Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 363 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 363 Meant To Be Together 1 Part 2

Gun-Ho wrapped up his work quickly and headed to Seoul National University Hospital that day. His mom was staying in a large patient room with five other patients. Gun-Ho thought that he'd better move her to another room that would be more quiet and private. He entered the room and looked at his mother. While other patients seemed to have a good time by talking with other people and watching TV, his mother looked like she was in pain.

"Mom. Are you in pain?"

"Oh, Gun-Ho? You didn't have to come. You are so busy."

"Mom, how's your back?"

"Not just about my back. I need to have an enema."


"Yeah. I haven't gone to the bathroom for three days now. I can't let them out and I can't eat."

At that moment, a nurse came into the room to check IV injection.

"My mom needs an enema."

"We can't do that. We need a doctor for it."

"Did you inform the doctor about it then?"

"Yes, I did."

Gun-Ho's mother yelled,

"I should have asked the doctor when the doctor did the patient rounds this morning."

Gun-Ho's mother seemed to be in a lot of pain. Gun-Ho thought that he had to do something quick. He wanted to talk to the doctor.

When he asked the nurses that he wanted to see the doctor, they just told him that there was nothing much they could do at this moment.

"The doctor is still doing patient rounds right now."

The nurse went back to her work looking at her computer monitor after briefly responding to Gun-Ho's request.

Gun-Ho's mother was still in a lot of pain. She let out a low m.o.a.n of pain constantly and Gun-Ho felt like he was in pain. Eventually, Gun-Ho's mother screamed in pain and two nurses ran into the room.

"Ma'am, just hold one moment. The doctor is coming soon."

Gun-Ho held her mother's hand. His mother started shaking. Gun-Ho imagined that stool tried to come out but the path was blocked. It would surely be very painful.

The doctor finally came.

Surprisingly, the doctor was a young lady. Maybe she was in her late 20s, and she had a fair complexion. The lady doctor took out a small flashlight from the pocket of her white coat. She then looked at Gun-Ho's mother's eyes and inside her mouth.

"You don't have the lower part of abdominal pain, do you?"

"No, I don't."

"What about a feeling of nausea? Do you feel like throwing up?"


The two nurses were standing next to the doctor with their faces frowned.

The young lady doctor said to the nurses with a calm and stable voice,

"Please prepare enema cleanse."

The two nurses came back after a moment. One nurse was carrying something that looked like a plastic wash basin. The other nurse brought a bottle of medicine. The lady doctor came back to the room and wore medical gloves. She said to Gun-Ho who was standing next to his mother,

"Please make a room for us. You probably want to stay away from here. The smell wouldn't be very pleasant. Something could spatter on your clothes too."

The lady doctor wore a mask as well. The nurses dropped the curtain and undressed Gun-Ho's mother's pants. The doctor injected the enema. Gun-Ho could hear his mother's scream. Gun-Ho craned his neck to see what was going on inside the curtain out of curiosity and watched what they were doing.

Gun-Ho's mother's scream continued.

"Hang in there!"

The doctor was poking Gun-Ho's mother's anus with her finger. She was wearing her medical gloves. That was shocking to Gun-Ho. His mother screamed more loudly. Her feces started pouring into the plastic wash basin along with the enema. The smell was really bad.

Gun-Ho was frightened by the scene.

"Oh my goodness. This is part of doctors' job"

Gun-Ho had never imagined that medical doctors did such work like putting his or her finger into someone's anus.

"Oh, boy. I'm so relieved now!"

Gun-Ho heard his mother's voice.

The lady doctor with the two nurses washed Gun-Ho's mother's problem area with sanitized cotton balls. She then took off her mask and said,

"Your mother had been in bed for a long time without moving much and that made her stool hard. It's good now."

The lady doctor smiled and Gun-Ho was standing there frozen.

"Than Thank you, ma'am."

Gun-Ho gave a 90-degree bow to the doctor. Gun-Ho hadn't had a chance to give a 90-degree bow to anyone recently. He had been the one who received that kind of bow from others.

The doctor composedly said with a smile,

"Your mother will have spinal surgery tomorrow. Another doctor will perform it. We were worried about your mother's osteoporosis, but after we tested it, we figured it's not bad at all. Once the surgery is done, she just needs to take prescribed medicine for a while, and then she will fully recover."

The young lady doctor then turned her back and walked toward the door. She was carrying her dirty medicine gloves. She looked extremely calm.

Gun-Ho's mother was devouring an apple.

A nurse brought a medicine.

"The doctor said that you can have anything for dinner but you must not eat anything after 10 pm. That's because you will have surgery tomorrow."

"Thank you, young lady. You did such a good job."

"Mom, they said you don't have to worry about your osteoporosis. You just need to receive the surgery tomorrow, and then you should be okay."

"Thank you, Gun-Ho. You don't have to stay here with me. You must feel tired. Go home."

"I will go downstairs and make a request to move you to another room."

"This room is fine."

"I will get you a lot nicer room. Just take a deep rest like you are on a vacation."

Gun-Ho requested to move his mother to another patient room where his mother didn't have to share the room with other patients.

They said that they would move her tomorrow morning.

Gun-Ho came back to her mother to say goodbye for the day.

"Mom, they will move you to another room. You will stay there by yourself."

"You didn't have to do that."

"Mom, your son is driving a Bentley that cost 300 million won. I can't let you stay in a room with five other patients."

"I just don't want to impose, son."

"How are you feeling now?"

"I feel good. That young doctor is amazing. She is always nice to patients, all the time. She has a kind mind that goes well with her good-looking face."

On the way home, Gun-Ho thought of that young lady doctor. She was an admirable lady.

For a second, Gun-Ho thought of marrying someone like her and then he shook off the thought.

"She is a medical doctor in Seoul National University Hospital. That means that she probably graduated from the medical school of the top universitySeoul National University. She won't meet a person who graduated from a low-ranked college in the countryside like me, even though I have money."

Gun-Ho let out a slight sigh while sitting in the rear seat of his Bentley. Chan-Ho was driving the Bentley heading to TowerPalace.