Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 428 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 428 Minister Jin Woo Lee As Officiator 2 Part 1

As Gun-Ho and Artist Young-San Hwang were having a handshake, Artist Hwang asked, "Did you just arrive from Seoul City?"

"Yes. While we were waiting for you, we looked around your artworks. I finally could have this opportunity in Gwangju City. I'm so grateful for it."

"Thank you for saying that. Let's have some tea."

Gun-Ho introduced President Shin to the artist.

"She is with me. She is the one who is running GH Gallery."

"Hello, sir. Pleasure to meet you."

President Jeong-Soon Shin gave her business card to the artist.

"I used to work as a curator at K Group's art gallery ten years ago. You haven't changed a thing, sir."

"Don't say that. I'm an old man now. Well, what do I owe the pleasure of your visit today?"

"We would like to have your art exhibition at our gallery."

"Oh, really? Well, I do appreciate your interest, but my entire schedule is full this year with my art exhibitions."

Gun-Ho and President Jeong-Sook Shin were disappointed.

"Sir, what about next spring then? We really want to host your art exhibition at our gallery."

"Next spring? What if I die before then?"

"Haha. Sir, don't say that."

"You came all the way here, and I'm sorry that I couldn't give you what you came for."

"It's okay, sir. We had the chance to enjoy your paintings, and that's good."

"Let me see. Since you just arrived from Seoul, you probably haven't had lunch yet. I didn't eat my lunch yet either. Let's have it together. You brought your car, right?"

"Yes, I did."

Gun-Ho let Artist Hwang get in his Bentley.

"Wow. Isn't this an expensive car? Mr. Driver, please take a left turn over there. We are heading in the direction to Jeungsim Buddhist Temple. There is the sign."

Artist Hwang showed the way to a Korean restaurant.

The food there was delicious and neat.

"This is the Southern area's food. Please enjoy it."

"It's really good."

"I remember that you said you hosted an art exhibition for the French painterMarion Kinskydidn't you?"

"Yes, we did. We also had one for the Chinese young avant-garde artists."

"That's right. I actually wanted to see the exhibition and didn't have a chance to do so since I'm staying here most of the time. Since now I know you two in personPresident Goo and the art gallery directorI will definitely visit the gallery in the near future."

"It's not a large gallery."

"Of course. The land price in Seoul City is crazily high. You can't expect to see a large art gallery in Seoul. I'm having an art exhibition in Japan this summer, but there are a few provisions in the contract that bothers me, so I'm thinking of canceling it. If I cancel it, I will let you know."

"If you happen to visit Seoul, please let me know anytime, sir. Our art gallery is close to Sinsa Station in Gangnam."

"Oh, that location must be expensive. Well, I will visit the gallery when I go to that area, probably with my students. Many of my students are now professors at Seoul National University."

Gun-Ho ordered a bottle of beer, and President Shin quickly grabbed the beer and said, "Sir, let me fill up your glass."

President Shin and Artist Hwang talked a lot about arts, which Gun-Ho couldn't really understand. After having a conversation for a while, Artist Hwang took out President Shin's business card which she gave to him earlier.

"President Shin, right? You are highly knowledgeable about arts and very informative. I'm impressed. I really enjoyed talking with you."

After lunch, Gun-Ho dropped Artist Hwang at his gallery and headed to Eujae Art Museum in Ullim Town, which President Shin said was a must-visit place before leaving Gwangju City.

Gun-Ho went to work at GH Mobile in Jiksan Town.

Once Gun-Ho arrived, the regular meeting for the executive officers began. The new directorMs. Min-Hwa Kimfrom the accounting department joined the meeting while replacing the internal auditor's position.

The research center's chief officer was giving an update on the progress of the project for Chrysler's request. He said they were working on making a mould based on the product drawing given by Chrysler, and once it was completed, they would manufacture sample products before the next update report.

"Where are you planning to get the necessary raw materials in manufacturing Chrysler's products?"

"From Dyeon Korea, sir."

"Do we have an estimated product cost statement?"

"Yes. Manager Chang-Hoon Seo sent it to Chrysler already."

"Manager Chang-Hoon Seo used to work in the general affairs department as an assistant manager. I'm not sure if he can confidently handle the product cost calculation."

"He at first had a hard time doing it, but now he is doing great."

"That's good to know."

"There will be hands-on training at the Korea Productivity Center on calculating product costs next month. I was thinking of sending a few workers from our sales team there to get trained, including Manager Chang-Hoon Seo. I will select three additional workers, maybe an assistant manager and team lead."

"Director Min-Hwa Kim from the accounting department is our new executive officer. I believe that the Korea Management Association offers training for new executive officers every year. Director Min-Hwa Kim, I want you to take that training. It will be held in Mapo District, Seoul City."

"Yes, sir."

"I've noticed that even though we reserve a certain amount of funds for employees' training and education, we don't really use them. I want you all to keep in mind that taking the necessary education and training is very important."

"Yes, sir."

"I'd like to add something."

Director Jong-Suk Park raised his hand.

"Our sales revenue is now exceeding 80 billion won. In the production department, we have extended our work hours to two or three hours more. We, of course, get paid for the extended hours of work, but many of the workers prefer to have their personal life in the evening rather than getting paid a bit more. I'm requesting to hire more workers in the production department."

The general affairs director agreed with Director Jong-Suk Park.

"I agree with Director Park. When this company was still Mulpasaneop, we had more than 400 workers even though the sales revenue was 70 billion won. I think we need to hire more workers gradually like ten more for the management, five more for the research center, and thirty more for the production department. So, we will need to hire fifty more workers in total."

President Song responded to the request.

"It is true that we will eventually need to increase the number of workers if we successfully procure the product order from Chrysler. I know that Director Jong-Suk Park gets off work after 8 pm these days."

"I'm with you on this, President Song."

"Then I will proceed with it."

Gun-Ho broke the news while having a cup of green tea.

"I'm getting married on March 18th."

"Really? You are getting married, sir? Oh, my goodness. Congratulations, sir."

The executive officers at the meeting applauded in congratulating Gun-Ho on his wedding.

"It will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Seoul, but I haven't reserved enough seats for everyone. The wedding hall will be able to accommodate only the executive officers."

President Song said while smiling, "That sounds good, but the thing is that you will need someone who can take care of the guests at the reception desk leading them to their seats and helping them with signing the guestbook, etc. I will select maybe five neat people from our employees and let Manager Chang-Hoon Seo lead them. I know that the hotel will provide the same service, but I doubt it will satisfy our expectations."