Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 415 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 415 First Meeting Between The Families Of The Bride And Groom 3 Part 2

Once he received his dividend from GH Auto Parts in China, Gun-Ho would make double his investment. Gun-Ho was very satisfied with the result of his investment.

"My factory in China is successful. I think the business background of GH Mobile was the key to its success."

Gun-Ho's wealth was gradually increasing.

The dorky Gun-Ho was not a good student grade-wise when he was in school. He was an average student in a suburb close to Seoul City. With his grade, he didn't even consider going to a college within Seoul at that time. It was highly competitive even among the students in high school located within Seoul City to be admitted to a college inside Seoul City.

Gun-Ho studied one more year after graduating high school in order to get into a college. He was eventually admitted to a low ranking college in South Chungnam Province, but he couldn't even complete his degree there because of money. The tuition was expensive as well as the living costs. His father was unemployed at that time, and his mother was working as a caregiver in a nursing home. With his mother's salary only, his parents couldn't fully support Gun-Ho financially.

He then decided to finish his mandatory military service without finishing his college education. After completing the service, he started taking classes from a cyber college while working part-time.

Gun-Ho thought that once he got a job in the government, he would be able to support his family including himself. So, he began to study for the level-9 government job exam while staying in a tiny room in Noryangjin Town, and he eventually gave up after failing the exam multiple times.

He then started working in a factory while moving from one factory to another until he accidentally met Chairman Lee from Cheongdam Town. His years of experience with the factory works became a valuable asset for Gun-Ho in running his current manufacturing companies.

Even the dorky Gun-Ho was good at something. He was not a good math student, but he was outstanding in calculating numbers like addition and subtraction. He was a mediocre student, but he had an excellent memorizing ability. Also, he showed incredible concentration when it came to money. He was persistent in getting a lucrative opportunity. His investment in the stock market, real estate, and acquisition of a company were the examples.

Gun-Ho received a call from Artist Choi.

"President Goo? Can you talk right now?"

"Yes. Please go on."

"Have you and Young-Eun met each other's parents?"

"Yes, we have."

"Then, why haven't you proceeded to the next step yet? You should set up a meeting between your parents and Young-Eun's father."

"Oh, the meeting between the families? Umm, sure, of course, we should."

"I'm sorry to say this, but I feel like you two wouldn't be able to marry without another person's help."

"I'm, I'm sorry."

"Set up the meeting this Saturday. Since your parents are in Incheon City and Young's father is in Sillim Town, Seoul, I think Yeouido would be an adequate venue for the meeting. Make a reservation with a restaurant in 63 Building there."

"Umm, sure, I will do that."

"If you look at the directory of 63 Building, you will see a restaurant called Shuchiku. It's a Japanese restaurant, and it's on the 58th floor. Let me make a reservation for you. I will make the reservation for this Saturday at 1 pm. Your wedding date is scheduled for March 18th. Why don't you decide on a wedding hall after discussing it with Young-Eun? You don't have much time left. You'd better hurry in preparing for your wedding."

After getting off the phone with Artist Choi, Gun-Ho sent a text message to Young-Eun.

[Ms. Artist Choi will make a reservation with a restaurantChuchikuin 63 Building for the meeting of two families. Please come to the restaurant this Saturday at 1 pm with your father.]

Young-Eun's reply arrived.

[Okay. I will do that.]

Once he received a confirmation from Young-Eun, Gun-Ho made a call to his mother.

"Mom? We will meet with Young-Eun's father this Saturday. It will be at a restaurant in 63 Building."

"This Saturday? That sounds good. I was actually wondering why no one hasn't said anything about the formal meeting between two families."

"If you come to the 58th floor, there is a Japanese restaurant. Come at 1 pm."

"Did you say 58th floor? There is a restaurant there? I didn't know that."

"Yeah, there is one. Come and ride with my sister."

"Okay. Haha."

Gun-Ho then sent a text to his sister.

[Sister, two families will meet this Saturday at the Japanese restaurantChuchikuin 63 Building. The restaurant is on the 58th floor. Take your Sonata with mom and dad. I will give a ride to them on the way back to Incheon City. Thanks, sister.]

Gun-Ho's sister's reply came in a bit later. She was probably busy at work.

[I just got your text. Of course, I will take our parents there this Saturday. Don't worry about it. Congratulations, brother. You are finally getting married.]

It had been a month since Gun-Ho started taking the course at Advanced Center for Administrative Development. One day, the students wanted to have dinner together.

The course was a one-year non-degree course that required attendance only twice per week. So, many of the students were there to make a connection or socialize rather than learning something.

"Hey, Mr. Class Manager, why don't you collect 100,000 won from each of us for dinner today?"

The class president person just assigned a work to Gun-Ho, and Gun-Ho mumbled to himself.

'Sh*t. I shouldn't have accepted this position. I'm the owner-president who gives orders to others in my companies. Here, I get the order from someone.'

After taking the list of students from TA, Gun-Ho walked around the class to collect 100,000 won from each student. The students in that class seemed to have no problem giving 100,000 won. Most of them produced two 50,000 won to Gun-Ho. A minister made a joke when Gun-Ho asked him to give the contribution for dinner.

"Mr. Minister, 100,000 won please."

"Do you take a credit card payment?"

Even though some people asked for an alternative payment method other than cash, they all had cash in their wallets. Gun-Ho went to a general who was in his 50s. He was the serious type.

"Mr. General, 100,000 won please."

"What? 100,000 won? Isn't it too expensive for dinner?"

"I think the restaurant that we are going to is a famous one."

A minister suggested.

"Mr. Class Manager, why don't you pick a restaurant and make a reservation for us?"

"Umm, I don't know any restaurant in this area."

Gun-Ho walked to a student who had a wealthy father-in-law who had a conglomerate. That person was currently a minister in the government, so Gun-Ho just called him 'Mr. Minister.'

"Mr. Minister, do you, by any chance, know of any nice restaurant around this area?"

"Well, I don't know. I know several decent restaurants in Gangnam District, but not this area. Why don't you try the professors?"

Gun-Ho went to the office for professors, and a professor recommended a sushi restaurant around the Gwanak District's government office with the restaurant phone number.

"But this restaurant is very pricey."

"We have lots of ministers in class. I don't think they would care about the price."

"Well, you never know. Usually, ministers are frugal. A businessman like you, President Goo, spends money without thinking much."

"Why don't you join us for dinner, Professor?"

"Sure, I will."

Gun-Ho made a reservation with the restaurant that the professor recommended. He also checked the location of the parking.

Gun-Ho went back to the class.

"We are going to Namhae Sushi Restaurant across the street from the Gwanak District's government office. It's on the second floor. You can park your car behind the Green Motel. There is a large parking lot there."

Someone reminded Gun-Ho of something.

"Mr. Class Manager, you will need to check the number of chauffeurs as well."

Gun-Ho yelled to the class, "Please raise your hand if you came with a chauffeur today."

There were twelve people with a chauffeur.

"I will reserve a hall for the chauffeurs."

"Our class manager is very good."

Gun-Ho was thinking that his life was about to become tiring.