Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 426 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 426 Minister Jin Woo Lee As Officiator 1 Part 1

Gun-Ho placed well-cooked pork belly meat in front of Young-Eun.

"Eat more. We are almost done with the wedding preparation. Let's celebrate it."

"Oppa, you eat more too."

After drinking two glasses of soju in a row, Gun-Ho asked, "Young-Eun, why don't you drink one glass of soju?"

Gun-Ho filled up an empty glass with soju and gave it to Young-Eun.

"Did you choose the officiator for our wedding?"

"Yeah, I did. Minister Jin-Woo Lee of xxx will preside over our wedding."

"Oh, I think I heard of his name before."

"He seems to like golfing. After the wedding, I will invite him to have a round of golf."

"Do you play golf, oppa?"

"Of course. I learned it because it helps my business. What about you, Young-Eun?"

"I have never touched golf clubs before."

"I will teach you later."

"No, thank you. I think playing golf is an extravagant hobby."

"I saw many medical doctors playing golf."

"Not me. It's not appealing to me."

"What kind of activities do you like then?"

"You know what I like."

"I do?"

"Yeah. Taking a walk around the Fortress Wall of Seoul."

"Haha. That's right. I know that very well. Let's bottom-up."

Gun-Ho clinked his glass to Young-Eun's.

"For our future together!"

The pork belly dish was delicious. Gun-Ho ordered more of them. When they finished a bottle of soju, both Gun-Ho and Young-Eun blushed.

They walked out of the restaurant and started taking a walk on the street. Young-Eun held Gun-Ho's arm.

"Let's walk until we see Gilsangsa Temple."


While they were walking arm in arm in the direction to Gilsangsa Temple, Gun-Ho looked at Young-Eun's face. It seemed that soju caused a flush on her face. Her cheeks were all red, which made her look even prettier.

"You look gorgeous with a blush."

Young-Eun laughed and hit Gun-Ho in the shoulder lightly.

When they arrived at Gilsangsa Temple, Young-Eun looked at Gun-Ho's face and said, "You know, the bar owner Young-Han Kim, who donated the bar which is now Gilsangsa to the temple, couldn't forget the poet Baek Seok for the rest of her life."


"Their love story is on the Internet. The young Bae Seok gave a name to the bar owner 'Ja-Yah.'"

"Ja-Yah? That's one of Mao Dun's novels, the Chinese writer."

"The Poet Baek Soek's famous poem Me, Natasha and a white donkey is a story about that bar owner. Natasha is the lady bar owner."

Young-Eun then started reciting the poem.

"Me, the poor man / Love the beautiful Natasha / And tonight, the snow falls softly"

"It's nice."

"As I'm dating you lately, I changed the poem's lyrics a bit.


"Me, the rich man / Love not so beautiful Natasha / And tonight, the snow falls softly"

After giving her own version of the poem, Young-Eun laughed out loudly.

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun turned around and walked down to Starbucks near the Hansung University station.

"Let's have some coffee."

The two sat in a window seat.

"You sobered up, don't you? Your face is not red anymore."

"You look fine now too."

"After we get married, move into my condo in TowerPalace, Dogok Town."

"Umm the condo is really nice and all, but it's too far from my work."

"I will give you a ride from and to your work with my car every day."

"I will stay in my Anam Condo In Myeongryoon Town during weekdays and go to your TowerPalace condo for weekends."

"Then we will live together only for weekends."

"That's the best arrangement I can think of for now."

"I can move to your area."

"To my area? There is no luxurious condo in my area."

"Why don't you move your work to Gangnam District then? I will build a hospital for you."

Young-Eun laughed out loud and said, "You have no idea how much it would cost to build a hospital, especially in Gangnam District."

"How much would it cost?"

"I have an educated estimate because one of my senior colleagues opened his hospital in Yeongdeungpo District with a loan from a bank. I think you need at least 1 billion won to open one in Gangnam District."

"1 billion won? Sure, I will do it for you."

Young-Eun's eyes widened and looked at Gun-Ho.

"Are you serious?"

"Of course. I don't make a joke with money. I am wealthy enough to give you that much."

Young-Eun's eyes widened again while looking at Gun-Ho, and then she smiled.

"I do appreciate your offer, but not now."

"Why not?"

"I can't just open my own practice now. I need to gain more experience. I lack clinical experience. Let's just live together only for weekends for a while after the wedding."

"I will let you use the master bedroom in the TowerPalace condo. You probably need more space than me considering that we will have a child later. I can use another room. It's large enough for me."

"Thank you."

"I will redo the wallpaper before the wedding date."

"They looked fine. I don't think it is necessary."

"Still I want to do it. We start our life together fresh."

"Haha. Okay then."

Gun-Ho was sitting in his office in the GH Building in Sinsa Town when President Jeong-Sook Shin came to visit him.

"President Shin, how are you? How's your business?"

"We've printed up to the 20th book of the world history cartoon series. And we just made a contract with the agency for an additional five books."

"Mr. Jae-Sik Moon highly spoke of you about your good eyes in selecting a good book."

"Haha. I'm just doing my best. How's President Jae-Sik Moon doing these days?"

"GH Logistics, that President Jae-Sik Moon is running, is going in the direction of a total transportation service company. The company acquired a new location in Seonghwan Town and moved its main office there from Paju City. The Paju location is now handled by one worker."

"The factory in Seonghwan Town is purchased as well?"

"Yes, we bought it. It's not a huge factory though. Since it's not a manufacturing company, it looks more like a storage or garage rather than a factory. It cost me 2 billion won."

"2 billion won?"

President Shin's eyes widened in surprise for the fact that Gun-Ho could afford to pay 2 billion won without any difficulty.

"You are an incredible man as always."

"The factory looked small for the business, so I bought adjacent land which is 1,500 pyung large. It had been used as farmland, and President Moon will change the land use so he can use it as part of the factory. Once the land use change is completed, the entire property for the business will be 2,500 pyung large. The factory will look great then."

"I guess I will take a tour there someday."


"Your wedding will be held on March 18th, right?"

"Yes. I'm finally getting married with the help of people around me."

"Well, it wouldn't have come this far if you and the bride didn't hit it off. Congratulations."

"After the wedding, I want to invite you and Artist Choi to a nice dinner."

"Young-Eun is a decent girl. Make her feel that she is loved a lot."

"Don't worry about it."

"I'm currently working on the next art exhibition."

"Oh, you know what? I had a chance to take a lecture from a painter the other day."

"Who is it?"

"Gun-Ho took out a business card from his business card organizer.