Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 630

Chapter 630 Reappearance Of Emerald

Moreover, everyone was not just facing a Green Dragon King whose power was close to the Sanctuary-realm, they also had to deal with the surrounding green dragons. In the battle so far, the team had experienced how powerful these green dragons were. If the Tower of Dusk hadnt broken the deadlock, nobody knew what the result would have been. As such, there didnt seem to be any chance of survival for the team now. Everyones joy from the earlier victory disappeared, replaced by uncontrollable despair.

Chief Elder Randy was the strongest Legendary Druid out of all. However, his fingers still trembled now after feeling the Dragon Kings Menace. He gave up thinking about how to get out of this impasse, because nothing would be able to save them when facing such absolute power.

Unless a Sanctuary-realm powerhouse appeared, but that was clearly impossible.

Chief Elder Randy only felt despair and regret now. What he regretted the most was bringing Princess Elune here. If possible, he was willing to give up his own life in exchange for Princess Elunes safety. However, such a wish was impossible to fulfill given the current situation.

This was a true impasse. Facing such a strong opponent, any effort or struggle would be futile. Chief Elder Randy had always thought that his strength was enough to protect Princess Elune from all kinds of danger. However, judging from the situation now, hed been too proud of his power to have such a thought. If not for that human mage, he wouldve only been able to watch Princess Elune die in front of his eyes after shed been poisoned. Now, he felt his own lack of power and sense of despair again when facing this Green Dragon King. However, whom could he turn for help this time? No one. Miracles wouldnt happen twice.

Chief Elder Randy finally realized why he couldnt become a Sage like his elder brother despite being the eighth elder of the Emerald Council. This wasnt because he didnt have strong power, but because he had always put family before the entire elven race. If he had discussed with the Seven Sages before coming to seek the sacred relic here in the Haiga Mountain Range, it wouldnt have turned out like this no matter which Sage led the team. However, what was the use of thinking about this now? Regret didnt serve any purpose after all.

Chief Elder Randy wasnt the only Legendary powerhouse who was in despair. Everyone had their own thoughts and concerns because this was the only thing they could do at this moment.

However, one persons expression was totally different from the rest. Although he also felt a sense of despair after the appearance of the Green Dragon King, he displayed a tinge of relief. That person was Cheyenne from the Malfa Family.

Cheyenne was relieved precisely because of the impasse they were in now. He knew that no matter how many Legendary powerhouses his faction had now, nobody could survive the Green Dragon Kings attack. This meant that even if he couldnt get out of here alive, the three Legendary chiefs of the Dark Blade would similarly die here.

Cheyenne was insistent on getting the Immortal Kings treasure because he had felt the threat of the Dark Blade. He hoped that obtaining the Immortal Kings treasure could balance the scales between two factions, or even let the Malfas surpass the Dark Blade. However, the appearance of the Dark Blade made this hope more and more distant. Yet, he was forced to continue because of that slight hope.

Even if they found the Immortal Kings treasure successfully, Cheyenne wouldnt be able to guarantee that he could obtain enough power to challenge the Dark Blade. However, it was probably the best ending now. After both factions had lost their Legendary powerhouses, the power distribution between the two factions would go back to an equilibrium.

Perhaps the Malfa Familys development would sink into a period of all-time-low. However, it still stood a chance to rise up again since his best disciple Hutton was still around. That old lad Borg probably now regretted letting his son Stephen participate in this adventure. Thinking of all that, a smile appeared on Cheyennes face even when he was in such an impasse.

As a Legendary-mage, how would Cheyenne not notice Stephens outstanding performance just now? Seeing that Stephen had released magic that contained elements of Rules, how would Cheyenne not be surprised? However, so what if he was a genius? Would a dead genius still be a genius?

Now, nobody even thought about leaving this place alive. It was meaningless to try to find any ways of survive. It was said that when a person was going to die, his past memories would flash past his mind vividly. What they could do now was to wait for the Green Dragon King to strike. Before that, they could only occupy themselves with endless memories and regret.

If he were to die here, could he go back to the original world? Lin Li felt despair too. Back when hed faced the Lord of Darkness, the Elemental Wyrms projected avatar, or the Titans Spirit, he had never given up the fight. However, he really couldnt find a way out now. All potions, the Alchemy Arrays, and all ideas he could think of flashed across his mind. However, he still couldnt find any solution.

The difference in power was too great. Even though Lin Li had miracles like the debris of the stars, his actual abilities couldnt fully utilize the debris of the stars potential.

As Lin Li was thinking of various things, he felt some movement on his finger. Before he could react, the baby Elemental Wyrm, Xiao Hua, came out of Dream Garden and flew towards the Green Dragon King.

Lin Lis heart tensed. He regretted not applying a restriction spell on Dream Garden. Although the baby Elemental Wyrms origin was rather remarkable, itd just hatched, and only possessed level-15 power now. If it was another place, level-15 would be considered very strong already. However, now in the Haiga Mountains, the Green Dragon King had power approaching Sanctuary-realm.

Under the Green Dragon Kings powerful Menace, even a Legendary powerhouse could barely survive and find it difficult to move. Even if Xiao Hua was an Elemental Wyrm and had a spiritual connection with Lin Li, it still wouldnt be able to survive under the terrifying Menace of the Dragon.

This wasnt just a light difference in strength, but a difference of more than 10 levels. It was as if the difference between heaven and earth; even endless mana wouldnt be able to make up for such difference. Lin Li had forgotten his despair now. He only felt very worried for Xiao Hua. He even wished he could rush forward and beat Xiao Hua up.

