Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 376 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 376 Joint Ventures Board Meeting 5 Part 1

When Gun-Ho arrived at the bar in Hannam Town, the first person who came out to delightedly greet him was Tae-Young Im.

"Big brother, you are here."

"Oh, Team Lead Im, good to see you again. It has been a while, huh? Did the Americans arrive?"

"No, not yet. Please come inside."

Gun-Ho entered the Pine and Tae-Young followed him.

"Big brother, how's Chan-Ho doing? He is very helpful, isn't he?"

"Yeah, he is very good. I should thank you for sending him to me. He will be here soon after parking the car."

Ms. Jang was walking towards Gun-Ho to greet him while making a fuss about his visit.

"Oh, my goodness, President Goo. You are here. I almost forgot your face."

"You look great, Ms. Jang."

"You think so? Haha. It must be the make-up."

Gun-Ho took off his jacket, and Ms. Jang took it and hung it on the wall. Gun-Ho sat on the floor, in his vest. An embroidered folding screen was set behind his back.

"You have the lady servants, who can speak English, ready for my guests, right?"

"Of course, sir. We have new girls. They are so pretty and their English is excellent."

Gun-Ho smiled.

A floor table was placed in front of Gun-Ho and it was covered with a white tablecloth.

"Oh, shoot. I will get you something to drink. I will bring some Sulloc green tea."

After quite a while, a young lady who was wearing a Korean traditional dress entered the room. She was in her 20s and she was certainly pretty.

"Are you the one who can speak English?"

"Yes, but I don't speak English fluently."

"Hmm, really? Well, I have three American guests coming over here today. I hope you help them have a great time here."

The young lady filled up Gun-Ho's cup with Sulloc green tea and left the room after giving him a bow.

Gun-Ho was thinking while having his tea,

'I haven't often come here but this is a very good place to treat my guests. It is certainly useful. I wonder if they are making enough money though. There seems to be a lot of people working in the kitchen, not to mention those bouncers outside.'

When he heard some noises outside, Gun-Ho realized that his guest arrived.

"I guess that they are here."

Three Americans came into the room where Gun-Ho was sitting.

"Oh, President Goo. You are already here."

Mr. Brandon Burke said while entering the room. He was tall and he had to bend his head a bit not to hit the head jamb when he entered the room.

"I thought you would pick a place in Itaewon Town. I've never expected to see a place like this."

Gun-Ho, at that moment, wondered if he would be able to sit on the floor. Ms. Jang quickly brought several floor cushions and said, "Haha. He can use two or three floor cushions to sit on. He will feel comfortable even on the floor."

"You had a room that was designed for foreign clients who are not used to sit on the floor."

"Haha. That one is already occupied by other customers."

Brandon Burke waved his hand and said, "It's okay. I'm fine with this setting. I'm in Korea and I want to experience your culture."

Young ladies brought some tea.

When Brandon Burke found that they could speak English, he seemed to be very satisfied.

Angelina Rein seemed to be drawn to the decorations in the room. She was busy looking at the embroidered folding screen, the stationery chest and the ceramic vase in the room.

"This place is very Korean."

Angelina Rein closely looked at the Korean traditional dress which the lady worker who was sitting next to her was wearing. She touched the dress to see the fabric and asked her some questions.

Several ladies came into the room with Gayageum* and started playing them. The three Americans seemed to be fascinated by the whole setting. They were having a traditional Korean wine while listening to Gayageum. Especially, Angelina Rein, who was the only lady guest in the room, placed her two hands on her chest showing how much she was impressed.

Mr. Brandon Burke came close to Gun-Ho after sipping the Korean traditional wine.

"President Goo, pay close attention to Chennai in India."

That was exactly what GH Mobile's President Jang-Hwan Song told Gun-Ho the other day.

He continued to talk, "The southern part of India is still underdeveloped compared to the Delhi area in the north. The area just started being developed. India is a huge country. You can build four more joint ventures there."

"That sounds like a very expensive plan."

"I know people in Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. As long as Dyeon Korea succeeds, you don't have to worry about funds to expand."

When Brandon Burke talked to Gun-Ho about the business, his voice was low. And the lady's voice who was interpreting for them became low as well. Angelina Rein and Adam Castler seemed to be busy talking with other ladies.

Gun-Ho lifted his glass and clinked it to Brandon Burke's.

"Thank you for the valuable information, Mr. Burke."

"President Goo, I want you to put me in a branch manager position of Dyeon Korea's India location once I retire."

"Hahaha. What are you talking about Mr. Burke? You should take the president position of the global companyLymondell Dyeon. You will have enormous power once you are in that position, right?"

"Haha. I was just kidding."

Gun-Ho thought about the new market while having his drink.

"Hmm India"

Gun-Ho had to say good-bye to Mr. Brandon Burk in Pine since he was leaving the next day.

"I won't be able to go to the airport with you tomorrow because I have an important matter that I have to attend. I guess I will have to say good-bye to you here."

"I do appreciate you for welcoming us, President Goo. I also thank you for handling the business of the joint venture very well. I do thank all of your workers for the hospitality that they have shown to us. I'm sure the company will prosper."

"Thank you, Mr. Brandon Burke. I wish you good health. This is some token of my gratitude for you."

Gun-Ho gave the Korean doll and the pottery that he purchased in Insa Town to Brandon Burke and Angelina Rein.


Angelina Rein absolutely loved it. She jumped up and down with excitement.

After walking out of the bar, Gun-Ho headed to his home in Dogok Town.

Chan-Ho Eom said while driving, "Umm, sir, I talked to Tae-Young bro about it."

"You mean the heavy equipment thing?"

"Tae-You bro already talked with President Moon about it, but they don't have any heavy equipment yet."

"I think so."

"So I guess we will have to wait until heavy equipment is ready."

"We need to find a space to place trucks and heavy equipment first. Let's go to Seonghwan Town tomorrow to see some land. Seonghwan Town is close to GH Mobile anyway."

"Sir, I don't think we need to secure a place to store heavy equipment."

"Why is that so?"

"I've seen a lot of heavy equipment parked on the street where there is no heavy traffic. I saw a lot of trucks there too."

"Well, they must belong to individual businessmensole proprietors. Many of them can't afford to have their own space to park them. But, we are a business entityGH Logistics."

"I see what you mean."


Gayageum A traditional musical instrument of Korea.