Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 353 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 353 Strategic Change 2 Part 2

President Jeong-Sook Shin smiled at Gun-Ho's comment.

"We need to read a trend in a book publishing business. Once a book gains its popularity, people started buying it blindly. Many people don't want to be excluded from a conversation with a group of people. So they want to read popular books so they could participate in a conversation."

"Hmm. I hope everything turns out good as we expect."

"Once the French artistMs. Marion Kinsky's art exhibition becomes successful or the Japanese bookThe person who wakes up in the morning becomes a bestseller book, I will consider moving GH Media's office to the GH Building."

"Sounds good. Thank you for your great work today."

Right after President Jeong-Sook Shin walked out of Gun-Ho's office, Gun-Ho sent a text message to Seol-Bing.

[Thank you for coming to the Chinese young avant-garde artists' art exhibition last time. Our art gallery is planning to host another art exhibition. A French artistthe master of color aesthetics Ms. Marion Kinsky's artworks will be displayed in our art gallery if everything goes smoothly.]

Seol-Bing replied.

[I think you are a very knowledgeable man, oppa in a wide range of fields.]

Gun-Ho sent another text message to Seol-Bing.

[Please visit our art gallery once again to enjoy Ms. Marion Kinsky's artworks. French art will give you different pleasure and inspiration from Chinese art.]

Seol-Bing texted,

[I'm afraid that someone might take a picture of me again without my knowledge if I go to your art gallery.]

Gun-Ho replied,

[I don't think it will happen again. I will let you know once the date of the exhibition is scheduled.]

Seol-Bing sent an emoticon with a smiley face.

It was Jong-Suk Park's wedding day.

Jong-Suk was a popular type among people and maybe that was why there was a substantial number of people who came to his wedding to congratulate him. Literally, half of the employees of GH Mobile attended his wedding as well.

Two tour buses were rented to accommodate the guests from Incheon City and the buses arrived at the wedding hall. Jong-Suk's mother was a very active woman with a wide social network and she had lots of friends who wanted to attend her son's wedding accordingly. The guests from the bride's side were a lot too. The bride's parents were running businesses in Cheonan City; a real estate office and a hair salon. They certainly seemed to have a large social network as well.

"Wow. So many people came. Look at the congratulatory flower wreaths that were lined up here. They even reached the entrance of the wedding hall."

Most of the flower wreaths were from GH Mobile's vendors and client companies such as some chemical companies or Tech companies selling raw materials and etc.

"The groom is a plant manager of a large company."

"He is still young and he is already a plant manager? He must be very smart."

Every single one of the executive officers from GH Mobile and Dyeon Korea came. President Jeong-Sook Shin, Jae-Sik Moon, and Director Kang were there too. Even Tae-Young Im came to congratulate Jong-Suk on his wedding.

The staff at the wedding was surprised by the number of guests who came to attend the wedding. He said,

"I've never seen this many people here at once since the Cheonan Convention Center opened its door."

The bride was not wearing her usual glasses at her wedding. Without glasses and in her wedding dress, she looked so different and so pretty. The president of the company where the bride was working for came and he met with Gun-Ho.

"You must be running a company in the Cheonan industrial complex. My company is in Jiksan Town. It's nice to meet you. I'm very close to the groom. He is like my little brother."

"It's a pleasure meeting you as well. Everyone in the research center of my company loves the bride. GH Mobile's man is now taking her. Hahaha."

After the wedding, Jong-Suk planned to go on a honeymoon trip to Bali in Indonesia. A Bentley was waiting for Jong-Suk and his bride in front of the wedding hall. Chan-Ho Eom was in the driver's seat. The Bentley was decorated with colorful ribbons. Gun-Ho provided his Bentley with his chauffeur to give a ride to the groom and the bride to the airport for their honeymoon trip.

"Hey, Mr. Groom. Close your mouth. I know you are the happiest man in the world today. But keep your mouth closed, man. You are drooling."

People teased Jong-Suk.

Gun-Ho couldn't go back to Seoul that day because he gave his car to Jong-Suk for the day. Director Kim gave Gun-Ho a ride to Onyang Hot Spring Hotel. Gun-Ho was going to spend the night there.

Gun-Ho was having a bottle of beer in his hotel room while watching the news on TV. Gun-Ho wanted to see Seol-Bing so much, maybe because he felt so envious of the new groom and the bride earlier that day.

"I miss Seol-Bing so much."

Gun-Ho decided to send a text message to Seol-Bing.

[Hi, Ms. Seol-Bing!]


[I went to a wedding at Cheonan Convention Center today. It was a wedding of one of my employees. I sent my car to them so my driver can give them a ride to the airport for their honeymoon. So I couldn't go back to Seoul today. I'm staying in Onyang Hot Spring Hotel.]

[hhh. You are a good employer.]

[I want to see you. I can't help thinking of you.]

[Go sleep. I have a photoshoot tonight.]

Gun-Ho concluded his chat with Seol-Bing by sending her an emoticon with a sleeping face.

When Jong-Suk came back from the honeymoon, he seemed to become a different person. He went straight home after work and he didn't drink much. He worked harder too.

"That's good for him."

Gun-Ho perceived this change as one of the courses that Jong-Suk was going through in his life as he became mature.

One day, Gun-Ho asked Jong-Suk Park to stay in his office after finishing the regular meeting with GH Mobile's executive officers.

"Hey, Jong-Suk. You act differently these days. What's up?"

"I don't think so. I feel the same."

"You look better. Your complexion is even brighter."

"Hahaha. Maybe."

"You like your bride that much, huh?"

"Bro, let's talk about it after you get married too. I can't explain with words."

Jong-Suk purchased a Purgio condo nearby the Dujeong subway station to start his family. His parents helped him financially but Gun-Ho was proud of Jong-Suk that he purchased the condo without a loan from a bank but used his money from his savings account.

Gun-Ho bought a new car for Jong-Suk with GH Mobile's name. It was Gun-Ho's wedding gift to Jong-Suk. Jong-Suk was making more than 100 million won yearly since his position was a director level. Gun-Ho's high school friendsWon-Chul Jo who was a manager in a large company and Byeong-Chul Hwang who worked as a researcher in a research center in Pangyo weren't making more than Jong-Suk.

Moreover, Jong-Suk's parents and his parents-in-law had their own condo. They were not rich but they had enough money to have a comfortable life. Additionally, Jong-Suk and his bride were both the only child to their own parents, so they would inherit whatever their parents owned, all to themselves. Once they had a baby, the two parents would probably fight over who would spend more time with their grandchild.

'Jong-Suk, I want you to have lots of children, maybe three of them. That's the best way you make your parents happy. I feel so lucky that I have you on my side at my company.'