Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 1262

Chapter 1262 Evisit

The destination was the Stockholm Grand Hotel.

Just like before, over the past few years, the Nobel Prize Foundation would contract the entire hotel to provide services only for Nobel Prize winners and their families.

The only difference was that this time, the atmosphere was quite grand.

Lu Zhou saw checkpoints set up by the local special police, and almost all of the roads leading to the hotel were traffic controlled. Passing vehicles were all inspected.

"This years security seems extra strong?"

Wang Peng smiled and explained, "After all, there are distinguished guests coming. This is normal."

Lu Zhou: "But this is a bit ridiculous."

"Its not ridiculous at all," the driver in the front seat interjected with a smile. He said, "In some sense, they are more afraid of something going wrong than we are. It is better to be safe than sorry."

While they were talking, the convoy had reached the entrance of the Stockholm Grand Hotel.

A staff member in a formal dress stepped forward and opened the door for Lu Zhou and others. She led the group of people to the rooms where they were staying.

Chen Yushan looked at the spacious room. She was sitting on the edge of the bed when she suddenly said emotionally, "Feels so strange Its been five years."

"Oh yeah."

Lu Zhou was also quite emotional.

He was here five years ago. He was even in the same room.

The only difference was probably that his state of mind was completely different than last time.

Lu Zhou looked out the window as he reminisced about the past, Chen Yushan suddenly asked.

"Speaking of which, when will your parents arrive?"

"They should have already arrived in Beijing, and they should be here tomorrow morning."

When Lu Zhou was in the car earlier, he messaged with them on WeChat.

They were supposed to be flying together. But in order to avoid reporters and to avoid affecting the traffic near the airport, after some discussion between the Chinese and Swedish authorities, his flight was advanced by one day. Thus, he would not fly with his parents to Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

They had just flown from Jiangcheng to Beijing, and it would take a while before they could board the next flight to Stockholm.

As for Xiao Tong, she had just gotten on a plane from New York to here. She should arrive in Stockholm tomorrow morning.

The award ceremony was at 3 oclock afternoon tomorrow, so there was no need to rush.

"All right then, I wont bother you. Ill go back to my room and sleep for a while. Ill see you tonight."

Chen Yushan stood up from the bed and stretched her waist. She spoke with a smile on her face.

"Ill go unpack my luggage. Jesus, this journey was tiring."


For some reason, the scene in the airplane bathroom suddenly appeared in Lu Zhous mind.

This was how humans are. Once brain connections were formed, there was no way to stop thoughts from emerging in ones mind.

Seeing Lu Zhous blank face, Chen Yushan instantly thought of something. She blushed as she blurted out, "What are you thinking about?!

"Im saying we can revisit the places we went last time, dont you want to go drinking?"

After that, the door was closed heavily. The beautiful figure disappeared.

After Chen Yushan left, Lu Zhou was stunned. He stayed silent for a while.

Even though he didnt do anything, he felt like he had done something impolite.

Are we still drinking then?

Its not like she canceled the plans

This problem was more confusing than quantum mechanics for Lu Zhou.

Whatever, well see what happens

After being on the plane for more than ten hours, thinking about such things gave him a headache.

Lu Zhou felt a little tired. He took out a tube of Energy Medicine from the system space and drank it.

After he waited for the feeling of fatigue to fade from his body, Lu Zhou took out the paper he didnt finish reading from his suitcase. He walked to the desk and sat down.

The author of the paper was Rudy Dobrik, a Belgian professor of particle physics at the University of Brussels. He was considered to be an outstanding newcomer among a group of young physicists recently trained by ILHCRC.

Of course, even though he was a rookie, he was almost 40 or 50 years old. The project he was currently in charge of was to research the low-dimensional gravitational anomalies of Z particles and to find out what exactly Z particles released when they fell from high-dimensions to low-dimensions.

Basically, they caught the goldfish that was releasing "bubbles" on their experimental report.

Lu Zhou read the paper again. He looked intrigued.


"What is the substance that disappeared on the space probe? Dark matter or some kind of singular matter? Or was it from the Void?

"No The Void seems impossible. The Z particle is still in the n dimension. When moving from the n dimension to the n-1 dimension, there is no mass change. The Void should be a place that exists stably in the conventional universe. Otherwise, the civilization of the old universe would not be trapped in it."

Of course, these were just conjectures.

His scientific intuition told him that although the Void theory could explain some special problems, it was a dangerous theory.

In theory, it was impossible to know what was inside it. It seemed that any unclear abnormal phenomena could be temporarily attributed to the Void.

This sounded convenient.

But it was easy to fall into the trap of agnosticism.

Physics should be a perfect, tolerant, and rigorous discipline. It should allow the existence of "universal animism", but it shouldnt allow people to push all unknown things to a higher being.

Lu Zhou looked at the data on the paper. He suddenly thought of something, and he immediately picked up the pen on the table and wrote on the draft paper.



The tip of the pen moved faster and faster.

Ever since advancing to mathematics level 10, Lu Zhous sensitivity and intuition for numbers had reached an unprecedented height.

Coupled with the breakthrough in the Grand Unified Theory, he had further strengthened his understanding of mathematics. Almost all problems involving mathematics were no longer a problem for him.

In terms of calculations, no one in this world could come close to him.

Time slowly passed by

The draft papers quickly piled up at the corner of the table.

Lu Zhou took a sigh of relief. He stared at the calculations on the papers and muttered to himself excitedly, "Sure enough, this mysterious substance does not come from the Void.

"It might be more like a special field.

"But what is it?"

Suddenly, he was getting more and more excited.

It was as if a beautiful white fox jumped across the forest, giving him a glimpse of the "great physics theory".

Lu Zhou immediately turned on the computer and wrote an email.

[Hello, Mr. Rudy Dobrik, this is Lu Zhou, Chairman of the ILHCRC.

[An hour ago, I finished reading your latest paper on the anomaly of Z particle gravity, and several sets of data aroused my interest. I tried to analyze these data from the perspective of quantum chromodynamics.

[From a mathematical point of view, I can conclude that this disturbance is probably not related to the world on the n+1 string. It occurs in our universe. However, it is very likely that there is a huge treasure contained inside, waiting for us to explore.

[This research area should be valued by more people. I will set it as one of the key projects of ILHCRC for next year.

[If it is okay, can you report your results in detail at the report meeting? I look forward to your report.]

The ILHCRC was already a mature international physics research organization.

It was better to involve more people than to fight this battle alone.

Lu Zhou sent the email and turned off his computer.

The sky outside the window had turned completely dark.

Even though it was not long after noon, it was December in Stockholm, which was in Northern Europe. At 3 pm, it had already started to enter a long winter night.

Drinking something during this long, cold night seemed to be a good choice.

Lu Zhou took a deep breath and stood up from the chair. He walked to the cloakroom and stood in front of the floor mirror.

Even though he was very handsome regardless of what he wore


Lu Zhou took out a pair of glasses and put it on the bridge of his nose. He gently tapped his index finger on the frame.

A light blue window appeared in front of him.

"Xiao Ai, what should I wear?"