Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 396 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 396 Debt Ratio 2 Part 1

Gun-Ho was talking with Director Kim, who just came back from Egnopak.

"Egnopak's president must be suffering from a headache because of his son."

"Whenever I visit him at Egonopak these days, he talks a lot about the old days to me. Since they increased the volume of their product order from us, Egnopak became one of our major clients. I've been trying to be nice to him and show that we care a lot about him. When I was still in his office today, he received a call from the police requesting his presence for his son's matter."

"I can picture Egnopak's president's angry face."

"He surely looked upset. He headed out to Seoul right away being accompanied by the in-house attorney and another worker in their legal department."

"His son is just spoiled."

"His daughter is very smart. She is a college professor. He lamented his son and his life having such a son. He is actually considering having his son-in-law run the company after he retires."

"What is his son-in-law doing for a living?"

"He is also a college professor at Hanyang University College of Engineering."

"Hmm. Egnopak is one of our major clients, and they have to do well even for our own benefit. Please help them in any way that we could."

"Yes, sir."

"President Song in GH Mobile is asking if he could borrow Interpreter Lee for a few days."

"He did that?"

"President Song is trying to reserve a booth for the upcoming motor show in Chicago, and he wants to go with Interpreter Lee in case he needs someone who can speak English during the consultation for the event."

"Hmm. Right. I'm aware of it. Well, if we could send him to President Song, we can let Mr. Adam Castler know about it in advance."

"Yes, sir."

"Also, ask GH Mobile to pay for his travel expense."

"Yes, sir. And, sir, we'd like to participate in a motor show as well."

"I believe the Chicago motor show no longer accepts a new application."

"Not that motor show. There is another one that will be held in Shanghai, China. We'd like to participate in that event."


"The thing is that the Korea International Trade Association will not subsidize the cost of participating in that motor show though. I guess, unlike the motor shows being held in the U.S. or Central and South America, a lot of Korean companies are applying for the event in China, so the Association doesn't seem to feel like it is necessary to promote the motor shows in China."

"I see."

"If you are okay, sir, I'd like to discuss it with President Min-Hyeok Kim in China."

"Sounds good."

"For this motor show in Shanghai, Egnopak is planning to go there as well. They will probably rent several booths there."

"Did Egnopak's president's son cause the trouble on the way from Shanghai?"

"No. He was coming from Tokyo after having fun there when that mishap occurred. I believe it was not a business trip."


When Director Kim mentioned Tokyo, it reminded Gun-Ho of Mori Aikko.

'Oh, Mori Aikko. I wonder how she is doing these days.'

Gun-Ho closed his eyes and recalled Mori Aikko who was dancing at the Matsuri (festival) in Kyoto.

'Mori Aikko at Heian Shrine in Okazaki Park truly looked like a fairy. I do like her a lot, and she is absolutely lovely, but I don't think I can marry her, considering the different cultures that we have, not to mention a language barrier.'

Gun-Ho thought that maybe he should visit Japan soon with the art dealerMr. Yoshitake Matsudaonce things become settled with his business.

Gun-Ho had a TV in his office. His office was the only office in the company with a TV because it was the president's office. Gun-Ho sometimes watched TV there.

Gun-Ho turned on the TV. It was a bit early for the news. A soap opera was being broadcasted at that time. The soap operaShade of Desirewas being re-aired, where Seol-Bing was the main character.

Gun-Ho usually didn't watch soap operas on TV. He used to watch a historical drama sometimes though, but now he stopped watching those lately. His favorite TV program was the news.

"That's Seol-Bing!"

Seol-Bing was the main character in Shade of Desire. In that soap opera, Seol-Bing was a mediocre office worker, and the company owner's son where she worked liked her. The setting reminded Gun-Ho of Dong-Hwan KimEgnopak's president's son. In the scene on TV at that time, the company owner's son was hugging and kissing Seol-Bing after confessing his love to her on a rainy day.

Gun-Ho turned off the TV.

"I kissed her at the gallery the other day. She might consider the incident as one of the TV scenes where she plays in."

Gun-Ho thought that maybe it was not a good idea to marry her.

Gun-Ho would have a hard time accepting the fact that she would often have to kiss other men fiercely as part of her job. It certainly wouldn't be a pleasing experience for her husband. However, Gun-Ho wanted to see her again.

"I do want to meet Seol-Bing, and... I do miss Mori Aikko. Does that make me a true philanderer?"

Gun-Ho wanted to ask someone why he was feeling that way.

"Maybe I should go to Cheonghakjeongsa in Goesan Town to consult Master Park."

It was November.

Temperature dropped in the morning and morning frost was easily seen.

Gun-Ho was about to head out to his building in Sinsa Town to work when he changed his mind and asked Chan-Ho to take the highway.

"Today is the day when you go to work in Sinsa Town. You go to work at the factory in Jiksan Town tomorrow."

"I know that. We are going to Goesan Town today."

"Goesan Town?"

When they stopped by a rest area on a highway, Gun-Ho went into a store and bought a mountain climbing cane and a belt. Chan-Ho asked, "Are you planning to go mountain climbing?"

"No. These are for an old man in Goesan Town."

"Do you have a relative there?"

"He is not my relative. He is a fortune teller."

"A fortune teller?"

Chan-Ho Eum tilted his head while driving.

Gun-Ho's Bentley arrived at Cheonghakjeongsa in Goesan Town. The house was designed and constructed in a Korean traditional style. Chan-Ho said, "Huh? It does actually look like a place where a fortune teller is living."

There seemed to be a couple of customers at Master Park's just like the last time Gun-Ho visited there. There were two mid-aged women. Since there was only one car parked there, the two ladies must have come together.

Once the customers left the place, Gun-Ho entered Master Park's room.

"Huh? Mr. ShinWangJaeWang is here."

Master Park seemed to be doing fine.

"You are still receiving customers constantly even though you live in the countryside."

"If you live here, there will be more people coming to the place."


"Of course. We say 'Boo Joo Sim San Yoo Won Chin.' That means that a rich man would still get a lot of friends, who are coming to see him, even though that man is living in a mountain far away from a city. Well, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit today?"

"Things seemed to be tangled inside my head."

"It must be something related to your love life."

Of course, Master Park knew what was going on with Gun-Ho. This was the reason why Gun-Ho wanted his consultation.