Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 407 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 407 Lifetime Companion Part 2

When Gun-Ho was lost in thought about his plan on his multiple companies, Min-Hyeok and Dingding came to Gun-Ho's office in GH Mobile. When Gun-Ho introduced the couple to the executive officers, they welcomed them, showing their respect, but they didn't make a fuss unlike the executives in Dyeon Korea. Dingding felt a different vibe in GH Mobile from Dyeon Korea. The workers in GH Mobile seemed to be more conservative, and they work in a more systematic way. The company was bigger in size with more employees. Jong-Suk Park was the only one who seemed to be absolutely excited to see them.

"Hey, Min-Hyeok bro! It's really good to see you. My sister-in-law is here too."

Min-Hyeok introduced Jong-Suk to Dingding saying he grew up with him in the same town, and he was like his little brother, and that was why Jong-Suk referred to her as his sister-in-law. Dingding seemed to be delighted to meet Jong-Suk who considered her as his sister-in-law, and she extended her hand to him for a handshake. Jong-Suk showed the couple around the factory. Over 200 workers were working in the production field, and Dingding was impressed by the efficient system and productivity.

Dingding once again wanted to take a group photo, and they took a picture together at the company's entrance where she could see GH Mobile's business sign.

Gun-Ho headed to GH Logistics in Seonghwan Town, where Jae-Sik Moon was working, with Min-Hyeok and Dingding. Min-Hyeok thought GH Logistics looked cozy. There were several trucks and heavy equipment parked in its front yard.

"Hey, Jae-Sik!"

"Hey, Min-Hyeok!"

The two looked so happy to see each other. Gun-Ho, who was standing next to them, felt delighted to see the happy moment of his friends.

"Huh? My little sister-in-law is here too."

"She is your big sister-in-law, bro, because I'm your big brother."

Min-Hyeok introduced Jae-Sik to Dingding.

"This is Jae-Sik Moon. We've been friends since high school. Gun-Ho invested in this company as well, and Jae-Sik is running it."

"Is that so? He has several companies."

"He has more. There is a company that manages a building in Seoul City. Also, GH Media that hosted your father's art exhibition is his too."

Dingding looked at Gun-Ho and thought, 'So, he is the chairman of the GH group.'

Jae-Sik took them to a Japanese restaurant in Pyeongtaek City, which specialized in Shabu-shabu. The restaurant was situated in a newly constructed building. It was a very large restaurant. Jae-Sik picked this restaurant because he knew Chinese people liked Shabu-shabu.

Dingding seemed to be excited and started taking pictures of the restaurant interior. Gun-Ho thought that taking a picture must be her hobby.

Six people including Min-Hyeok, Dinging, Gun-Ho, Jong-Suk, Jae-Sik, and Chan-Ho sat at a table. They all seemed to enjoy Shabu-shabu with beer. Min-Hyeok said while smiling, "You know what? It seems like the ugly three brothers of Incheon City are all here."

They all laughed. Jong-Suk chipped in.

"You should count me in. It should be the ugly four brothers of Incheon City."

They all laughed again. Dingding was the only one who looked puzzled. They mostly talked about the old days when they were in high school.

"Jae-Sik, you were the target of Suk-Ho Lee, and you made it so easy."

"Don't even say his name. I'm still sick of him."

Gun-Ho asked, "How is Suk-Ho Lee doing these days? How's his business in Shenyang City?"

"I don't know. I haven't talked to him for a while. I've been too busy lately. The last time I spoke with him, he was complaining about his stores that were still on the market. He was trying to rent them out."

"When you go back to China, give him a call and see how he is doing. I know that it's really hard to do business in China as an individual. We were lucky that we have connections in China like Seukang Li and Jien Wang. Also, we started our business as a registered company. As an individual business owner, the business environment in China is not very favorable."

"You are probably right. Remember the time when we visited him in Shenyang City? We stopped by his place on the way to Dandong City. He didn't look so good even then."

When they finished lunch, Min-Hyeok said, "I guess I have to say goodbye here. I will return to China after visiting my parents in Incheon City. Jong-Suk, can you give us a ride to the KTX station? Gun-Ho will have to go back to Seoul."

"Why don't you come to Seoul with me?"

"Nah, it's okay. Taking the KTX is more convenient for us, so we can get off at the Seoul station to take the subway. Dingding wants to go to Myeong Town anyway, so we will spend some time there."

"I see. Well, then I guess it's time to say goodbye."

"Jae-Sik, stay healthy, okay? I'm sure you will succeed in running GH Logistics!"

"Thank you, my friend. You stay well. Also, my little sister-in-law, take care."

It was December and the weather was cold. Gun-Ho came out of his warm condo and sat in his car to go to work. He didn't even bother wearing a coat or winter outwear since he would stay in a warm office after taking his heated vehicle. Gun-Ho looked outside the window in his office. People in heavy winter outfits were passing by Gun-Ho's building on the street.

Gun-Ho sent a text message to Young-Eun Kim.

[I will be waiting for you at Starbucks in Daehakro, the one across the street from the restaurant we had beer together last time. I will be there on Sunday at 11 am.]

Sunday came around.

Gun-Ho didn't wear a mountain-climbing outfit with a backpack that day because he thought he wouldn't walk around the Fortress Wall of Seoul. The weather was too cold to walk outside. He was wearing a coat and dress shoes when he headed to Starbucks in Daehakro. The coat and the shoes that Gun-Ho was wearing were high-end designer fashion.

Gun-Ho was waiting for Young-Eun at Starbucks. It was after 11 am, and Young-Eun hadn't shown up yet, but Gun-Ho didn't feel anxious any longer. He thought he was now closer to Young-Eun after they had a snowball fight the other day.

Gun-Ho was enjoying his cup of coffee when Young-Eun finally arrived. She was wearing a coat as well.

"Why don't you have a cup of coffee?"


After a moment, Young-Eun's coffee was ready.

"Did you have a good week?"


"Any trouble in the hospital like being reprimanded by your superior?"


"It's no fun if you respond to me with yes or no only."


Gun-Ho looked at Young-Eun's face and laughed. Young-Eun laughed along with him.

Young-Eun pulled out something from her bag.

"What is it?"

"It's a sewing thread."

"A sewing thread? Do you need to mend something?"

"Give me your ring finger."

"My ring finger?"

"My aunt asked me to measure your ring finger, so we can order a ring."

Gun-Ho almost spilled his coffee in surprise.

Young-Eun looked serious and focused on measuring Gun-Ho's ring finger. Gun-Ho felt an urge to abruptly hug her.

'Oh, my gosh. Am I finally going to get married?'

Gun-Ho's finger started trembling.

Gun-Ho held Young-Eun's hand.

"Thank you, Ms. Young-Eun Kim. I will do my best to make you happy for the rest of my life."

"People are staring at us."

Young-Eun slowly pulled her hand out in embarrassment.