Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 351 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 351 Strategic Change 1 Part 2

Gun-Ho continued to talk in Egnopak's president's office,

"You have agreed to use Dyeon Korea's raw materials worth 1 billion won per month in manufacturing the products that go to Mandong Company. That was agreed upon during the previous settlement between us, and it is clearly stipulated in the agreement. However, Egnopak is currently purchasing Dyeon Korea's raw materials for the amount of 20 million won per month, and Director Kim who is sitting next to me told me that the current quantity of your product order is just a start, and you will increase the volume of the order gradually every month."


"Tomorrow, Hyundai Motor Company is hosting a meeting with their vendors. I know that you will attend the meeting and so will I. Many of the business owners who will attend tomorrow's meeting are aware of the incident of your son beating me up near the Onyang Hot Spring Hotel. If any of our peer business owners asks me how I settled the incident with you, I will tell them that you handled it extremely favorable for me so I really appreciate you."


"So, I actually came here to show you my appreciation. I want to give you a business with Gyoda Company in Japan. They placed a high volume of product order."

"What? Did you say Gyoda Company?"

At that moment, Director Kim took out the product drawing that Gyoda Company sent to GH Mobile.

"President Goo wants to give this to Egnopak. I know a few other companies which can handle this product order; however, President Goo wants Egnopak to take this under one condition. As long as Egnopak uses Dyeon Korea's raw materials, this is yours."

"Let me take a look at it."

Egnopak's president took out his reading glasses and started scanning through Gyoda Company's product drawing. And then he asked for his secretary through the interphone. He then said to his secretary,

"Ask the research center's chief officer to come to my office now. And, bring four cups of tea for us."

Egnopak's research chief officer came into the office. His hair was covered with grey hair. He was supervising tens of researchers in Egnopak's research center, who all had a Ph.D.

"Come here and take a look at this product drawing, and see if we can manufacture this in our factory."

"Yes, sir. It doesn't seem to be complicated. We can surely handle it."

"Oh, and let me introduce someone to you. This is the president of Dyeon Korea and this is its director."

"Oh, really? I've heard about you, sir, that Dyeon Korea's president is young and that he acquired GH Mobile. Also, I heard that you are interested in art too."

"I'm so glad to meet you, Mr. Research Chief Officer. I was told that Egnopak's research center is highly recognized among the automobile manufacturing companies."

"I believe I've met you several times before, Mr. Director. You worked for Mulpasaneop, didn't you?"

"That's correct. Since the days with Mulpasaneop, the Egnopak president has been very nice to me. He still is. I do admire him for his generous mind."

"Don't say that. I haven't done much for you."

Egnopak's president seemed to feel good by Director Kim's flattering comment.

"Mr. Research Chief Officer, this product order from Gyoda Company is a really good deal. The volume of the order is high. We were talking with the president about using Dyeon Korea's raw materials in manufacturing these products."

"Right. Let's use their raw materials. They brought us the business after all."

Egnopak's president was feeling great by Director Kim's flattery and smooth-talking, so he asked the research center's chief officer to use Dyeon Korea's raw materials. The research chief officer said while smiling,

"Will do, sir. Director Kim, please send us a copy of the testing results on Dyeon Korea's raw materials."

Once the research center's chief officer left the office, Gun-Ho took out a paper from the inner pocket of his jacket, and he said,

"I have one more present that I'd like to give to you."

"What is it?"

"This is the agreement about your promise on using our raw materials worth 1 billion won in manufacturing the products that you supply to Mandong Company."

"Oh, that settlement agreement we signed before?"

"As long as this agreement exists, the relationship between you, sir and me could remain uncomfortable. I want to give this back to you."

"Are you serious?"

"My little brothers who always want to protect me were extremely upset when they heard that I was beaten up. They wanted to take revenge on the people who beat me up, and they said that whoever cut a billionaire's face deserved it. They subsequently went to the bar in a group, where your son was and had him kneel on the floor. When they almost cut your son's face, I stepped in and stopped them. I didn't want to put any scar on your son's good-looking face. This man standing next to me was there at that time."

Egnopak's president looked at Chan-Ho Eom. His eyes then landed on Chan-Ho's hair. Chan-Ho's hairstyle was a very typical style among the people in the "tough field."

"As I gave the unpleasant agreement back to you, sir, we are good now."


The Egnopak's president started laughing loudly. And then, he extended his hand to Gun-Ho for a handshake.

"You won. I lost to you, young man. This should be the most miserable moment in my 60 years of life."

As Egnopak's president held Gun-Ho's hand, he shook it hard.

On the way back to Dyeon Korea, Director Kim said to Gun-Ho while smiling,

"Your strategic change worked, sir."

Director Kim received a call from Assistant Manager Il-Gi Seong who was recently reassigned to Dyeon Korea's sales team from GH Mobile's production team.

"Sir, we just received a new product order from Egnopak. This time, the quantity of their product order is very high. I believe it would worth about a billion won per month."

"Are we done testing machine no. 5 and no. 6?"

"Yes, sir. The machines are ready to work."

"Let the machines produce our raw materials starting today then."

"Yes, sir. But, we are still short of workers. I know we are in the process of hiring more workers now, but for the moment, we don't have enough workers who could be placed to work with those two additional machines."

"We will have to work till late at night until we hire new workers. I will talk to the president about overtime pay."

"Yes, sir."

Gun-Ho was wondering how the new hiring was going.

"When will we have the new workers?"

"We just completed the screening based on the papers, and we conducted the test. The interview process is the only step left. The interview is scheduled the day after tomorrow."

"Who will be interviewing the candidates?"

"Mr. Adam Castler, Director Yoon and me will be at the interview. Mr. Adam Castler will lead the interview process."

"You said that we would hire ten workers, right?"

"That's correct, but if we see good candidates with great potential, I think we should hire two more workers with previous work experience."

"That sounds good. And once the new workers started working with us, send them to Dyeon America for a tour by turns if the situation permits."

"I want to visit Dyeon America as well, sir."

"Sure. Once Dyeon Korea becomes stable, go take a tour."

"Thank you, sir."

When Gun-Ho came back to his office, he asked for Chan-Ho Eom.

"Hey, you did a great job today in convincing Egnopak's president."

"Huh? I didn't do anything. I was just standing there."

"That is it. Your presence with your tough look made your part in the deal. At your next visit to Seoul, why don't you have a drink or something with Tae-Young?"

As Gun-Ho suggested Chan-Ho to have a drink with Tae-Young in the near future, he gave a white envelope to Chan-Ho. Chan-Ho was surprised as he hadn't expected to receive additional money other than his salary. He gave a 90-degree bow to Gun-Ho.

"Thank you, sir."