Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 417 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 417 First Meeting Between The Families Of The Bride And Groom 4 Part 2

After Mr. Adam Castler left Gun-Ho's office, Director Kim came into the office.

"Did those journalists leave already?"

"Yes, sir. We will put an advertis.e.m.e.nt in a plastic magazine with color pictures. I personally know the owner of that magazine publisher, and he suggested that he would place our advertis.e.m.e.nt in his magazine for half price."

"Hmm, really?"

"I have something I'd like to discuss with you, sir. It's a personal matter."

"What is it?"

"Do you remember my nephew who interpreted for us when we went on a business trip to Japan?"

"Oh, the international student in Japan?"

"Yes. He finally graduated from college in Japan and came back to Korea. The thing is that he is having a hard time finding a job, maybe because he is a bit older than other college graduates in the job market. If it's okay, I want him to work with us at Dyeon Korea. We can place him in the general affairs department."

"He doesn't have any work experience in a general affairs field, does he?"

"No, he doesn't, but since we have the general affairs manager, I think he can learn from him as he works. Our general affairs manager is currently overloaded with too much work. As we hired more workers at the production site, his workload in handling their work records and wages increased accordingly. He can't even make time to perform other work outside the office."

"Bring him to the office."

"He is actually here right now. Would you like to see him?"

"Really? Well, since it's about a non-executive officer position, you can hire him without my approval."

"The thing is that since he is related to me, I don't want to create any misunderstanding by hiring him without your permission, sir."

"Okay. Let me talk to him then."

"Yes, sir."

After Director Kim left the office to bring his nephew in, Gun-Ho thought.

'Dyeon Korea doesn't do any business with Japan yet, but it would be nice to have someone who can speak Japanese.'

A man who looked like he was in his mid-30s entered Gun-Ho's office. He was wearing thick glasses.

"Hmm, I remember you. Please have a seat."

The man sat on a chair carefully.

Gun-Ho asked for the general affairs manager through the interphone, and the manager came to Gun-Ho's office after a moment.

"Mr. General Affairs Manager, I've heard that you have been overloaded with work."

"Oh, umm, yes, sir, a bit"

"This man here will help you with the work. He doesn't have work experience and will need your guidance. You can let him handle the production workers' wage calculation first."

"Yes, sir."

It was the day when the two families would meet for the first time.

Since it was Saturday, Gun-Ho didn't want to ask Chan-Ho to drive for him. Instead, Gun-Ho drove his Land Rover by himself. Gun-Ho arrived at the restaurant a bit earlier and waited for others.

"Hi, I made a reservation for GH."

When Gun-Ho was waiting for others at a room, his parents and sister arrived first.

"Oh, my goodness. This restaurant is so nice."

Gun-Ho's mother and father were busy looking around the restaurant.

Gun-Ho's sister said while giving him V-sign, "Okay, Gun-Ho, I've fulfilled my duty to bring our parents safely here in time. I'm leaving now. Good luck."

"Thank you, sister."

"Gun-Ho, the food here must be very expensive. Maybe, 100,000 won per person? I've never been to a luxurious restaurant like this before."

Gun-Ho's father said as he sat at the table.

"So, the bride's father used to be a teacher, right?"


Gun-Ho's mother said to her husband, "Please be careful not to make any mistake. And don't forget to keep a smile on your face."

"You are the one who should take extra caution not to make any mistake. Don't talk too much, that's the only effective way to prevent it. People who talk too much can't avoid making a mistake while talking."

"Shush. Someone is coming."

Gun-Ho stood up and walked out of the room.

Young-Eun was there with her father.

"Hello, sir."

Gun-Ho gave a deep bow to Young-Eun's father.

"I hope we didn't come late."

Young-Eun's father extended his hand to Gun-Ho for a handshake.

Gun-Ho looked at Young-Eun. She was wearing light makeup with a hat. She looked really gorgeous that day. A small touch to the makeup and clothes made her look real pretty.

"Are they here already?"

"Yes, they are here in the room."

As Young-Eun and her father entered the room, Gun-Ho's parents quickly stood up from their seats. Gun-Ho's mother seemed nervous and she dropped her handkerchief as she jumped out of her chair.

"These are my father and mother."

Gun-Ho's parents gave a deep bow to Young-Eun's father and so did Young-Eun's father. It seemed that Young-Eun's father hadn't been to a luxurious restaurant like this before as Gun-Ho's parents. They all looked uncomfortable and unnatural. They didn't seem to easily blend in with the restaurant's atmosphere. But Gun-Ho and Young-Eun looked fine. They looked sophisticated and classy.

Young-Eun's father talked first.

"I came alone today because Young-Eun's mother couldn't be here with me."

"We've heard of it."

Gun-Ho's parents kept glancing at Young-Eun because she looked different that day. Young-Eun looked particularly pretty in the luxurious place.

"We are so happy that Young-Eun would become our family. You raised your daughter so well."

Gun-Ho wondered how come his father was talking fine. Gun-Ho asked for a waitress and ordered some food.

"We will have full-course meals with wine instead of sake."

"Yes, sir."

Gun-Ho then let both parents know what to expect,

"I just ordered a course meal for us. The food will come out one by one, so please take your time."

Gun-Ho looked at his mother's face. She was having a mild smile on her face.

Young-Eun's father said, "Young-Eun's mother passed away when Young-Eun was in high school. So, Young-Eun didn't have a chance to learn how to do house chores. I hope you understand."

Gun-Ho's mother responded, "She came to our home the other day. She had a good manner, and we thought she was very well raised and she must have great parents."

Gun-Ho's mother sounded fine which was not what Gun-Ho expected. Gun-Ho thought, 'Mom, you are doing great.'

Gun-Ho filled up glasses with red wine and handed them to his parents.

It was not very comfortable but the meeting was fine.

Gun-Ho asked Young-Eun as they walked out of the room, "Did you bring your car?"

Young-Eun nodded her head and said, "My father drove."

"I see. If you don't have any plans tomorrow, I'd like to see you at Starbucks in Daehakro maybe around noon. I need to discuss something with you."

Gun-Ho took his parents to their home in Guweol Town with his Land Rover.

Gun-Ho's mother loudly said, "Ha! Your aunt's daughter-in-law can't even be compared with mine. My daughter-in-law is so pretty and smart. She graduated from a top university Seoul National University. She is a medical doctor with good manners. You know what? People from my old workplace the nursing home and from the church are so surprised that I will have a doctor daughter-in-law."

Gun-Ho's father added, "Gun-Ho is so lucky. His father-in-law is a very well mannered person, maybe because he used to be a teacher. He seems to be a great man."

"Gun-Ho, how did we do today? Did we make any mistake during the meeting with Young-Eun's father?"

"You both were great."

"Did you pick your wedding date?"

"Yes. It's on March 18. I will have to find a wedding hall though. I might have to change the wedding date depending on the availability of the venue. I will let you know when everything is confirmed."

"You said her father is living in Sillim Town, right? Then which wedding hall would be convenient for both families? We will have guests from Incheon City. What about somewhere around Noyrangjin Town or Daebang Town? There is Yuan Wedding Hall in Daebang Town."

Gun-Ho didn't say anything in response to his mother's suggestion.