Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 348 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 348 Hiring A Chauffeur 2 Part 1

Gun-Ho took Tae-Young Im and Chan-Ho Eum to the parking lot where he parked his Land Rover.

"My car is a Land Rover. I'm thinking of getting a new car, but this is good for now. It's working very well."

"It has only 40,000 kilometers on it. I don't think you want to get a new car. This is a really nice car."

"We are heading to Jiksan Town now. I can drive to Jiksan Town. When we come back to Seoul, you can drive, Mr. Chan-Ho Eom."

"Please call me Chan-Ho."

"You are 29 years old, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir."

"Hmm. You are seven years younger than me."

"I would feel a lot more comfortable if you call me by my first nameChan-Ho."

"Haha. Okay. I will do that."

Gun-Ho, Chan-Ho, and Tae-Young headed to Jiksan Town, Cheonan City. Gun-Ho drove.

On the way to Jiksan Town, they stopped by Pyeongtaek City for lunch. Tae-Young and Chan-Ho wanted to have a Korean sausage dish for lunch, which seemed to be Chan-Ho's favorite food because he devoured the dish within the blink of an eye. As they seemed to really enjoy the food, Gun-Ho ordered another dishSooyook*which went well with the Korean sausage dish. Chan-Ho and Tae-Young finished the dish quickly as well.

"You guys eat a lot and very quickly. That's good. That means you are very healthy."

They arrived at Gun-Ho's company in Jiksan Town. The workers in a uniform were spotted here and there at the manufacturing facility. A forklift truck was passing by them while making a loud noise. The workers, who saw Gun-Ho, greeted Gun-Ho in a respectful way.

Gun-Ho told Tae-Young and Chan-Ho,

"Don't call me brother at work, okay?"


Tae-Young and Chan-Ho looked around the factory.

"I was expecting a messy worksite since it is a factory after all, but this factory is very organized and clean. It looks like a normal building in a big city. The walls are made of glass."

Gun-Ho took them to his officethe president's office.

The secretaryMs. Hee-Jeong Parkbrought warm green teas for them. Mr. Hee-Jeong Park seemed to find it interesting to see two young men in Gun-Ho's office.

"Ms. Park, please ask the general affairs director to come to my office."

"Yes, sir."

President Song was out of the office at that time. He was at a client site. The internal auditor came into Gun-Ho's office when he heard Gun-Ho was here. The internal auditor slowly blinked his eyes several times when he saw Tae-Young and Chan-Ho sitting in the president's office.

"Who are these gentlemen, sir?"

"This is the man I'm going to hire as my chauffeur, and the man next to him is from the security staffing company."

"Really? They are two good looking young men. Their hairstyle tells me though that they were gangsters or something similar?"

"Similar. They are bouncers."


"This is our internal auditor."

"Hello, sir. I'm Tae-Young Im."

"Nice to meet you, sir. I'm Chan-Ho Eom."

"Oh, very nice meeting you both. You two young men, you seem to be very cheerful. Well, I will leave now and give you some privacy."

Once the internal auditor left Gun-Ho's office, the general affairs director came in.

"I'm going to hire this man for my chauffeur position. I guess it's time for me to have a chauffeur. It's getting harder to drive back and forth between the companies in Seoul and here."

"You made the right decision, sir. You should have had a chauffeur earlier."

"We are not going to directly hire him though, but a staffing company is placing this man at our company for the job."

"That sounds good too. So we don't have to worry about his Four Major Public Insurance. It will be filed by the staffing company. Also, the staffing company will take care of his severance pay as well. Did you bring a work placement contract?"

"Yes, I did. I also brought my security staffing company's business registration."

"How much do you charge for this particular job placement per month?"

"It's 3 million won on a monthly basis."

"Hmm, that's higher than I expected. Can we lower it a little bit?"

"That that's"

"How much do you pay for this worker?"

"Our company pays him 2.5 million won per month."

"It is net pay or gross pay?"


Tae-Young Im seemed that he didn't understand the difference between net pay and gross pay.

Gun-Ho said to the general affairs director with a smile,

"I know these men personally. Let's just pay the amount that he is asking."

"Okay, sir. Well, Mr. Tae-Young Im and Mr. Chan-Ho Eom, please come with me to the general affairs department. We will have to sign the contract and take care of some other paperwork. Also, I have some specific instructions and policies that I need to give to you."

Tae-Young and Chan-Ho walked out of Gun-Ho's office following the general affairs director.

Gun-Ho told Tae-Young and Chan-Ho to their backs while they were walking out of the office,

"Once the paperwork is done with the general affairs director, come directly to my office."

"Yes, sir."

About twenty minutes later, Tae-Young and Chan-Ho came back to Gun-Ho's office.

"Are you done? Did you sign the contract?"

"Yes, we did. He agreed on the 3 million won monthly wage. It seems there are lots of paperwork to do for this simple hiring, maybe because this is a big company."

"Since you are here, I guess you want to see Jong-Suk Park before you leave, right?"

"Oh, the little brother?"

Gun-Ho asked for Director Jong-Suk Park.

Jong-Suk entered Gun-Ho's office after a moment.


"Oh, Tae-Young Im! What are you doing here?"

Jong-Suk Park and Tae-Young Im had a handshake.

"Brother, you look different here with the company's uniform. You don't look like someone from our 'tough field.'"

"I'm not in that field at all. I'm an exemplary law-abiding citizen."

Gun-Ho introduced Chan-Ho Eom to Director Jong-Suk Park.

"This man will drive my car from now on. He is not our employee though, but Tae-Young's security staffing company will place him here for the work."

"Really? Tae-Young, how many workers does your company have?"

"I currently have seven people."

"Do you make enough money to feed them all?"

"I don't know. I just started the business. If you could connect me to other potential customers, that would be really nice."

"Director Park! Why don't you give them a tour of our factory."

Jong-Suk Park took Tae-Young Im and Chan-Ho Eom to the production worksite where they could hear a loud noise from heavy machines.

"Wow, this is amazing."

"Are you impressed?

"Very. You said you are in charge of this production site, right? Then can you operate all those machines?"

"Of course. I can dismantle them and assemble them with my eyes closed."


Gun-Ho took Tae-Young Im and Chan-Ho Eom to Dyeon Korea's office area to introduce them to the managers and directors including Mr. Adam Castler.

Director Kim came to Gun-Ho's office after visiting a client's site.

"Who are these young men, sir?"

"I decided to have a chauffeur."

"Oh, really? Good decision, sir."

After having a handshake with Tae-Young Im and Chan-Ho Eom, Director Kim started giving Gun-Ho a work report. Director Kim didn't seem to mind Tae-Youn and Chan-Ho's presence while he was giving the report.


Sooyook Boiled port meat