Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 343 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 343 Matchmaking 2 Part 2

After Director Yoon and Manager Yoo left Gun-Ho's office, Gun-Ho thought of Mr. Adam Castler.

"It seems that Mr. Adam Castler found his way to be happy in Korea since he is dating the native English speaker teacher."

Thinking of Mr. Adam Castler's love life reminded Gun-Ho of Seol-Bing.

"Seol-Bing She seems a bit snooty and cold, but she is truly gorgeous. She has charisma as a top star, and she has good manners. I want to make her my woman. Many wealthy families are probably interested in bringing her into their family by marriage."

While thinking of Seol-Bing, Gun-Ho looked at his calendar.

"Oh, I'm supposed to meet Seol-Bing the day after tomorrow. I gave her this date and didn't actually get her confirmation. She said she would be in Japan that day since she has to attend an award ceremony or something of the Japanese broadcasting stationNHK."

Gun-Ho asked for his secretaryMs. Seon-Hye Yee.

"This is the phone number of the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo. Since you speak English very well, can you make a reservation for their small meeting room called Gekkyu? I need the room from 6 for four hours in the evening."

"So you want to reserve a meeting room, not a hotel guest room. Am I correct, sir?"

"Yes, I will have a meeting there."

Gun-Ho made a reservation for a flight to Tokyo by himself through the Internet. The flights to Tokyo were mostly full, but most airlines usually had a few available seats in the first class. So Gun-Ho could easily purchase a flight ticket to Tokyo.

The small meeting room in the New Otani Hotel in TokyoGekkyuwas reserved for Gun-Ho for four hours. The room was large enough to accommodate ten to fifteen people. The meeting room was usually used for a business meeting with the executive officers of a large company or for a meeting between two wealthy families before their children's marriage.

The rental price for the room was the same amount as the price of the meals for ten people. It was expensive, but Gun-Ho couldn't think of any other good place for a meeting with Seol-Binga top starsince she was reluctant to be seen by the public for her private affair.

Gun-Ho waited for Seol-Bing in Gekkyu, but she didn't show up.

"I told her to come to meet me at 6 pm."

Gun-Ho constantly checked his watch. It was after 7 pm already, but Seol-Bing didn't come.

Gun-Ho ordered a glass of wine for himself. When he was having his second glass of wine, he received a text message.

[I am caught up in a party right now. The party will not end until 9 pm. I think we need to reschedule our meeting. I'm sorry about it.]

Gun-Ho replied to her right away.

[I will be here until 9 pm. Well, I will be here waiting for you until tomorrow morning.]

Gun-Ho told the waiter that he wanted to extend his room reservation for an additional two hours.

Gun-Ho spent his time walking around the hotel's garden and lobby until 9 pm. He was sitting on a chair feeling exhausted when he felt like someone was standing behind him. It was Seol-Bing.

"I'm sorry that I came late."

Seol-Bing was not wearing her dark sunglasses that night. She was wearing a sky-blue dress. Her face was wreathed in smiles.

"I was going to wait for you until tomorrow morning. Seriously"

Seol-Bing sat at the table with a smile.

"Did you eat? I've already had my dinner."

"Please have a bit more for me."

Gun-Ho asked for the waiter and placed an order for dinner for two with wine.

"The Minister of Education and President of NHK was there at the party. I couldn't just leave before the party was over. I could only get out of there once they left the party."

"You must be a very happy woman since you have a man who is willing to wait for you for three hours."

Seol-Bing laughed. Seol-Bing's face blushed a bit. She probably had a few glasses of liquor at the party already.

"Where are you staying?"

"I'm staying at the Shinjuku Prince Hotel. All my staff is staying there too."

The food came out.

Gun-Ho was hungry, and he quickly started putting the food into his mouth while Seol-Bing took a few deep-fried shrimps. She didn't touch any other food.

"Let's have some wine."


Seol-Bing took a few sips of wine just like the last time she was there.

"Ms. Seol-Bing. Why don't you get married?"

"I think you need to get married too, President Goo."

"I have someone who I'm waiting for."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes. I've waited for her for three hours today."

Seol-Bing laughed brightly and took another sip of wine. Gun-Ho filled up Seol-Bing's glass with wine.

"To be honest with you, I'm not sure if I'm good enough for you. You are a top star, and I'm sure that many wealthy families have already approached you to arrange a marriage."

"Yes, there have been some."

"I think I read a rumor on the Internet about something like that."

"You mean my relationship with the son of E Group's owner president? It's just a novel written by some journalists."

"Many journalists are not very trustworthy these days."

"Actually, E Group's president's wife was interested in me in arranging a marriage with her son. But, her son is not my type. He has a square face and a huge belly."

"But he is enormously rich."

"I do have money too. Also, E Group's president's wife doesn't seem to be a very nice person. I would possibly be suffocated once I join her family."

"Hmm. You think so?"

"Let's drop that subject. It's no fun."

"Has anyone else tried to introduce you to someone else? Like the newspaper publisherChosun Ilboor Korean Air?"

Seol-Bing drank her wine while laughing.

"You are an unexpectedly funny man, President Goo. I like that. Someone actually asked me to meet someone a few days ago."


"I'm the main character in a TV series called Shade of Desire. There is this actress named Mi-Lyeong Lee who plays a mother in the soap opera. She wants to introduce someone to me. She is famous for matchmaking in the entertainment field."

"Mi-Lyeong Lee? I think I heard of that name from somewhere Where did I hear that name?"

Gun-Ho couldn't recall where he heard of that name.

"She said that the man she wants to introduce to me is somewhat wealthy. He doesn't have a wealthy family background, but he has a building in Gangnam District, and he is running several companies. According to her, that man is a self-made successful man."

"He must be old."

"He is 36 years old."

"Same age as me."

"She wants me to meet him because he is good-looking, and he is very nice. He had experienced difficulties in life when he was younger, so he is a very understanding person, she said."


"She actually gave me his name. His name is Gun-Ho Goo."


Gun-Ho now remembered where he heard of that nameMi-Lyeong Lee. Ms. Jang from the bar in Hannam Town mentioned her name to Gun-Ho.

"But I refused her offer to introduce that man to me. I told her that I am seeing someone else."

"Are you seeing someone?"

"Yes. I'm seeing the person in front of me."

Gun-Ho grabbed Seol-Bing's hand. He then kneeled on the floor.

"Ms. Seol-Bing, I will make you happy. I will protect you for the rest of my life."

Seol-Bing pulled her hand out slowly and said,

"I heard that the New Otani Hotel has a beautiful garden. Let's take a walk there."