Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 86

Chapter 86: A Visit

The applause in the square lasted for a long timeuntil Lin Li walked up to the stand with a smile.

When Lin Li stepped onto the stands, the square suddenly quieted down and everyone automatically made way for him. Eyes filled with all sorts of emotionscuriosity, envy, admiration and awefell on the face of the young mage. No one knew the background of this young Magic Shooter who had appeared like a comet; no one knew what else he could do.

They knew only one thingafter this duel, this young Magic Shooter would be the most dazzling star in Jarrosus!

Lin Li walked up to the stand surrounded by various looks. He greeted the audience with a smile first, then went straight into the crowd and found Gerian, who was jumping and shouting.

"Call a few Magic Shooters from the guild to go to the Merlin Family with me. There're two people I have to look for." When Lin Li finished his sentence, he suddenly saw that the place where Old Merlin had been sitting was already empty. He could not help but ask, "Where's Old Merlin?"

"Eh?" Gerian turned around and realized that his old rival Matthew had left unknowingly. But now that the result was certain, Gerian couldn't care less about Old Merlin. So what if he was an Archmage? Gerian could drink a bottle of Awakening Potion and throw another one away and still be able to tire him to death. The old fellow grinned lewdly. "He must have hidden away to cry after seeing that his son has died

"Oh right, whom are you looking for at the Merlin Family?"

"I have two friends captured by Cromwell."

"Bloody hell! That little bastard Cromwell has guts, stirring things up when he was going to die anyway. Come, I will go with you. I'll be just in time to see that fool Matthew crying his head out Haha!"

"You're experienced"

It was less than two hours after the end of the duel; the leaders of the forces who had just returned home received a message almost at the same timeGerian came out for a walk again!

Gerian, who was riding high, was walking ahead of the crowd. He swaggered with his obese body as if afraid that others might not see his upstart temperament. Walking beside him was the winner of the duel at the Daylight Square, the one who had just defeated a level-fourteen Magic ShooterFelic.

But the young mage seemed to constantly have a helpless smile on his face, and looked as if he wanted to stay away from Gerian

And behind these two people was a group of Magic Shooters who looked ferocious like a pack of wolves.

Over the past ten days, it had been these wolf-like Magic Shooters who had vividly and intuitively demonstrated what a bandit was like to everyone.

Everyone in Jarrosus City was kept on their toes as soon as this group of people came out from the Emerald Tower.

Up to half an hour later, the leaders of the forces finally relaxed.

For they had received news that the people from the Guild of Magic had arrived at the Merlin Family.

At this moment, they really wanted to cheer "hooray!"

The Merlin Family was based in the north of Jarrosus City. Although they were not as rich as the Mannes Family, the wealth that they had accumulated over the centuries was also extraordinary. Buying the next few streets was only a drop in the bucket for them. For centuries, this area had been managed tightly by the Merlin Family, as if it was a small kingdom by itself.

News had reached the Merlin Family as soon as the crowd from the Guild of Magic approached. In less than five minutes, Gerian saw Evan Merlin appear with a dozen mages with him.

In the chaotic city of Jarrosus, intruding into another party's sphere of influence without authorization was almost equivalent to a face-to-face taunting. Moreover, Gerian came openly knocking on the door with a few dozen Magic Shooters. This was akin to stepping on the Merlin Family's face and spitting on them.

There was anger on Evan's face. He wanted to ask Gerian what he meant by breaking into the Merlin Family's sphere of influence with so many people.

Unfortunately, Gerian did not give him the chance at all. He saw that it was Evan who had come out from a distance; that old fellow looked as if he had suffered some huge grievances. "Does the Merlin Family have any manners at all, letting you, a fool, to come out to meet us Where's Matthew?"

"Gerian, what do you mean?" The Merlin Family itself was strong, and there was also the support of an Archmage. In his 40 years of living in such an environment, Evan had never been insulted like that before. Gerian's disdainful words almost blew up his lungs on the spot.

It was not only Evan who almost had his lungs blown out, but also the dozen mages he had brought out with him. These people were the elites of the Merlin Family, and the worst of them were nearing the strength of a Magic Shooter. How could they stand the insult? Although they did not dare to take action without Evan's orders, most of them had already tightened their grip around their staffs.

"Scram far! You are not qualified to talk to me yet, get Matthew out!"

Before Evan could speak, one of the mages could not tolerate it any longer; he was almost pointing at Gerian's nose as he denounced, "Gerian, the Merlin Family is not a place you can run berserk at, scram back to your Guild of"


Before he could finish his words, he was stopped by a burning fireball with a long flaming tail in tow. How could he, a level-ten mage, withstand the strength of an Archmage? Almost in an instant, the unlucky mage had turned into ashes under the burning fireball.

There was a sudden silence in the street. Evan had an incredulous look on his face. He knew that the Guild of Magic was a sun at high noon at present and that Gerian had always been arrogant, but he had never thought that this fat old man would be so unbridled and tyrannical to such extent. He was standing in the Merlin Family's sphere of influence and killed someone when he felt like it, totally disregarding the Merlin Family.

The fireball was like a bucket of cold water pouring over Evan's head. He finally remembered what day it was

The young pharmacist was standing there, safe and sound. That meant Cromwell The look on Evan's face suddenly froze.