Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 361 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 361 Gh Logistics 3 Part 2

GH Media's President Jeong-Sook Shin continued to talk to Gun-Ho,

"Oh, umm, how is Chief Editor Jae-Sik Moon doing with the transportation company?"

"He is very driven. You can ask him to transport the artworks for your art exhibition from now on."

"Oh, he does that too?"

"He wants to grow the company to handle a wide range of transportation work."

"Wow, that's nice."

"Did you find a new chief editor to fill up Jae-Sik's position?"

"I haven't posted any job openings, but I have someone I want. I used to work with this person before. He is really good at editing work. He is currently working for another company and I'm trying to persuade him to work with me. If he decides to join us, I will bring him to you."

"No, you don't have to. If you like the person, you work with him."

It was Friday.

Gun-Ho took a flight heading to Tokyo.

"I believe that the concert hall is located across the street from Ueno Park."

Once he arrived in Tokyo, he took the subway and came to downtown Tokyo.

The concert hall was situated right in front of Ueno Station.

"Its location is very convenient. With this easy accessibility, they must have lots of visitors at every event that they host."

The event that Mori Aikko invited Gun-Ho to would have not only the dance performance of geishas but also a Japanese traditional play. When Gun-Ho realized that he still had some time left before the event started, he decided to spend some time by taking a tour of Ueno Park. When he arrived at the entrance of the park, he saw a statue of a samurai.

"Huh? Who is that supposed to be?"

Gun-Ho went closer to the statue to find it out. It was the statue of Saigo Takamori.

"Ha! It's Saigo Takamori!"

Gun-Ho didn't like the statue. Well, he didn't like the person who the statue represented. Saigo Takamori was the person who had insisted strongly that Japan should start a war with Korea in order for Japan to develop further.

Gun-Ho entered the part by passing the statue. He continued to walk inside Ueno Park. There were hundreds of cherry trees there even though they were not in blossom. They would be in full blossom during spring time. All he could see at that time were fallen leaves and flowers on the ground. The cherry trees reminded him of Mori Aikko and the first day when he saw her. Gun-Ho saw Mori Aikko for the first time at the bar where she worked for. She was wearing a hair accessory that had a cherry flower figure. Mori Aikko danced in front of Gun-Ho and he was mesmerized by her and her dancing at that time. She looked like a fairy to Gun-Ho. He sent a text message to her.

[It's me. I'm here in Tokyo to see your performance.]

Mori Aikko didn't respond to Gun-Ho's text right away. She was probably busy in preparing the event. Gun-Ho walked for a while before he received the reply from Mori Aikko.

[Huh? It's oppa!]

Gun-Ho smiled and then he texted her again,

[After the event, I will be waiting for you at the condo in Daikanyama.]

[I will be home late. Make sure that you eat your dinner before coming to the condo.]

[Don't worry about me. You don't have to rush in coming home. Take your time.]

Gun-Ho was watching the traditional Japanese play at the concert hallTokyo Bunka Kaikan. He didn't understand the Japanese language, so it was boring and he felt sleepy. Other people, on the contrary, seemed to have a lot of fun. They were laughing and clapping sometimes. Gun-Ho clapped along with them even though he didn't understand why they were clapping.

After a while, there was an announcement. It came out in English. It said that the dance performance of geishas from Gion would soon start. After the announcement in English, they repeated the same announcement in Japanese. As soon as the announcement about the geishas' dance performance was made in Japanese, many of the audience there started pulling out their smartphones and was getting ready to take pictures of the performance.

The geishas would perform Odori. It would be a group dance, not Mori Aikko's solo dance performance. Mori Aikko would be on the stage with other geishas for the dance.

It started with some strange sound from a traditional musical instrument. Tens of geishas poured into the stage under the bright lighting. They were all wearing a very heavy makeup in Japanese traditional dressesKimonos. Mori Aikko was standing in the center of the group. Mori Aikko was placed at the center position probably because she was the most beautiful geisha among others.

The sound of a Japanese traditional musical instrumentShamisen resonated in the hall, and the group dance started.

"Mori Aikko Kirei!"

"Kirei! (pretty)"


People at the audience area started pressing their camera buttons while aiming at Mori Aikko who was at the center of the group. Gun-Ho took pictures of Mori Aikko as well.

When Gun-Ho arrived at the condo in Daikanyama, it was already after ten. The passcode to the front door of the condo was still set up with Gun-Ho's phone number. Once he entered the condo, Gun-Ho put some drinks, bottles of water, and fruits in the refrigerator, which he purchased on the way to the condo.

"It seems Mori Aikko doesn't often eat at home. Her refrigerator is almost empty."

Gun-Ho went to the bedroom. The teddy bear that Gun-Ho bought for her was sitting on Mori Aikko's bed. She probably held the teddy bear when she slept.

"I guess she is holding this when she sleeps."

Gun-Ho somewhat felt sad. If he would describe Seol-Bing as a rose that was standing arrogantly, Mori Aikko should be compared to a shy four o'clock flower after the rain.

Gun-Ho fell asleep in Mori Aikko's bed. The bed was full of Mori Aikko's perfume scent.

Gun-Ho woke up to the sound of the front door opening.

It was Mori Aikko. She was holding a huge bag of fruits.



Mori Aikko quickly put the bag of fruits on the dining table and jumped into Gun-Ho holding his neck. She then started kissing Gun-Ho all over his face as she always did whenever she was with him.

"Did you see me dancing?"

"Of course I did."

"How was it? Did you like it?"

"You looked gorgeous and amazing"

"Really? Do you mean it?"

"I took pictures of you too."

Gun-Ho showed the pictures to Mori Aikko that he took during Mori Aikko's dance performance earlier.

"It's really me."

Mori Aikko jumped into Gun-Ho again and held his neck.

The two sat at the dining table and ate the fruits that Mori Aikko just brought in.

"You bought exactly the same fruits that I did."

Mori Aikko ran to the refrigerator and opened its door.

"Wow. You are right. I guess we both wanted the same fruits."

After they finished the fruits, Mori Aikko said,

"Oppa, why don't you go take a shower first?"

"I will do it later, maybe after you."

"At least brush your teeth and wash your feet then."

Mori Aikko said so while handing a new toothbrush to Gun-Ho.

After Gun-Ho brushed his teeth and washed his feet, Mori Aikko went into the bathroom and took a shower.

Gun-Ho looked at his watch. It was almost midnight.

Mori Aikko applied lotions to her face and her body before she came to the bed where Gun-Ho was sitting on.

"Do you hold this teddy bear whenever you go to bed?"

"Yeah. You bought it for me."

She said with a bright smile.

Gun-Ho kissed Mori Aikko's cheek. He just couldn't resist. She looked so cute and gorgeous when she smiled like that. He put her on the bed. Her skin was smooth and tight after the shower. Gun-Ho turned off the light and embraced Mori Aikko vigorously.