Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 358 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 358 Gh Logistics 2 Part 1

Gun-Ho established a transportation company with investment funds of 300 million won which was part of the sales proceeds that he made by selling his condo in Buldang Town, Cheonan City. He had sold that condo since he didn't have to live in Cheonan City anymore; now he was staying in Seoul.

The full name of the business was GH Logistics Corporation.

He spent 120 million won in acquiring the existing transportation company in Paju City after negotiating the price with its owner. The price included two freight trucks and one forklift truck. They were all old and shabby. These trucks wouldn't worth even 5 million won. The forklift truck seemed to be more than ten years old.

The owner was renting a storage space with a security deposit of 30 million won, but he installed metal-framed bookshelves inside the storage in order to effectively store books. The owner wanted Gun-Ho to pay for the bookshelves along with the list of his current clients. So, Gun-Ho paid 120 million for everything that the owner listed.

The landowner where the storage was situated was a farmer in the area. The workers there were from the same area as well. There was a small office inside the storage.

"GH Media's design team leaderMs. Min-Sook Ohmade your business card for this logistics company. And the business card came out really nice. But I feel sorry for you that you have to work in this shabby office for now."

"It's okay. This is just a start, right? I will be the president of this company. I can't believe it. I actually like this place better than the office in GH Media in Mapo District. Here, the air is fresh and I'm surrounded by nature instead of buildings. I guess I will have to drive the truck myself for a while until we make enough money to hire someone."

"You can hire one truck driver now."

"I don't think we can afford to hire a worker yet."

"You can't expect to make money in the first year when you start a business. Just hire one worker who can assist you. You will start this business with some investment funds, and you can take your salary from there for a while."

"Are you sure I can do that?"

"Sure. And, because this is a registered business entity, you will have some paperwork to do to file with the government regularly, such as taxes and Four Major Public Insurance. If you need help in doing so, you can contact GH Media at any time."

"Sure, I will do that."

"Get two freight trucks, one for 1-ton and one for 4-ton. Post a job opening for a truck driver who is currently residing in the Asan City area. Once you get them all, send the trucks and the driver to Dyeon Korea. Director Yoon there is managing those kinds of things. He will help you make a work contract."

"How much should I ask in making the contract?"

"Do the math. Add the truck driver's labor cost, any expenses related to maintaining the trucks, and also some profits. You probably want to conduct some research on a logistics company's business. You might want to talk with this company's previous owner as well about the reasonable profit you can expect given the current situation and etc."

"I see. You're right. I can start by contacting the previous owner and learn more about the business."

"I will leave the company's bank book and stamp with you. The shareholders of this company are you and I. I own 100% of the company shares now, but I will give you the stock option of 5% based on your work performance. That's what Min-Hyeok Kim is getting for the company in China as well."

"You are giving me the stock option of 5%?"

"Min-Hyeok Kim has been working so hard this year. I expect him to receive about 100 million won from it at the end of this year."

"Wow! 100 million won!"

"That's how Min-Hyeok Kim purchased his condo in Juan TownHyundai HomeTownwith a loan from a bank. I believe it's a 32 pyung large condo. His parents are living there right now."


"President Jeong-Sook Shin in GH Media where you used to work is getting her 5% stock option as well. She is working so hard as well. I'm sure that her next art exhibition with the French artistMarion Kinskywill succeed."


Jae-Sik seemed to be lost in thought for a second while rubbing his chin.

"Min-Hyeok Kim, President Jeong-Sook Shin, and GH Mobile's President Song, they all have the stock option, so they don't really work for me. Technically, they are my business partners. So, what do you think, Jae-Sik?! You can work as my business partner as well."

Jae-Sik didn't say anything, but he certainly looked excited.

"President Song in GH Mobile has spent tens of years of his life in the management of a company. He knows what and how to get things that he wants. I believe that once GH Mobile goes public, he will make several billions of won."

"Several billions!"

Jae-Sik's eyes were shining with excitement.

The news about the solo art exhibition of French artistMs. Marion Kinskywas placed in several newspapers. Newspapers usually talked positively about any cultural events. Newspapers including the three major newspapersChosun, Joongang, and Donga Ilboplaced a very nice article in their newspapers about the art exhibition.

"The art exhibition will be held in GH Gallery. Where is GH Gallery? Is it in Insa Town?"

"No, it's in Gangnam District. You will see the gallery at the entrance of Garosugil Road."

People seemed to believe that if they know and enjoy French arts, then they would be considered as intelligent and elegant. It seemed that more people came to see French artworks than the last time with Chinese young avant-garde artworks. After making his round at the art gallery, Gun-Ho came back to his car and he said,

"I don't know about others, but for me, those paintings are so confusing, and they even make me feel dizzy. It's like someone spilled a bunch of paint on a canvas, and they say the artist expressed some human desire by it or something. But I don't see at all what the artist is trying to say by those paintings."

"Me too, sir."

Chan-Ho Eom who was sitting in the driver's seat totally agreed with Gun-Ho.

One week after the French art exhibition opened its door, Gun-Ho received a text message from Seol-Bing.

[I'm going to stop by the art gallery tonight around 8 pm.]

[Really? I will be at the gallery waiting for you then. I will be holding the gallery key.]

The art gallery closed the door at 7 pm. The secretaryMs. Yeong-Soo Ohturned off all the lights at 7 pm. At that moment, Gun-Ho told her,

"I will take the gallery's key. I'm waiting for a special guest who wants to see the artworks at 8 pm today."

"No problem, sir. Here is the key. I will be off then."

After everyone left the gallery, Gun-Ho stayed in his office reading the world-history cartoon book.

When it was almost 8 pm, Gun-Ho went down to the bas.e.m.e.nt where the art gallery was located.

The lights from the stores around GH Building illuminated the street outside. The bank on the first floor of GH Building and the art gallery in the bas.e.m.e.nt were the only ones without lights. Other stores outside including restaurants were vigorously doing their business at this hour. Gun-Ho felt like he asked Seol-Bing to come to a place that was the only dark place in the area at the moment while everywhere else were so bright. Gun-Ho felt sorry for her. Once he entered the art gallery, he turned on only the emergency light, and he kept the door open slightly.

A text message arrived.

[Is it okay for me to enter the art gallery now?]

[I am actually in the gallery.]