Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 359 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 359 Gh Logistics 2 Part 2

Seol-Bing came into the art gallery. She was wearing a mask.



Gun-Ho turned on the light inside the gallery. Seol-Bing took off her mask and smiled at Gun-Ho.

"Thank you for coming."

After Gun-Ho made sure that Seol-Bing came into the gallery, he walked to the door and locked it.

"There are only two of us here. Enjoy the artworks as much as you pleased."

Seol-Bing started walking slowly around the gallery hall. She seemed to really enjoy the art there. Gun-Ho started regurgitating whatever he had heard from President Shin about the artworks there.

"The artistMarion Kinskyis considered as a magician with colors. This red color depicts human's endless desire while this blue color shows people's craving for peace."

Seol-Bing nodded her head as Gun-Ho explained to her about each painting that was displayed in the gallery. Seol-Bing's smile while looking at an artwork was so beautiful. The gallery was quiet and only Seol-Bing's heels made some noise as she walked around.

Maybe about fifteen minutes or so passed. Seol-Bing had made a complete round of the art gallery.

"I did really enjoy it even though these paintings are so difficult to understand."

"You looked so gorgeous when you were into the paintings. I had to suppress my urge to take your pictures. I know you don't like to be taken a picture without your knowledge."

"Please don't."

Seol-Bing said with a smile.

"This is our first time meeting in Seoul since our last meeting in Tokyo."

"I came here before when the art exhibition of Chinese paintings was here."

"But I didn't see you then. Did you eat? Let's go out and have dinner together. There are plenty of nice restaurants on Garosugil Road."

"Maybe next time. I feel tired today. My mom is coming to visit me at my home in Cheongdam Town today."

"What about a cup of tea?"

"I'm good. Thank you though."

"Well, then what about a kiss?"

Gun-Ho hugged Seol-Bing abruptly and kissed her on her lips, not on her cheek. Seol-Bing didn't resist.

"I love you, Seol-Bing!"

"Okay, this is enough!"

Seol-Bing ran toward the front door of the gallery and waved her hand toward Gun-Ho.

"I will see you later."

Gun-Ho waved back to Seol-Bing.

"I will text you."

Gun-Ho actually planned to have dinner with Seol-Bing and maybe have some wine. The night with Seol-Bing didn't go as he planned but he kissed her. That was good.

"Well, I will see her again. Our relationship developed this far!"

Jae-Sik Moon went to work in Paju City. His new work location was far from his home. He drove the truck to commute.

Gun-Ho was worried about Jae-Sik's commute. He called Jae-Sik that day,

"President Moon? It's me. How's your first day at work? It's far from your home, right?"

"It's doable. I drove the company's truck to commute."

"You have some place to park the truck around your house?"

"Yes, there is one. I have to walk about 300 meters to get to the parking lot though. But it's good."

"Okay. That's nice then"

"Can we buy the freight trucks with installment payment, which we will be using in transporting Dyeon Korea's goods?"

"The thing is that those trucks will be purchased with the company's name. And, since the company was just established, it's really hard to buy things in an installment. You will have to buy those trucks with cash."

"I posted a job opening on WorkNet looking for a truck driver who will be driving trucks to transport Dyeon Korea's materials. For the transportation work of books for the current publishing company clients and retail stores, I will hire the driver who the previous owner recommended."

"That sounds good."

"I will have an interview tomorrow for truck drivers who will be working for Dyeon Korea's work."

"Are they coming to the Paju location? It's far, huh?"

"No. I arranged a place in Yongsan Station. I rented an office there for three hours. I will meet them there."

"Did you receive many applications for the job?"

"I did receive a lot of calls inquiring about the job. Many of them asked if they have to bring their own trucks. Once I told them we would provide trucks, they all applied for the position."


"Also I told them that we will purchase new trucks. I guess they liked it a lot."

"I see. Once you get the trucks, ask them to deliver the trucks to Dyeon Korea's factory's front yard."

"I will have to receive the trucks at the Paju location because since these trucks will be used for special transportation, I will have to customize it a bit."

Jae-Sik Moon visited Dyeon Korea. He would have to sign a contract with Dyeon Korea to do get the work from it. He brought two new trucks with him. He drove one and the driver who usually drove to deliver books drove the other truck.

"Wasn't it tiring to drive the truck all the way from Paju City?"

"It was okay. The newly hired drivers will be here soon. I asked him to come to this location. The two truck drivers are all from Asan City."

The truck drivers arrived and Jae-Sik had them sign the work contract with Director Yoon.

"Your work will start at 8 in the morning. You will have to be here by 8 am sharp. When you arrive in the morning, Assistant Manager Il-Gi Seong will give you an instruction about the day's delivery work."

Director Yoon introduced Assistant Manager Il-Gi Seong. Jae-Sik handed the keys of the new trucks to the drivers.

"Please be careful with driving. These are new vehicles."

"Don't worry about it, sir."

At that moment, Director Kim came into the office. And Jae-Sik greeted him,


"Oh, Mr. Jae-Sik Moon from GH Media? How's your work as a chief editor there?"

"I'm actually working for a transportation company now. President Goo asked me to work there. I guess I will see you around more often."

Jae-Sik handed his business card to Director Kim.

"Oh, GH Logistics! It's very nice. I'm sure GH Logistics will prosper."

Gun-Ho just came back to his office from the restroom when Director Kim and Jae-Sik Moon were conversing about GH Logistics.

"Director Kim, please be mindful that we have another company now called GH Logistics while you do your sales activities."

"Transportation business is very interesting. There are lots of large transportation companies. You know, Hansol Logistics is a publicly-traded company."

"Is that so?"

"Dyeon Korea is making international shipping for our clients abroad as well. Why don't you take over that work for us as well, President Moon? If you want to expand your clientele, you should visit the customs office in Pyeongtaek Port with the company's pamphlet and your business card. Also, you probably want to make the company website too."

"Thank you for the tips."

"Your business card says that your office is located in Paju City. I think the ideal location of GH Logistics' transport hub is around Pyeongtaek or Osan City. Why did you open it in Paju City?"

"Oh, the company is transporting books for publishing companies as well."

"Publishing companies? So you are transporting their books to bookstores such as Kyobo Book Center and Yoingpoong Bookstore?"

"That's right."

"Well, I don't think you will make enough money by doing it. You need to change your target market. I recommend doing transportation work of artworks or frozen goods or something like that, or picking up or dropping off goods from and to the port."

"I will surely give it consideration."

"I've just found out that one of our client companiesOyoung Techis having trouble with their workers, and their shipment department is on strike. You probably want to stop by that sort of companies as well. You might see an opportunity there."

"Well, we now have a few trucks and drivers. I think I will have to do it later."

"If you do it later, that would be too late. You have to be ready all the time, so whenever someone has work for you, you could just take the job on the spot."