The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter 164

164 The Grand Parade 2

The streets of the capital were bustling with people. I can see a variety of people left and right cheering as we pass them by.

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"You and prince Regaleon are well suited for each other."

"We wish you good fortune on your road ahead and a bountiful wedding."

The cheers and well wishes of the people gave me a sense of happiness from the bottom of my heart. Regaleon and I are both waving and smiling at the common people while we pass by.

"Like I told you, there was nothing to be worried about." Regaleon said with a soothing voice. "The common people of Alvannia have good impressions of you."

I smiled at Regaleon's words. The common people only knew of me when I debuted in society, unlike my step siblings that were known since their birth. People inside the palace have called me the forgotten princess because of my illegitimacy and my family's treatment but all of that changed after I debuted.