Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 423 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 423 Wedding 3 Part 2

After Artist Hwang left, Gun-Ho came back to the class. The class president asked for Gun-Ho. The class president was an inc.u.mbent minister. His wife's father was the president of D Group, and his wife was a major shareholder of D Group.

"Mr. Class Manager, I have something to discuss with you."

Gun-Ho quickly went to him.

"Do you see the person sitting in the first row with a lot of gray hair? He was recently promoted from a deputy minister to a minister. Let's send him an orchid plant to congratulate him on his promotion with our class' name."

"That's a good idea."

"Do we have enough funds for it? We collected 100,000 won from each person for dinner last time."

"We still have 150,000 left from it."

"I think that should be enough to buy an orchid plant."

"I will get one for 50,000 won."

"Send him a 70,000 won one."

"Okay. Then we will be left with 80,000 won."

"Hmm, our class funds seem to be way too low."

"Do you want me to collect more from everyone again?"

"Nah. I will contribute more myself."

"You don't have to bear it all by yourself. I will just ask everyone to contribute."

"Since I'm the president of this class, I will make a one-time special contribution for the class."

As he offered a special contribution, the class president took out his wallet and gave a check of 1 million won to Gun-Ho.

"Wow. This is too much."

"We will need that much. You will see. We will encounter all kinds of occasions like someone's wedding, funeral, job promotion, and etc. that we will require us to spend money for."

Gun-Ho walked to the front facing the students and spoke to the class, "May I have your attention, please? I have announcements to make to you all."

Everyone looked at Gun-Ho.

"One of our classmates here was recently promoted from a deputy minister to a minister. It's Mr. xxx Park. We will send him a congratulatory floweran orchid plant as a group."

"Of course, we should."

"That's nice."

People praised Gun-Ho for handling the occasion well and clapped. The minister, who would receive a congratulatory flower from the class, swept his grey hair up and thanked everyone.

"I have another announcement to make. The last time when we had dinner together, we collected 100,000 won from each of you. Now we have 80,000 won left from it, and our class funds were about to be depleted if it was not for our class president. Our class president made a special contribution to our class and offered 1 million won. Let's give him a big round of applause to show our gratitude to him."

The students clapped loudly again. The class president nodded his head to the class while sitting on his chair.

"Just 1 million won? His father-in-law owns a conglomerate. 10 million won would sound more appropriate."

Other fellow ministers made a joke about the amount of the contribution that the class president made. They seemed to be close to each other like friends. They often talked to each other in an informal way.

"Next announcement is,"

"You have more?"

Everyone looked at Gun-Ho's face again.

"As you received the wedding invitations last time, Mr. General in the back will have her daughter's wedding this Saturday. Please go there and congratulate him."

The general quickly stood up and said, "I know that you all are busy. If you don't have time or have a prior engagement, you don't have to come. Also, I would appreciate it if you do not send any congratulatory wreaths to the wedding."

The general seemed to have something more to tell to the class, and when he tried to continue, the professor came in the classroom.

The Advanced Center for Administrative Development gave two classes in the evening, and each of them lasted 90 minutes. Gun-Ho could usually get off the class before 10 pm.

The class that day ended, and everyone was preparing to leave when Gun-Ho went to the class president.

"Mr. President, what do we want to do about sending a congratulatory wreath to the general's daughter's wedding? He said earlier that he didn't want to receive any."

"Well, even though he said so, I think we should send one to him."

"Okay, sir. I will do that then."

Gun-Ho then took out his business card from the inner pocket of his jacket and handed it to the class president.

"This is my business card. If you need to ask me to do something, you have my contact."

The class president looked at Gun-Ho's business card and said, "You have several businesses."

"They are all small companies."

"The address is Jiksan Town in Cheonan City?! I actually go there often. I have a friend there who is running a country club."

The class president gave his business card to Gun-Ho as well.

GH Mobile's President Song had exchanged a few emails with an executive officer of Chrysler who he met in Chicago. He then gave a report to Gun-Ho saying that he received a product drawing from that Chrysler's executive officer.

"This also requires double extrusion like our AM083 Assembly that we brought to the motor show in Chicago."

"It's for internal combustion engine vehicles, is it?"

"Yes, it is. The order volume is not high, but it's from Chrysler which is a global car manufacturer. This is a good opportunity for us to build up a business relationship with them. This will probably lead us to a bigger business opportunity later."

"Are we capable of producing what they are asking?"

"We have the product drawing, and they said they would send us a sample product. I don't see why we wouldn't be able to make it."

"Oh, they would send us a sample product? That means they already have a mould, doesn't it?"

"The vendor that used to supply those parts to them filed for bankruptcy, and the mould is lost."

"Hmm, then it's not a newly developed product. I guess it's hard to expect to see an increase of the product order then."

"Still, it's worth taking the order from them. Our company will be registered as a vendor company for Chrysler. It will tremendously help our marketing effort."

"Okay. Let's do that."

Gun-Ho went to Dyeon Korea. He hadn't been to the company for a while now.

The former GH Mobile's internal auditor already started working for Dyeon Korea. When Gun-Ho arrived at Dyeon Korea, the internal auditor greeted him with pleasure.

"How's it? Are you comfortable here?"

"Yes, sir. I like it here. The work environment is pleasant, and the workload is moderate. Since I once worked with Ms. Jo in the accounting team before, it's very comfortable to work with her again."

"I'm happy to hear that."

"I talked with Director Yoon earlier. The company now has ten machines, and we are in the process of requesting machines no. 11 and no. 12. Also, we are planning to hire more workers in the production team."

"Hmm, really?"

"Also, we are now seeing a dramatic increase in product orders from China. The president of the sales company in China seems to speak English. She directly talks with Mr. Adam Castler."

"Of course. She used to teach English in an international school in Shanghai."

"She is President Min-Hyeok Kim's spouse, isn't she?"

"Yes, she is."