem rather inappropriate for him to be asking for another favor before even returning the first.