Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 365 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 365 Meant To Be Together 2 Part 2

A group of doctors and nurses came into the patient room where Gun-Ho's mother was staying in. It seems that the doctor was doing patient rounds. This doctor was a man who looked like he was in his late 40s. The lady doctor who performed the enema yesterday was standing behind this male doctor. He must be the one who was in charge of Gun-Ho's mother.

"How are you feeling, ma'am?"

"I'm feeling alright."

"Your surgery was successful. You will be able to go home in a few days. While you are in the hospital, you need to eat well and take a good rest. Once you can start walking, you can go home. Ma'am, can you lie face down?"

Once Gun-Ho's mother lay with her face down, the nurses undressed Gun-Ho's mother's clothes. The male doctor pressed Gun-Ho's mother's waist.

"How do you feel here?"

"I'm feeling alright."

"What about this part?"

Gun-Ho's mother screamed. "It's painful!"

"Okay. What about here?"

"It's okay."

"Okay. Make sure you eat well, okay?"

After briefly examining Gun-Ho's mother, the male doctor looked at Gun-Ho who was standing beside the bed.

"Is he your son?"

"Yes, he is."

The doctor then talked to Gun-Ho.

"Your mother's surgery went well. You don't have to worry about her osteoporosis. It's not very serious. After a few days, she will be able to walk by herself. You don't have to worry about her condition."

"Thank you, sir."

Gun-Ho thanked the male doctor respectfully and then gave a nod to the lady doctor. Gun-Ho might have misunderstood her, but he felt like that lady doctor smiled at him.

Once Gun-Ho walked out of Seoul National University Hospital, he got into the rear seat of his Bentley. Chan-Ho Eom was sitting in the driver's seat. Gun-Ho looked at his smartphone. He then opened a picture of Mori Aikko. It was the picture of her dancing in the concert hall in Tokyo.

"She is always cute."

Gun-Ho closed the picture and opened a search box. He then entered Seol-Bing's name. Since she was a top star, so many pictures of her started being displayed right away.

"She is of course gorgeous."

Gun-Ho closed his eyes.

But it was not Seol-Bing or Mori Aikko who popped up in his head. It was actually the lady doctor who Gun-Ho exchanged a brief greeting with that evening that Gun-Ho was thinking about. Gun-Ho rubbed his eyes. He couldn't help thinking of her though.

"Oh, my gosh. Am I a philanderer? Maybe I am not a big player of Gangnam, but I am the Casanova of Gangnam."

Actually, Mori Aikko was the only woman who Gun-Ho slept with among those three women.

Gun-Ho remembered that President Shin briefly mentioned about Seol-Bing's mother. Gun-Ho looked at Chan-Ho who was driving. Chan-Ho was seven years younger than Gun-Ho. He probably had much more information about the entertainment field than Gun-Ho.

"Chan-Ho, you know the actress Seol-Bing, right?"

"Of course, sir. She is one of the most popular actresses these days."

"Do you like her?"

"Of course. She is so pretty."

"She came to our art gallery once."

"Really? Seol-Bing is gorgeous, but her mother is a bit"

Chan-Ho Eom seemed to know what President Jeong-Soon knew about Seol-Bing's mother.

"What about her mother?"

"Her mother is bossing around too much. I heard that she gives orders to Seol-Bing's managers to do this and that."


"She talked to the media too. She said she wouldn't let her daughter marry anyone but an extremely wealthy man."

"I see. She doesn't seem to be seeing anyone."

"Who knows? There was a rumor that she dated the second son of N Group."

"Where did you hear that rumor?"

"What do you think? Those stories are all over the internet."

"I heard she is very smart. She did very well in high school. She graduated from Suhmoon Girls' High School."


"Why are you laughing?"

"It is true that she graduated at Suhmoon Girls' High School, and she also graduated from Chungang University with a drama and cinema major."

"Then why did you laugh?"

"You didn't see that TV program? The broadcaster in the program showed Seol-Bing a picture of Kim Gu and asked her if she could recognize the person. She said it was Ye Wanyong. Hahaha"

"Oh, well. That happens sometimes."

"No. Everyone knows Kim Gu. Seol-Bing just doesn't read books at all."

"She was admitted to Chungang University for the drama and cinema major. That implies she is smart, and she studied well, no?"

"Who knows? Maybe she was admitted for other reasons like for her talent or other connections. Her father used to work in a TV station with a high-level position."

"Hmm, really?"

"Anyhow, I don't want to see her mother on TV. She makes me feel like throwing up."


Gun-Ho didn't feel good.

'What Chan-Ho knows about Seol-Bing is maybe not true. It could be just a rumor.'

It was Monday. Gun-Ho went to work in GH Mobile in Jiksan Town.

President Jang-Hwan Song came into Gun-Ho's office.

"How's everything here?"

"Things are going well. Our sales revenue is steadily on the rise."

"I don't worry about GH Mobile since you are here, President Song."

"I have to ask you this, sir. Did you instruct not to pay for our debts using our profits for a while?"

"Yes. I think we need to save up some funds in case we see a good company to acquire. We will need to disperse the company shares as part of a prerequisite in registering with KOSDAQ."

"It is true that we don't currently have 500 minority shareholders, and we don't have 50 billion won of investment funds. We can't satisfy the prerequisite requirement for going public right now."

"So, it is good if we could acquire another company, right?"

"Not absolutely though. One of the other ways to satisfy that requirement is that the stock brokerage company that will help us register with KOSDAQ can collect more minority shareholders to fulfill the 500, but I prefer to increase our capital."

"Capital increase? Are you suggesting me to invest more money?"

"No, sir. We can distribute the dividends at the end of this year and put them back to the company to increase our capital."

"Can you elaborate?"

"This fiscal year, we are expecting to have a net profit of about 2.5 or 3 billion won after taxes. We distribute this profit to the shareholder. President Goo, you are the sole shareholder of this company, and the dividend will be distributed to you only."

"And then?"

"Once you receive your dividend, you can reinvest those funds back in the company to increase its capital. So you are using the company's profit to increase its capital. You won't be able to use the dividend for your personal use, but your asset will still grow."


"The current capital of this company is 3 billion won. Assuming you will receive your dividend of 2 billion won by the end of this year, the capital can increase from 3 billion won to 5 billion won by investing your dividend back to the company. That means the company will have 2 billion won of additional funds. We can pay the debts with this fund."


"Once the company goes public, getting funds will become easier. That's the whole purpose of going public; we get more funds to expand the business or invest more money to develop our products. We can acquire another company then if we want to."