Damn it! How much effort he had put in and how much pain he had endured to establish such a close relationship with Xiao Hua? He was still expecting Xiao Hua to bring lots of benefits for him. Now, perhaps all his efforts would be gone with the Green Dragon Kings sneeze. Lin Li even doubted if the Green Dragon King could see the fly-like baby Elemental Wyrm. After all, the baby Elemental Wyrm was only palm-sized. Maybe the baby Elemental Wyrm would enter the Green Dragon Kings nostrils when it took a breath.

Just as Lin Li wanted to catch the baby Elemental Wyrm back despite danger, he froze and stared at the unbelievable scene in front of his eyes, stunned.

The baby Elemental Wyrms small body flew towards a Green Dragon King like a tiny spark of dust. However, its Menace of the Dragon was abruptly distinct when mixed with the Green Dragon Kings Menace.

The scene that Lin Li had imagined didnt eventuate. The Green Dragon King didnt sneeze, but rather withdrew part of his Menace when the baby Elemental Wyrm flew near. Evidently, the Green Dragon King had good eyesight but low intelligence.

An extremely bizarre scene appeared in front of everyones eyes. The Green Dragon King, which was full of rage just now, now acted like a little puppy who had just seen its master and lowered its gigantic head. After careful inspection, the Legendary powerhouses finally saw the funny sight of a baby Elemental Wyrm waving its tiny claws at the Green Dragon King fiercely without caring how feeble it was compared to the Green Dragon King.

Indeed, it was funny. Everyone who saw this sight forgot about the impasse they had been in and about their sense of despair. They even had the impulse to laugh out loud.

Although the baby Elemental Wyrms roar seemed rather absurd to the team, the Green Dragon King seemed to be unable to resist its command. The surrounding green dragons that circled the team now seemed like they had seen something extremely terrifying. They hid behind the back of the Green Dragon King, seeking protection while looking timidly at the small baby Elemental Wyrm.

Looking at this absurd sight, no one knew what was happening, what this small little thing was, and why the Green Dragon King with power approaching Sanctuary-realm would behave so humbly in front of this little thing. Everyone could feel that this little thing was only level-15, yet it was precisely this little thing that made the Green Dragon King lower its head.

However, they also knew that no matter what this little thing was, its master, the young Legendary-mage from the Tower of Dusk, was by its side.

Everyone had to reassess Lin Li again. How many other secrets was this young Legendary-mage hiding? He could easily detoxify the deadly Vipers poison and think of using the Vampire to break the deadlock when facing the attacks of the green dragons. Now that everyone was facing the Green Dragon King whose strength approached Sanctuary-realm and thought that they couldnt escape, it was Lin Li again who released this little thing that seemed to have tamed the Green Dragon King.

Terrifying, this young Legendary-mage was too terrifying. If this little thing had really tamed the Green Dragon King, would it make the Green Dragon King attack the team? After all, it was almost certain that the elves sacred relic and the Immortal Kings treasure both lay inside the dragons den. If it was them, they would keep it all for themselves.

However, Lin Li didnt have the strength to care what others thought about him. He concentrated on the baby Elemental Wyrm that was swaggering around the Green Dragon King.

After further observation, Lin Li suddenly saw a shadow on top of the baby Elemental Wyrms head. The shadow was very faint and blurry, but the aura it released felt very familiar to Lin Li.

That was the Elemental Wyrms projected avatar! Lin Li suddenly recalled the painful battle he had had in the valley. He would never forget the opponents aura that brought him so much heart-piercing pain. Back then, Lin Li had suspected that the projected avatar came from one of the four Dragon Aspectsthe Dragon of Dream.

Judging from current circumstances, his guess was probably right. Lin Li finally understood why the baby Elemental Wyrm could disregard the difference in levels and make the powerful Green Dragon King lower its head. It was because of the Dragon of Dreams projected avatar. As one of the four Dragon Aspects, the Dragon of Dream was the most noble dragon even among the ancient dragons. Although the Green Dragon King was the king of the green dragons, it was still only a descendant of the ancient dragons. Thus, it couldnt disobey even the Dragon of Dreams projected avatars will.

This had nothing to do with power, but concerned the bloodline instead. The innate fear and respect for the higher beings was like a blood curse passed down generations of dragons. Nobody could underestimate its effect unless someone was willing to forsake his bloodline. Of course, that would be impossible to achieve as well.

Even though Lin Li had thought of all that, he still found the sight too bizarre. He had thought that the Dragon of Dreams projected avatar would have disappeared and become an imprint on the baby Elemental Wyrms soul after it integrated with the baby Wyrm. However, it seemed like the Dragon of Dreams projected avatar had quite the will to survive. It didnt get absorbed by the baby Elemental Wyrm, nor did it get imprinted on the baby Elemental Wyrms soul. Instead, it existed in the baby Wyrms body in another form.

Lin Li didnt know whether this was a good thing or not. However, judging from the current situation, the Dragon of Dreams projected avatar had resolved a difficult problem for Lin Li by subduing this Green Dragon King whose power approached Sanctuary-realm. However, his worry didnt decrease because of this. After all, he didnt know if the existence of the Dragon of Dreams projected avatar would affect the baby Elemental Wyrms growth and development. He also didnt know if the one roaring at the Green Dragon King now was baby Elemental Wyrm Xiao Hua or the Dragon of Dreams projected avatar.