Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 399 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 399 Date At Fortress Wall Of Seoul 1 Part 2

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun continued to walk around the Fortress Wall of Seoul. The path was steep but short. They had to take several short breaks on the way because of Gun-Ho. When Gun-Ho felt like he walked enough, it was almost 11:30 am. It was too early for lunch.

"It's 11:30. We can have our lunch around noon. Would you like to walk 30 minutes more?"

When Gun-Ho asked Young-Eun to walk a bit more, Young-Eun looked at her watch.

"Let's walk a bit more until we reach Gilsangsa Temple."

"Gilsangsa Temple?"

The name of the temple sounded familiar.

The Gilsangsa Temple was located in a town called Seongbuk. It was a rich town with many luxurious single houses. Many foreign embassies were situated there too. Gun-Ho took out his smartphone and searched for Gilsangsa Temple on the Internet surreptitiously. After reading about the temple, Gun-Ho started talking about it as if he already knew all the information.

"Did you know that it was once a bar called Daewongag before it became a temple?"

"Yes, I heard about it."

"The owner of Daewongag Bar gave the place to a monkBopjongwhen she died."

"That sounds right."

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun entered the temple and walked around. Gun-Ho put his hands together and gave a bow in the main temple without actually entering the room.

"Are you a Buddhist?"

"No, I'm not. I just prayed, wishing for something. I prayed for maintaining a good relationship with Ms. Young-Eun Kim."

Young-Eun laughed. Gun-Ho was not sure why she laughed. She might like the fact that Gun-Ho wanted to be in a good relationship with her, or what Gun-Ho wished for baffled her.

Gun-Ho walked around the temple while Young-Eun didn't. She said that she came to the temple several times already. While Young-Eun went to the bathroom, Gun-Ho quickly searched for Gilsangsa Temple on the Internet again for more information.

"Shoot. There is another temple with the same name in Namwon City. Let me specify the search word by adding Seongbuk Town."

Gun-Ho read information about Gilsangsa Temple. The bar owner was in love with the poetBaek Seok. Gun-Ho sat on a bench and looked around.

"This place was once one of the top three bars during President Chung-Hee Park administration. This is huge for a bar! The one in Hannam Town and the bar in Shinjuku, where Mori Aikko is working, are so small compared to this one that they might be the size of this place's bathroom."

Gilsangsa Temple was extended into an uphill road in the mountain.

"President Chung-Hee Park must have had a lot of fun in this place with his followers. You can't come here if you don't have a vehicle, so it was a good place to have fun without worrying about being in the public eye."

Gun-Ho thought about the previous owner of this placethe owner lady of Daewongag Bar.

"She gave this place to a monk when she died. I wonder what kind of person she was. Is Mori Aikko going to donate the condo in Daikanyama, which I bought for her, to a temple later?"

While Gun-Ho was thinking about the bar and Mori Aikko, Young-Eun came back. The two walked out of the temple and continued to walk without talking. There was a pork cutlet restaurant.

"Would you like to have a pork cutlet for lunch?"

Young-Eun nodded her head.

While placing an order, Gun-Ho wanted to have a beer as well.

"Maybe we should drink a glass of beer with food."

"No beer. I will have a glass of coke."

While having his pork cutlet, Gun-Ho continued to talk about Gilsungsa Temple, which he read about on the Internet.

"The owner lady of Daewongak Bar was a courtesan."

"Right. I heard about it."

"She revealed in her later years of life that she was the poet Baek Seok's lover.

"I see."

"When she donated the place to the temple, which was worth more than 100 billion won at that time, she said it wasn't even worth a line in Baek Seok's poem."

"Oh, she did?"

"It seems that they didn't marry each other after all."

"Baek Seok was an English teacher at that time, and his parents disapproved of their marriage rigidly because she was a courtesan. Bae Seok then married another woman."

"Hmm, it's a sad story."

They kept walking until they reached Starbucks.

"I brought my car. I will drop you off to your home."

"It's okay. I can take the subway. It's only one station away from here."

"I insist. We walked a lot today. You should let your legs take some rest. Just give me one second, I will bring my car."

Gun-Ho drove his Land Rover to the place where Young-Eun was waiting for him.

Young-Eun got in the car. Usually, people who got into Gun-Ho's Land Rover made a positive comment about the car, but Young-Eun didn't say anything.

'She probably didn't even look at what kind of car this was before she got in it.'

Gun-Ho thought Young-Eun didn't check out his car, but the fact was that Young-Eun didn't know much about cars. She just didn't know whether a Land Rover was an expensive and luxurious vehicle.

"Where should I head to?"

"It's close to the four-way intersection in Heyhwa Town. The condo complex's name is Anam."

Gun-Ho quickly glanced at Young-Eun's profile who was sitting in the front passenger seat. Her profile was absolutely gorgeous. The profile itself was more beautiful than Seol-Bing's or Mori Aikko's. Gun-Ho wanted to drive all the way to Busan City with Young-Eun.

"I had fun today. I will meet you at the same Starbucks next Sunday as well at 10 am."

"I have to attend my friend's wedding next Sunday."

"Then, we can meet the following Sunday."

Young-Eun laughed without giving a firm answer.

"You can take a left turn over there."

The condo complex looked a bit old.

"I will get off here. I need to stop by a supermarket to pick up something before going home."

Gun-Ho waved at Young-Eun once Young-Eun got off the car. Young-Eun also faintly and briefly waved at Gun-Ho.

It was Monday. Gun-Ho went to work at GH Mobile.

When Gun-Ho was having a cup of tea that his secretary prepared for him, he received a call from Min-Hyeok Kim in China.

"In order to open a joint venture in this area, you will need at least 60,000 dollars. However, it seems that usually, people start a joint venture with 100,000 dollars as I observed so far."

"How much do I have in my personal account with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China?"

"You have 1.2 billion Korean won. It's about 1,200,000 dollars."

"Okay, then take out 100,000 dollars and establish a company."

"And, for a straw man, my wife can do it instead of the Chinese team lead here."

"Sounds good!"

"I will register the company as you own 90% and my wife owns 10%. Since the 10% comes from you as well, I will have my wife sign a statement indicating either that she renounces her share or that she transfers that amount to you."

"Okay. You don't need me there when you register the company with the government, right? I will sign the power of attorney."

"I think so. Everything is possible in China, and everything looks impossible here too."

"Haha. Okay."

Gun-Ho was thinking after getting off the phone with Min-Hyeok.

'If I use my name to do the business there, there is no reason for me to add the nameDyeon Korea. It would be just a trading company. Maybe I should name the company GH Trade. Maybe I'd better specify what the company will trade. What about GH Plastic and Chemical Compound Trade?'

'Let me see. If we use Min-Hyeok's wife's name, maybe I should let her be the president of that company. I don't think she is making good money in her current job as a teacher in an international school. Given that she is working in China, she is probably making about 3,000 or 4,000 Yuan. His wife is young and good-looking. She is also a Chinese native speaker, so she will manage the sales activities fine there. Moreover, she studied in the U.S., and she speaks English. She is also sophisticated.'

Gun-Ho made a call to Min-Hyeok.