Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 419 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 419 Wedding 1 Part 2

Gun-Ho arrived at GH Mobile in Jiksan Town. He wanted to check the company's sales revenue with details. Gun-Ho at first thought maybe he should call for the accounting manager Ms. Min-Hwa Kim, and then he decided to talk with the internal auditor instead.

'If I talk with the accounting manager only, the internal auditor might feel excluded.'

Gun-Ho called for the internal auditor and he came to Gun-Ho's office right away.

"I'd like to know the details of our last month's sales revenue."

"Our company's monthly sales revenue is usually more or less 7 billion won. The amount is affected by a season as well. We make more during spring and fall, and we make less in winter. During the old days when we were Mulpasaneop, the sales revenue was around 70 billion won, and it lowered to 50 billion won when we were under court receivership. After we developed the new product AM083, its sales added 1 billion won to our monthly sales revenue. Also, another 1 billion won was added once President Song procured new product orders from S Group's four factories."

"So, our monthly sales revenue before the new product and President Song's new product orders was about 5 billion won."

"That's correct, sir. Therefore, our current monthly sales revenue is approximately 7 billion won and that makes our annual sales revenue of around 80 billion won. We indicated that our last year's sales revenue was 81.6 billion won in our last year-end financial meeting."

After the internal auditor left Gun-Ho's office, he did the math by himself.

'So, the monthly sales revenue is 7 billion won, and 30% of it is from S Group. The major client of our new product AM083 is S Group. And the new product orders that President Song acquired were also from four factories of S Group. So S Group is the primary customer of our company now. President Song said that he won't take his share of stock options this year since he hadn't worked for the company even for one year yet. I guess he is a very reasonable man.'

'President Song will definitely exercise his right on the stock option next year. If the company generates 5 billion won of net profits, he will get 250 million won for his stock option. Once we successfully register the company with KOSDAQ and if we generate the net profits of 10 billion won, his portion for the stock option would be 500 million won which is an extra amount to his salary. That's a lot for a salaryman. That's why he is working so hard. He voluntarily planned and arranged the trip to Chicago. Well, I get benefitted from it as well, and I should encourage him to continue to do so.'

When Gun-Ho was still lost in thought, the general affairs director came to his office.

"Sir, did you lose some weight?"

"You think so? I don't know."

"Sir, how do you want to handle the promotion this time?"

"I don't get involved in those matters. You will have to discuss it with President Song."

"The thing is that there is a candidate to be promoted to an executive position. This sort of promotion cannot be solely determined by President Song, can it?"

"To an executive position? Who is the candidate?"

The general affairs director took out a list of candidates for a promotion, from his folder.

"All these people worked more than four years in their current position, and their performance evaluation is above B. There are nine of them. One of them is a candidate for an executive position. It's the accounting manager Ms. Min-Hwa Kim."


Gun-Ho took a look at the candidate list. He didn't have to be involved in a promotion to a position like a team lead, assistant manager, and manager, but he would have to give an opinion on the promotion for Manager Min-Hwa Kim.

"Hmm. Give me some time to think about this. I will let you know."

"Yes, sir."

The general affairs manager walked out of the office after giving a bow to Gun-Ho.

Gun-Ho thought about Manager Min-Hwa Kim's promotion.

'She has been managing the accounting department by herself, and I know that she has worked so hard even during the court receivership. I do think she deserves the promotion. She is capable of handling work, and she also has an aptitude for accounting work. The thing is that once she is promoted to a director, we will have two directors who would handle the company's finance; Ms. Min-Hwa Kim and the internal auditor. I will have to move one of them to another department. But to where?'

'I want to discuss this with President Song, but he is on a trip to the U.S. right now. Well, I can't discuss it with the internal auditor either. Hmm.'

An internal auditor position was commonly found in a large company, but not in a mid-size company like GH Mobile. So, even though the position title was Internal Auditor, GH Mobile's internal auditor's actual work was an executive officer's in the finance department.

It was Tuesday.

During the lunchtime, Gun-Ho went to Seoul National University Hospital in Dongsung Town to pick up Young-Eun. He made a call to Young-Eun. It was actually the first time he would talk with Young-Eun on the phone. They often exchanged text messages but they hadn't talked on the phone.

"It's me, your oppa."

"Yes, oppa."

"I'm at the entrance of Seoul National University Hospital right now. Can you come down?"


Once Young-Eun got into the car, they headed out to Hilton Hotel.

While they were on the way to Hilton Hotel, Young-Eun, who was sitting next to Gun-Ho in the rear seat, said to Gun-Ho, "Do you think I've lost some weight?"

"No, I don't think so."

"People around me said I lost some weight."

"I've heard that too at work."

Chan-Ho chipped in while looking at Gun-Ho and Young-Eun through the rearview mirror.

"I've heard that many people lose some weight before their wedding."

"I guess preparing for the wedding could be stressful."

"Sir, I'm so envious of you."

"For what?"

"If you become ill, you have your wife who can give you a personal medical treatment."

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun laughed.

When they arrived at Hilton Hotel, they went to the office that handled weddings.

"When is your wedding date?"

"It's March 18th."

"It's on Sunday"

The wedding staff was checking their schedule.

"Saturdays are usually full, but we sometimes have vacant hours on Sundays. That's because many Christians don't want to do their wedding on Sunday."

Fortunately, they could reserve the banquet hall for March 18. Gun-Ho and Young-Eun told them that they were expecting 300 guests on their wedding.

"I think we need to reserve 300 seats for the guests. I'm going to ask the people at work to come to my wedding, who are above executive positions."

Renting a wedding dress and photography were very expensive.

"Wow, is it that expensive?"

Young-Eun asked the price again. It seemed that she was having a hard time believing it.

"You will find higher prices in other hotels. I can show you the price comparison chart if you want."

Gun-Ho talked her down.

"No, it won't be necessary. We will take the service package."

Young-Eun looked at Gun-Ho's face. She didn't seem to be happy with the cost.

"We won't be able to find another wedding venue right now. Let's just take it."

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun made a reservation with the Millennium Hilton Seoul for their wedding.

The staff helped them to find a place for their honeymoon trip as well. They decided to go to Hawaii.