The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter 162

162 An Insect Repellant?

After my brief moment with father, Regaleon escorted me inside a receiving room to tend to my swollen eyes from crying.

Not long a maid came in carrying a small towel and a tub of ice cold water. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Regaleon took the tub and the small towel from the maid. "You may go." He ordered and the maid bowed down and left silently.

I see Regaleon dip the small towel inside the tub of ice water.

"I can do that myself." I shyly said.

Regaleon was the crown prince of a powerful nation. It is a little embarrassing to let him attend to me.

"No need. Let me." Regaleon smiled sweetly at me that it made my heart flutter.

Regaleon pushed me gently on the couch to lay down. I closed my eyes and let him put the cold towel on top of my eyes.

"This is a little embarrassing." I confessed to him. "I should be the one attending to you. Not the other way around. What will your country men say if they knew that the crown prince of their great nation is the one atten @@