Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 431 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 431 Minister Jin Woo Lee As Officiator 3 Part 2

Young-Eun also bought and sent several comforter bedding sets, and Gun-Ho's father just placed them all on the bed. Gun-Ho went to the room, which would be his room to use. It looked cozier than the master bedroom, and he liked it better. Gun-Ho turned on his computer after plugging its power cord to the wall outlet. The Internet started working right away on WiFi. At that moment, Gun-Ho received a text message from Young-Eun.

[Did you receive my furniture and stuff?]

[Yes, they are all here already. The only thing that is missing is you.]

[What about the bedding sets? Did they also arrive already?"]

[Yes. It seems that we are absolutely ready for a freezing winter.]

[That's nice. Good night then. J]

[Sweet dream, Natasha.]


It was finally Gun-Ho's wedding day.

Gun-Ho put on a new suit with a dazzling white shirt and a blue silk tie. He left home early intentionally in order to get to the wedding hall early. When he arrived, he saw two GH employees in a business suit at the reception desk. One of them came to Gun-Ho and gave him white gloves and a flower.

"Big brother, congratulations."

Gun-Ho turned around to see who it was. It was Tae-Young Im. Even though Gun-Ho didn't send him an invitation, he came anyway with five of his people.

"We will take care of the hall service by showing the guest to their seats and all. Don't worry about here."

"You would? Thank you."

Congratulatory flower wreaths started arriving, and Tae-Young Im instructed the delivery people where to place them. He was doing a good job. Gun-Ho's mother was wearing a traditional Korean dress while his father was wearing a business suit. They were standing next to Gun-Ho at the entrance to greet their guests. On the opposite side, Young-Eun's family was standing there. Her father was in a suit and Artist Choi was in a traditional Korean dress; they were greeting their guests as well.

So many guests started arriving when it was almost time to start the wedding ceremony. Gun-Ho was still busy greeting the guests. More than fifty congratulatory flower wreaths arrived, and some of them were from the vendor companies, and some were from the local government officials in Asan City. The ministers, the congressmen, and the general from the class at the Advanced Center for Administrative Development at Seoul National University also sent flower wreaths as well. Gun-Ho also saw the congratulatory flower wreaths with Dyeon Japan's Richard Amiel's name. Professor Jien Wang's name at Zhejiang University also sent one, and Director Seukang Li from the bureau of cultural affairs and art in Shanghai sent one too.

A lot of flower wreaths from the bride's side arrived as well even though more of them were from Gun-Ho's side. The flower wreaths directed to Young-Eun were mostly from some pharmaceutical companies.

"What does the groom's father do for a living? The wedding is magnificent and so many people came."

The guests from the bride's side assumed that the groom's father had a very high social status by looking at the size and social class of the guests, and they were wondering who the groom's father was. Many of the bride's college friends came along with some pharmaceutical companies' employees.

Gun-Ho selectively introduced his guests to his parents.

"This is Mr. Minister of xxx."

Gun-Ho's parents and the minister exchanged a deep bow. Gun-Ho's parents tried to show their utmost respect to the minister by giving a deeper bow than him.

"This is the President of Egnopak."

Mr. Adam Castler came with Mr. Richard Amiel from Tokyo, and Attorney Young-Jin Kim was standing behind them while smiling. Gun-Ho introduced Mr. Adam Castler and Mr. Richard Amiel to his parents.

"Hello. It's very nice to meet you."

As a tall American man extended his hand to Gun-Ho's parents for a handshake, his parents looked at him in surprise.

Gun-Ho's friends from high school came as well. Gun-Ho saw Won-Chul Jo, Byeong-Chul Hwang and also Suk-Ho Lee who was wearing a jacket.

Chairman Lee from Cheongdam Town was also seen with his dear friendMaster Park from Goesan Town. Master Park happened to draw a lot of attention from the guests that day because he was wearing a traditional Korean outer coat, and his long gray hair was down to his back. He certainly looked peculiar like a fortune teller.

The wedding started.

Min-Hyeok Kim led the wedding ceremony.

Min-Hyeok came with his wife because they expected to have some private time with Gun-Ho to discuss business after the wedding anyway. Gun-Ho initially planned to ask Jae-Sik Moon to lead his wedding ceremony, and then he changed his mind and asked Min-Hyeok Kim to do it instead because Min-Hyeok was better at it.

Young-Eun entered the wedding hall. She was wearing a bright white wedding dress, and her make-up that day looked sophisticated. She walked down the aisle arm in arm with her father. Her elegant appearance added brightness to the Eastern Bennevis wedding hall at Millennium Hilton.

Minister Jin-Woo Lee started the wedding ceremony.

"At first, I'd like to start by welcoming everyone here and thanking each of you for coming to congratulate Mr. Gun-Ho Goo and Ms. Young-Eun Kim on their wedding. The weather seems to celebrate the happiest day of their lives as well. It's a nice sunny spring day."

I've known the groomMr. Gun-Ho Goothrough studying together at the Advanced Center for Administrative Development at Seoul National University. The groomMr. Gun-Ho Goograduated from Zhejiang University in China majoring in Economics. He is a businessman currently running a manufacturing company of automobile parts along with four other companies. He is a young man who has been making an enormous contribution to our society's economy by hiring workers and developing good products.

The bride is a medical doctor from Seoul National University Hospital. She graduated from Seoul National University. She is the woman with a spirit of sacrifice. She once volunteered in African to provide medical service there. She is also making a tremendous contribution to our society by taking care of the people who need help..."

Gun-Ho, who once was a factory worker, was quietly listening to Minister Jin-Woo Lee while having mixed feelings.

So many people came to Gun-Ho's wedding to congratulate the newlyweds. There were more than the guests who were officially invited, and many of them had to leave without having lunch served there, but the wedding went very well overall.

The newlyweds posed for the photo with friends and relatives, and then Pyebaek* ensued. After the entire wedding ceremony was completed, Gun-Ho and Young-Eun headed to the Incheon International Airport in Gun-Ho's Bentley that Chan-Ho Eum was driving.

On the way to the airport, Gun-Ho looked at Young-Eun, and he said, "You must be very tired."

"You too, oppa."

Young-Eun leaned on Gun-Ho's shoulder in the rear seat. She must be exhausted. Gun-Ho hugged her lightly. She looked lovely. Driving on the road in the chilly early spring day in a Bentley.


Pyebaek One of the wedding procedures in Korea where the groom's parents receive formal greetings from the newlyweds and give them their blessings in return.