Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Release

"Even a dog dares to bark at me" Gerian paid no attention to what Evan was thinking. He merely took a look at the ashes on the ground and cursed angrily.

For a moment, Evan's mind was in complete disarray. He did not know what to do in the face of an aggressive Guild of Magic and merely stood dumbfounded in the street, watching Gerian kill one of his men.

"Fool, bring your dogs and scram to a side, don't block my way." Gerian looked at Evan with disdain in his eyes. Among the three brothers of the Merlin Family, the one he despised the most was the one in front of him. He had no skills nor schemes; he was even tailed when he tried to bribe the few traitors from the guild. He was just like Cromwell, that useless bum. Sometimes, Gerian would even suspect whether this fellow was Cromwell's father instead.

Gerian swore as loudly as he could, regardless of the expressions of the dozen mages. He pushed Evan onto the street with his outstretched hand and spared him not another look. He led the group of wolf-like Magic Shooters across the street and barged into the Merlin Family's luxurious house.

In the past few decades, the Merlin Family was the only dominant force in Jarrosus. When had Evan suffered such an insult? Gerian's rough push was like a slap in the face. Evan's mood changed from humiliation to anger, and he clenched his staff tightly in his hand

And then he heard a deafening "boom".

Amidst the loud noise, Evan's pupils were suddenly enlarged; he could hardly believe his eyes.

Gerian, that old bastard, had blown down the Merlin Family's door with a fireball!

"I've found this door an eyesore for a long time" In the midst of the sparks, Gerian laughter was utterly unbridled, and his fat face was filled with contentment.

Seeing this reckless scene, the group of Magic Shooters who were described as bandits suddenly burst into tears. This was the real bandit Compared with the heroic deeds of the President, what was it when they bombed the two merchant ships and burned down the dozen casinos? The President had blown down the hundred years of dignity that the Merlin Family held with a fireball!

The men from the Merlin Family were completely dumbstruck

"Gerian, what exactly do you want?" Evan's voice was so hoarse that even he was surprised by it. There was probably no greater insult for a family with hundreds of years of history than this. The scene of a fireball blowing open the door made him tremble with anger.

"What do I want?" Looking at the shuddering Evan, Gerian's smile gradually turned cold. "You dared ask me what do I want? Do you not know what Cromwell has done?"

"What exactly did Cromwell do?" Evan was completely nuts.

"Cromwell had kidnapped two of Mage Felic's friends. Don't tell me that you don't know." As Gerian stared fixated at Evan, his ferocity was fully revealed on his face. "Mage Felic's friends are the Guild of Magic's friends. Bloody hell, the Merlin Family has really gotten bold, kidnapping friends of the Guild of Magic! I came to get them today!"

Evan's face became more and more unsightly; in the end, his face was ghastly pale.

He knew that Gerian was not lying. There was indeed an adventurer who was sent to the dungeon today.

With Evan's status in the Merlin family, he naturally wouldn't care about the life and death of an adventurer, so he had just taken a glance and forgot about it. He finally realized how serious the consequences were when Gerian made it clear

It never occurred to him that a down-and-out adventurer would be Felic's friend.

What kind of character was Felic? He was someone whom even Gerian did not dare to make light of. Something had happened to his friends; who in the Guild of Magic dared not do their best to help? With the current influence of the Guild of Magic, if things became serious, how could the Merlin Family, which faced problems both internally and externally, withstand it?

Cromwell, Cromwell. You had brought big trouble to the Merlin Family this time The more Evan thought of it, the more frightened he was. He was so suffocated that there was not a trace of blood on his face.

"But, since Matthew is not here, I can only go in and look for them personally." Gerian dropped the sentence and paid no more heed to the pale Evan. He led the group of Magic Shooters straight into the mansion.

"Wait President Gerian Please wait." How could Evan stand and watch it? If he let Gerian break in like this, what dignity would the Merlin Family have in the future?


"I can have a say in this. Please wait for a moment. I will get someone to release Mage Felic's friends." Evan was flustered; he did not dare to raise his voice at Gerian anymore, and began to use a polite tone.

Gerian hesitated for a while, then looked at Lin Li with a consulting look.

"Forget it, there's a chance in the future anyway." With Lin Li's familiarity with Gerian, how could he not know that the old man had not come in search of someone and had wanted to humiliate the Merlin Family? But this concerned the safety of McGrenn and his daughter, and he didn't want to push the Merlin Family too hard.

"Release them." Gerian's tone was slightly softened by this persuasion. "But, Evan, you should know that I have no patience. If you let me wait for long"

"I know" Evan was relieved when he heard Gerian consent, but his heart was full of bitterness. It wasn't long ago that the Merlin Family interfered in the internal affairs of the Guild of Magic with great arrogance. However, it did not take long for the situation to turn around. Apart from killing the family's mage in the street, they had blown away the Merlin Family's door with a fireball.

But no matter what Evan's mood was, he dared not take what Gerian said as a joke. He knew very well that the old man really had no patience. If he got irritable from waiting, maybe he would even tear down the Merlin Family's house.

After temporarily appeasing Gerian, Evan dared not delay for a second. He immediately called several family mages to the dungeon and brought out the adventurers captured this morning.