Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 418 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 418 Wedding 1 Part 1

On Sunday, Gun-Ho and Young-Eun met at Starbucks in Daehakro.

"The family meeting yesterday was very nice."

"Right. I had a good time."

"The reason I wanted to see you today is about our wedding venue. We need to decide where we want to have our wedding."

"I think we need to find a place that has easy access for our guests."

"Right. So I was thinking of somewhere between Incheon City and Sillim Town where our parents are living."

"What about Gangnam District then? I heard your office is in Sinsa Town. Many of my colleagues from the hospital are living in Gangnam District as well."

"You want to have the wedding in Gangnam? We can do that since it's between Incheon City and Sillim Town. What about the War Memorial of Korea or the Hilton Hotel in Gangnam?"

"Hilton Hotel? The one across the street from Seoul Station, right? Hmm Yeah, I like that place. I've been there before for a medical seminar and a breakfast party."

"I think the location is very convenient. The guests from Incheon City and from Sillim Town won't have any difficulties to get there. Since a subway station is right there, anyone from Gangnam District can conveniently take the subway no. 5 or no. 1."

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun decided to have their wedding at Millennium Hilton Seoul which was close to Seoul Station.

"I heard that a banquet room for a wedding is often already fully booked up for the next few months, and we'd better hurry in making a reservation. I think we should go there maybe tomorrow."

"Tomorrow is not good for me. What about the day after tomorrow? We can meet here on Tuesday during lunchtime."

"Sounds good."

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun had lunch at Saboten which was located near Starbucks. They had a pork cutlet. After lunch, Gun-Ho suggested Young-Eun to take a walk.

"Let's take a walk. It will help with digestion."

"This area is too crowded to walk, and it's close to Anam Condo where I live. Let's go to Starbucks around Hansung University Station."

The two went to Starbucks near Hansung University in Land Rover.

"Do you want to walk along the Fortress Wall of Seoul?"

"Let's make a brief walk today. We can take a walk until we see the Gansong Art Museum."

"Gansong Art Museum?"

"Yes, the art museum founded by Jeon, Hyeong-Pil."

Gun-Ho had no idea where that Gansong Art Museum was, but he decided to just follow her. The area was quiet compared to the Daehakro area. Gun-Ho held Young-Eun's arm.

"Mr. Gun-Ho Goo, aren't you feeling cold?"

"Not at all since I am with you."

Young-Eun chuckled.

"I think we need to change the way we call each other. Mr. Gun-Ho Goo doesn't sound appropriate."

"How do you want me to call you then? Mr. President? Mr. Chairman?"

"Please call me oppa."


"Yes, try it. Call me oppa."


Young-Eun laughed out loud after she called Gun-Ho oppa.

Gun-Ho put his arm around Young-Eun's waist and said, "Thank you, Young-Eun!"

"Stop it. People are looking at us."

Gun-Ho thought that Young-Eun looked so lovely that day. He wanted to kiss her on the cheek but he suppressed the urge because there were people on the street.

They kept walking until they reached Gansong Art Museum. It was a short walk.

"It's only 2:30 pm. Why don't we go to my place?"

"The condo in Dogok Town?"


"Then you will have to give me a ride back here."

"Of course, I will."

When Gun-Ho's car was passing on Hannam Bridge, Young-Eun asked Gun-Ho, "Oppa, do you live there by yourself?"

"No, two people live there."

"Two people?"

"I live with a person whose name is Young-Eun Kim."

Young-Eun hit Gun-Ho in the shoulder while laughing.

When they arrived at Gun-Ho's home, Young-Eun was startled by its size.

"Oh, my. It's huge."

"Of course. I need all these spaces so I could raise several children in it."

"It's not very economical to occupy a huge condo like this by yourself."

Young-Eun looked around and opened each room's door to only find out that all of the rooms were empty except the master bedroom where there was a bed, a desk, TV, and a computer.

Young-Eun said, "You are using only the master bedroom, huh?"

Young-Eun noticed a book 'the future of China' authored by Jien Wang, which was placed in the bookshelf.

Young-Eun walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and cabinets. There was a door to a veranda and a laundry room.

"Haha. You don't have many plates."

"I eat out most of the time."

"You have a very nice view from the living room."

Gun-Ho hugged Young-Eun gently and said, "Thank you."

Gun-Ho then gave Young-Eun a kiss on the cheek and then slowly on her lips. Gun-Ho could hear Young-Eun's breath.

"I will make you happy for the rest of my life."

Gun-Ho then kissed Young-Eun more deeply. Young-Eun pushed Gun-Ho off and said, "I'd better get going."

Gun-Ho headed to the Hyehwa four-way intersection with Young-Eun.

"Did you say you live in Anam Condo in Heyhwa Town?"

"It's actually Anam Condo in Myeongryoon Town."

On the way to drop off Young-Eun at her home, Gun-Ho couldn't take his eyes off Young-Eun whenever they stopped at the red traffic light.

"Focus on driving. You should drive safely."

When Gun-Ho was doing it again, Young-Eun shouted in English, "Please stop looking at me!"

Gun-Ho parked in the parking lot of the Anam condo complex.

"Let me take a look at your home too."

"Maybe next time."

"No next time. I want to see it today."

"My condo is tiny, and it's messy now. I didn't clean it up."

"That's okay. I will still like it."

Young-Eun's condo was 21 pyung large.

There were two rooms, and one of them was filled with medical books. In the living room, there was a watercolor painting hanging on the wall. It was probably an artwork of Artist Choi.

Gun-Ho went into the master bedroom. There were a bed and a desk. One of the walls was covered by numerous postcards. When Gun-Ho was looking at those postcards, Young-Eun said, "It is distracting, isn't it?"

"Not at all. I like it."

On her desk, there was a photo of Young-Eun in a medical doctor's white coat posing with her colleagues. In another photo, Young-Eun was with African kids. It must have been taken during her volunteer work in Africa.

"This condo is so cozy and great for one person's living. How much did you pay?"

"I don't own this condo. I'm renting it for half and half."

"Half and half?"

"Yes, I paid a certain amount of security deposit upfront and pay a low monthly rent."

"I see. This location is good. It's close to your workplace, isn't it?"

"That's right. It's within walking distance."

"Hmm. That's very nice."

"Well, shouldn't you leave now? You have to drive a good distance to Dogok Town."

"I want to have dinner before I go home. Let's go out and eat."

The next morning, Gun-Ho was heading to Jiksan Town when he received a call from President Jang-Hwan Song.

"Sir, I'm at the Incheon International Airport right now. I wanted to give you a call before I fly to Chicago."

"You have a safe trip, President Song. I guess I will see you next week."

"Sir, why don't you come and join us in Chicago later this week?"

"Well, I'm afraid that I won't be able to do so. I have tons of personal matters I need to take care of these days."

"Should I expect to hear any good news?"

"Umm, I will talk to you later."

A lot of things were going on in his life other than his business. Gun-Ho had to prepare for his wedding, and he was also taking classes at the Advanced Center for Administrative Development at Seoul National University, not to mention he had some duties to perform as a class manager there.