Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 421 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 421 Wedding 2 Part 2

The restaurant always offered rice wine with any dishes that customers ordered. Gun-Ho and Director Kim slowly drank a glass of rice wine.

"I will be outside."

Once Chan-Ho walked out of the restaurant, Gun-Ho said to Director Kim, "GH Mobile has nine candidates for promotion."

"I heard of it."

"One of them is the accounting managerMs. Min-Hwa Kim."

"That is reasonable since she has been in the manager position for four years now."

"The problem is that if I promote her to a director position in the accounting department, I will have to move the internal auditor to another department."

"Of course. Since GH Mobile is not a large company, it's redundant to have two directors in finance."

The rice wine was dark in color. While sipping the wine, Gun-Ho continued to talk, "So, I was thinking to send the internal auditor to Dyeon Korea."

"What? To Dyeon Korea?"

"Manager Myeong-Sook Jo is currently managing the accounting team in Dyeon Korea. Dyeon Korea is steadily growing now, and the accounting work would eventually become too much for her to handle by herself. Don't get me wrong. I know that she is good, but she used to work as an assistant manager before she was reallocated to Dyeon Korea. She will probably need someone who has vast experience in the field to guide her, and Mr. Internal Auditor seems to be perfectly fit for the position."

"That's true. We are expanding our business to the Southeast Asia market, and the accounting work will be complicated accordingly like we will need to make consolidated financial statements. We also need someone who is knowledgeable about those countries' accounting system. Well, I will just follow your decision, sir."

"I will keep his position titleInternal Auditor. I don't want to complicate the future promotion matter by changing his title to a director or managing director."

"I got your point."

"Please talk to Mr. Adam Castler about this. Just tell him that in Korea we must have an internal auditor in a company."

"Yes, sir. I will tell him that we will have to pay a very high penalty if we don't retain an internal auditor. Hahaha."

"Did the Egnopak's president take care of his son's problem?"

"He probably handled it with money as he has always done."

"There seems to be a high chance that his son will ruin his business sooner or later."

"Every family has its own problem. Egnopak's president let out a deep sigh whenever he talks about his son."

"Egnopak's president has his own problem too. His way to handle matters gave a wrong message to his son. When his son was beaten up in a bar five years ago, he went there with a baseball bat for revenge. What kind of father is he? Would you do the same thing?"

"Haha. Egnopak's president himself is a spoiled kid. He inherited the company and wealth from his father."

"I heard that he always asserts that he is not the second generation of a wealthy family, but he is the 1.5 generation."

"I think he says that because he believes he grew the company much bigger with his own hands after he inherited it from his father."

"Once a business reaches a certain level, the business is running fine with the system that is already set up, assuming there is no unusual event to affect the system. So it grows by itself. But he is claiming that the company grew because of his hard work and smartness, huh?"

"Well, what can we do about it? He is our major client who is buying our Dyeon Korea's products after all."

"You are doing great in handling the business with Egnopak, Director Kim."

"You should do that too, sir. You were gentle and kind to them. According to Director Jong-Suk Park, when he wanted to cut Egnopak's president's son's face with a knife, you talked him out of it. I do admire you, sir."

"Well, thank you. Anyway, please inform Mr. Adam Castler that an internal auditor will join Dyeon Korea soon."

"Since it is a joint venture company, whenever an executive officer joins the company, Mr. Castler will have to report it to Lymondell Dyeon. He is sending a weekly report to them anyway. Even though he regularly gives a report to Dyeon America, I don't think he will try to take part in the promotion matter."

After lunch, Gun-Ho came back to the factory in Jiksan Town. Gun-Ho called for the internal auditor.

"Let's have a cup of coffee together."

"Sure, sir."

The internal auditor was wondering why Gun-Ho wanted to have coffee with him.

"What do you think about working for Dyeon Korea?"

"Dyeon Korea?"

"They are expanding the business right now. More machines are added, and its sales revenue is on the rise. They need an executive officer in the finance department. Your position with GH Mobile is expiring next year, but if you join Dyeon Korea, it will be renewed automatically."

"Well, I actually don't mind working for Dyeon Korea."

"This is the fourth year for the accounting managerMs. Min-Hwa Kimto work as a manager in the accounting department, and she is in the promotion candidate list. Once she is promoted to a director position, it will result in leaving two directors in finance, which doesn't look appropriate given the size of this company."

"That's correct, sir. Manager Min-Hwa Kim is very good at her work. She has been handling the accounting department since Mulpasaneop. She went through the court receivership period with the company. She is very smart and meticulous."


"I understand the situation, sir. I will do my best in working for Dyeon Korea."

Gun-Ho received a call from Director Kim.

"I talked to Mr. Adam Castler about bringing the internal auditor in Dyeon Korea. He said that they don't get involved in personnel appointments or transfer matters in Korea. He pointed to the provision in the joint venture contract. It indicated that both parties will have to discuss when there is a change in the positions such as president and vice president."

"I see."

Gun-Ho asked for the general affairs director.

The general affairs director came to Gun-Ho's office with his notebook.

"We will promote all of the nine candidates as of March 2nd as indicated in the promotion list. Manager Min-Hwa Kim will be promoted from a manager to a director of the accounting department. The internal auditorMr. Hee-Suk Gohwill be reallocated to Dyeon Korea as their internal auditor, again as of March 2nd."

"Yes, sir. Thank you."

The general affairs director gave a deep bow to Gun-Ho and left the office.

The general affairs director immediately made an announcement about the promotion decision and sent it to each department. The official announcement was also placed on the announcement board, which was made under the name of President Jang-Hwan Song. GH Mobile's employees gathered in front of the announcement board.

"So, everyone who was supposed to be promoted received their promotion, huh?"

Manager Min-Hwa Kim opened the president's office's door and entered.

"Thank you, sir."

"I thank you for your hard work, Director Kim."

"I will do my best, sir."

Ms. Min-Hwa Kim's voice was shaking. Tears welled up in her eyes. She seemed to become emotional. She would enjoy a lot of benefits once she was promoted to a director position. Her salary would dramatically go up. A vehicle would be assigned to her along with an office with a new executive desk.