Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 429 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 429 Minister Jin Woo Lee As Officiator 2 Part 2

Director Jong-Suk Park agreed to President Song's suggestion that they would need to select a few workers to facilitate Gun-Ho's wedding.

"President Song is right. I've seen an office worker in a suit guiding wedding guests while wearing white gloves. You need people at the parking lot, and also the reception desk, so they can ask guests to sign the guestbook."

"Hmm. I guess you are right. It seems I will need people at the reception desk."

"Once we send our workers there, they will need to recognize the guests from the bridebride's side. Which company is your bride working for?"

"Not a company, but she will get lots of guests from a hospital."

"A hospital?"

"Yes. She is a medical doctor."

"Oh, really? Which hospital is she working at?"

"It's Seoul National University Hospital."

"I will make sure that our workers take care of the guests from the hospital as well."

Gun-Ho handed out his wedding invitation to each of the executive officers at the meeting.

President Song asked more of them.

"Can you give me 100 more, sir? We need to send it to our client and vendor companies. We don't want to hurt their feelings."

"Okay, then send just 50 more. I have more wedding invitations in my car. I will ask Chan-Ho Eum to bring them to you."

After the meeting and after everyone left the office, Director Jong-Suk Park came back to Gun-Ho's office.

"Bro, you are finally getting married, huh?"

"Yes, I am!"

"Congratulations, bro!"

"Thank you."

"Remember when you tried to get your unemployment benefits once you were laid off from the factory. You went to Seoul Labor Center for that. Time flies, huh? Now you became so successful that you are getting married to a medical doctor who graduated from Seoul National University."

Jong-Suk chuckled.

"I heard the exact same thing from Min-Hyeok Kim the other day."

"Oh, Min-Hyeok bro said that too? Hahaha. Do you remember the days when you were washing plastic drums while wearing a protective mask.? It was in a cold winter, and the workplace had toxic chemicals everywhere."

"Cut it out. What's wrong with you today? Get back to your work, man!"

"Bro, congratulations again. I'm truly happy for you."

When Gun-Ho went to Dyeon Korea, he had to tell the workers that only executive officers would be invited to his wedding due to the limited guest seats. The vice president Mr. Adam Castler seemed to be the one who was the most excited person.

"Oh, I've never been to a wedding in Korea. I will absolutely be there to congratulate you on your wedding. I will inform Lymondell Dyeon as well."

It was the day that Gun-Ho had a class at the Advanced Center for Administrative Development. Gun-Ho distributed his wedding invitation to the class.


The students there sincerely congratulated Gun-Ho.

Attorney Young-Jin Kim heard the news for the first time that day because he hadn't been to the class lately because of work.

"Wow. I didn't know you were seeing someone. Congratulations."

Gun-Ho made a note with his and his bride's profile and gave it to Minister Jin-Woo Lee who would preside over his wedding.

"Hey, Mr. Class Manager! No rice cake today?"

"I haven't prepared them for today."

"I'm not going to your wedding then. You should at least serve us twice with rice cake., Sso we all can go to your wedding."

The students there made a joke and laughed together. The people from the legal community and the generals were usually quiet while the politicians like congressmen and the ministers made jokejokes all the time and talked loudly, probably because they were close to each other like friends. The class was practically controlled by that group. An attorney from a province once said while indicating that group, "They are acting more like a gangster rather than a group of ministers of the government."

Gun-Ho sent out his wedding invitations to his high school friends, and also to his mother, so his mother could relay them to his relatives.

Gun-Ho's sister brought his mother and father to Gun-Ho's TowerPalace condo. They wanted to check the condo to see if there was anything that they needed to prepare before Gun-Ho's wedding, so the newly-weds could start their life together conveniently.

"Wow! This is so large."

"The size is about the same as the condo in Guweol Town, Incheon City. It looks bigger because it's almost empty, not many furniture here."

"I kind of felt embarrassed when we entered this condo complex in our Sonata because most of the cars parked here are all foreign-made luxurious cars."

"Please take a seat."

"The maintenance fee here must be very expensive, huh?"

"Yeah, a little. You can assume that they charge about 1.5 times more than a regular condo."

"This is large enough for you to have three or four kids."

Gun-Ho's mother opened the refrigerator.

"I knew that. Something is growing here. You need to throw out the food that went bad. This is happening when a man lives by himself. Jeong-Ah's mom, you should stop by here sometimes and clean it for Gun-Ho. Look at that. He didn't even take out laundry from the washer. The bride will be frightened when she sees how you are living here."

Gun-Ho's parents and sister checked every room including the veranda.

Gun-Ho's sister said after checking the entire condo, "The wallpaper looks still new, but since you are starting a new life with your bride, I think you should redo it. A vanity set has to be placed somewhere for the bride. I guess she will need to occupy the master bedroom. Once you have a baby, she will need a room with a bathroom attached to it in order to easily take care of the baby. We will change the toilet and the lamp in the master bathroom. Also, we will change the curtain. If the bride is okay, you can keep the refrigerator and the washer."

"Hmm. This is too much work."

"Is it okay to keep the same color scheme for the wallpaper?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"I will take care of the wallpaper and the curtain tomorrow. Let's clean up the entire unit after the wallpaper is completed. I will have to bring a professional cleaning crew, so they can perform a deep cleaning on the entire condo including the kitchen cabinets and sink. I will take care of all of them. You just pay them at the end, okay?"

"I'm sorry, sister, and thank you for your help."

At that moment, they heard Gun-Ho's mother yelling from the master bedroom.

"Jeong-Ah's mom! You will have to wash the bed sheetsbedsheets and comforter too. They stink!"

"Let's have dinner before you leave. There is a very good restaurant around here, one of my favorites."

"What kind of food?"



Gun-Ho took his parents and sister to a Japanese restaurant Mitaniya located in the commercial building inside the TowerPalace condo complex.

"I was expecting a regular udong house, but here looks very expensive."

"They do sell udong. Their soup is very good. They have sushi as well."

Gun-Ho ordered sushi, udong, and deep-fried shrimp at Mitaniya.

While they were waiting for the food, Gun-Ho's sister asked, "The condo here is more than 1.5 billion won, right?"

"Right, it's more than 1.5 billion won."

Gun-Ho's mother looked frightened.

"Oh, my gosh! The condo in Guweol Town, Incheon City is deemed to be a luxurious condo in that area, but the condo here is five times more expensive than that?!"