Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 344 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 344 Matchmaking 3 Part 1

The New Otani Hotel in Akasaka, Tokyo was famous for its 400-year-old garden. Gun-Ho and Seol-Bing were looking down at the koi pond from a bridge in the garden. It was night but because of the street light, they could easily see koi fish swimming there.

"This is indeed a beautiful garden."

"Let's go over there."

Gun-Ho held Seol-Bing's hand. He was not sure if it was an actress thing but her hand was small considering her height. Seol-Bing didn't pull out her hand this time.

Seol-Bing seemed to be more open to Gun-Ho, maybe because he was the one who Ms. Mi-Lyeong Lee wanted to introduce to her for a marriage proposal. She still remembered every word that Ms. Mi-Lyeong Lee used in describing Gun-Ho.

'You'd better find a decent man and marry him while you are still popular. You can't maintain the top star position forever. It won't last long. What? Marry a guy who has a wealthy family? You won't even able to breathe there. I have no doubt that you will get suffocated. Money? We have it too. But that Gun-Ho Goo person is different. He is amazing actually. He is a self-made successful man. He has a good temper and manners. He is at a good age to marry as well. He will let you keep your career. That's a big plus.'

When Seol-Bing first met Gun-Ho, she didn't really believe everything he said, especially about his wealth. However, since another actress who had been in the entertainment field for a long timeMs. Mi-Lyeong Leespoke highly of Gun-Ho, Seol-Bing started feeling interested in him. Moreover, Gun-Ho was somewhat a good-looking man. He looked much better than the E Group's president's son.

Seol-Bing took out her dark sunglasses from her purse.

"No one would recognize you in this dark"

"I'd better take every precaution I could. Once words get out, the damage would be really painful."

Gun-Ho and Seol-Bing went to Satsuki passing by Sekishin-Tei while holding each other's hand.

"Sekishin-Tei is probably a restaurant, and Satsuki looks like a coffee shop."

"I think so. I smelled food when I passed Sekishin-Tei. I don't smell it here."

Gun-Ho and Seol-Bing took a seat at a vacant table at Satsuki. It was late at night and the lighting at the caf was off. Seol-Bing took off her dark sunglasses.

"It's a shame that you have to cover your beautiful face with those dark sunglasses."

Seol-Bing laughed.

Gun-Ho and Seol-Bing were sitting at a table in the garden area of the caf. The table was decorated with a flower vase. The vase was long and narrow and there was one chrysanthemum in it. Gun-Ho took the flower out.

"I love you now and I will love you forever."

Gun-Ho handed the flower to Seol-Bing while making the statement.

Seol-Bing laughed loudly and accepted the flower that Gun-Ho gave to her.

"You are such a funny man, which cannot usually be seen in a typical businessman."

"You accepted the flower. That means you accepted my heart toward you."

Gun-Ho then hugged Seol-Bing and kissed her on her cheek.


Seol-Bing didn't expect it and she looked at him with widened eyes in surprise.

Seol-Bing placed the flower back into the vase quietly and she stood up from her seat.

"It's getting late. I'd better take off now."

"The night in Tokyo seemed to just start."

"I have a morning schedule with my staff tomorrow."

"Stay a bit longer with me. Let's have a seat on the bench over there. I will get you a taxi to the Shinjuku Prince Hotel."

Gun-Ho and Seol-Bing sat on a bench looking over a koi pond.

Gun-Ho slowly hugged Seol-Bing again. Seol-Bing leaned against Gun-Ho. She looked tired.

"Ms. Seol-Bing, do you live with your parents?"

"My parents live in Bangbae Town and I live in Cheongdam Town."

"Bangbae Town? Is that where you grew up?"

"Yes. I went to Suhmoon Girls' High School in Bangbae Town."

"Hmm. That's right. I read your profile on the Internet. According to your profile, after graduating from Suhmoom Girls' High School, you went to Chungang University majoring in drama and cinema."

"I did very well in high school and I applied for Seoul National University with a political science major but I was denied admission to it. I was going to spend another year preparing for SAT once again, so I started studying in Daechi Town, but the study was hard and people around me kept telling me that I'd better get into another university with the drama and cinema major. That's how I ended up at Chungang University."

"You gave it up so easily."

"Some of my friends told me that even though I successfully became a diplomat after studying political science, I might be sent to one of the third world countries, and my life wouldn't be that beautiful. My parents were actually happy when I told them that I decided to apply for a university with the drama and cinema major. My uncle actually convinced me to do so as well."

"What did your parents do for a living at that time?"

"My father was a TV station PD. Enough about me. Why don't you talk about you, President Goo?"

"My hometown is Incheon City, and I went to school in Bucheon City. I graduated from Zhejiang University; I think I told you that before."

"So you went to China to study right after you graduated high school?"

"Umm, yes"

Gun-Ho didn't tell her that he actually went to a low-ranked college in a provincial city because his high school grade was not high enough to get him admitted to a college within Seoul City and that he then graduated from a cyber college."

"So, your parents are in Incheon City right now."

"Right. My parents retired and they continue to live in the same city. They are living in a condo in Guwol Town, Incheon City. I live in TowerPalace in Dogok Town."

"Did you say TowerPalace? A friend of mine is living there too."

Once Seol-Bing started opening her mind and talking, she didn't stop talking. She looked somewhat arrogant at first, but once she became close to Gun-Ho, she acted just like any other girl at her age. At that moment, an old couple walked passing by the bench that Gun-Ho and Seol-Bing were sitting on. Seol-Bing quickly put her dark sunglasses back on.

The old couple looked like Korean tourists. The wife glanced at Seol-Bing and said to her husband,

"Japanese women wear sunglasses even at night, huh?"

Seol-Bing covered her mouth and started laughing, and Gun-Ho laughed along with her.

Gun-Ho hugged Seol-Bing tight. He could smell her perfume.

"Let's meet in Korea more often rather than in Japan from now on."

Seol-Bing smiled without giving any response.

"I will send you a text. We can meet at a book caf on the rooftop of my building. It's a really nice place. Or, we can meet at my office in Sinsa Town. Or, I can come to Cheongdam Town where you live if you like."

Seol-Bing looked at her watch.

"Oh, it's after midnight. I gotta go."

Gun-Ho talked to the hotel's front desk to get a taxi for Seol-Bing.

As Seol-Bing got in the taxi and she was about to leave, Gun-Ho waved his hand. Seol-Bing opened the window half down and waved her hand too.

Gun-Ho thought that he could have done better that night.

"I should have bought something for her, something that she will remember the moment with me with.