Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 432 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 432 Life Of Newly Married Couple 1 Part 1

At the parking lot of Incheon International Airport, Gun-Ho and Young-Eun changed into more comfortable clothes. The business dresses they were wearing wouldn't be appropriate for their honeymoon trip. After changing, they put their business dresses in a bag and placed it in the Bentley's trunk.

"Chan-Ho, thank you for the ride. We will return after four days. We will see you here then at 5 pm. Bring the car."

"Bon voyage, boss."

"I can still take calls in roaming during the trip, so if you need me, just call me, okay?"

"Yes, sir."

Gun-Ho was told that a staff from the travel agency would be waiting for them at the airport in Honolulu, Hawaii to pick them up. When they entered the airport, Gun-Ho looked around in worry.

"It is possible that I might run across Mori Aikko here. When does a flight arrive from Tokyo? Why does she have to come to Korea these days?"

When Gun-Ho walked towards the boarding gate with Young-Eun, he saw a woman who was wearing dark sunglasses.

'It's Seol-Bing!'

Gun-Ho looked at that woman closely. Fortunately, it was not her.

'Whew. Why does Seol-Bing have to film her soap opera in Japan? We don't have a nice place for it in Korea?'

Gun-Ho kept walking heading to the boarding gate while still looking around.

Until he arrived at the boarding gate, nothing happened except he heard, "Oppa!"

A woman was calling him. Gun-Ho thought that it must be either Seol-Bing or Mori Aikko. Gun-Ho was frightened and turned around to see the woman. But it was neither Seol-Bing nor Mori Aikko, but it was Young-Eun.

"Why are you standing there? People are waiting behind us."

"Oh, sure."

Once he sat on his seat in the flight to Hawaii, he finally felt relieved.

"This flight will arrive at the airport in Honolulu tomorrow morning? Ha, I guess I will spend the wedding night in the plane."

The flight attendants quickly recognized Gun-Ho and Young-Eun on a first-class seat as a newlywed. They brought them a blanket and wine as a special service for a newlywed.

The plane arrived at the airport in Honolulu at 10 am the next day. The air felt different. Once they passed the customs and immigration, they saw lots of people who were waiting for someone. Among those people, a young man was holding a large paper that said 'Gun-Ho Goo.'

"I'm Gun-Ho Goo."

"Nice to meet you, sir. My name is Do-Gil Kim. I'm your tour guide."

"Are you an international student from Korea?"

"Yes, I am."

The tour guide looked a bit old for a student. A van was waiting for them outside. The chauffeur looked like a native Hawaiian. The van drove on the road for a while and arrived at a hotel in Waikiki. The hotel looked classic but not very luxurious.

"I look forward to having a tour with you."

Gun-Ho gave a 100 dollar bill to the tour guide who seemed to be surprised by the unexpected pay.

"Wow! Thank you so much."

The tour guide became friendlier, and he seemed to be willing to help Gun-Ho's couple in any way he could. He first pulled out Gun-Ho and Young-Eun's luggage from the van and moved them to the hotel lobby. He also helped with checking in to the hotel.

"This is the schedule while you stay in Hawaii."

The tour guide gave a piece of A4-size paper to Gun-Ho.

"You must be very tired after the long flight. Why don't you take a rest for two hours in your room? I will meet you at the lobby after two hours."

After having lunch at the hotel, Gun-Ho and Young-Eun followed the tour guide to downtown Honolulu for a tour. They went to a clearwater beach, and they visited Iolani Palace as well. The tour guide knew the good spots to take a photo. After taking pictures of Gun-Ho's couple, he started explaining about the palace. He said that the palace's unique architectural style was known as American Florentine.

In the evening, Gun-Ho and Young-Eun had a romantic dinner for two at Azure Restaurant in Waikiki. They enjoyed their seafood dish with a glass of wine while looking at the beautiful night view of Waikiki.

They came back to their hotel room. It was officially the first night of Gun-Ho and Young-Eun as a married couple.

Gun-Ho had slept with a woman before. He had spent several hot nights with Mori Aikko. Gun-Ho started undressing Young-Eun. Young-Eun was lying down on the bed, and her body was tensed. She closed her eyes so tightly that she looked like she was frowning.

Young-Eun was certainly different from Mori Aikko or Seol-Bing. She didn't put her arms around Gun-Ho's neck like Mori Aikko did to him. Young-Eun was just lying down on the bed with her arms straight beside her h.i.p.s. Her lips were not moist unlike Seol-Bing's.

Gun-Ho thought, 'Hmm. I feel like I'm with a piece of wood.'

The first night passed. It was not very fun, but it was okay. After the first night, Gun-Ho looked at Young-Eun's face. Unexpectedly, she looked more comfortable and relaxed. She laughed a lot and made jokes. She even made a funny pose when the tour guide took a photo of Gun-Ho and Young-Eun.

After visiting many places that Gun-Ho's couldn't even remember, they came back to the hotel room in the afternoon and watched traditional Hawaiian hula dance from their terrace.

It was the last day of the trip, and it was the day reserved for shopping.

Young-Eun was busy in buying things while Gun-Ho had no interest in shopping.

"What did you get?"

"This? It's Aloha shirts."

"Aloha shirts?"

When Young-Eun showed the Aloha shirts that she purchased to Gun-Ho, Gun-Ho said, "Who would wear that kind of shirts? The color is too bold and the pattern is too big. Where would anyone be wearing those shirts? It's embarrassing."

"Maybe at home! I bought two. One for my dad and the other one for Mr. Chan-Ho Eum."

"What's that one?"

"It's nutrition oil for nails. I bought this for my aunt in Yangpyeong County."

"Nails require special care for nutrition?"

After finding out the gifts that Young-Eun bought for her family, Gun-Ho felt the pressure that maybe he should do the same. He just bought the exact same things that Young-Eun bought: Aloha shirts and nail nutrition oil for his parents and sister.

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun were at the airport in Honolulu while waiting for their flight. Gun-Ho looked at the planes.

'Many airlines are using this airport, including Korean Air that is notorious for power tripping, Asiana Air with the owner family's discord issue, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and even Japanese Air and China's Eastern Airlines. How much sales revenue are they making on a daily basis?'

Gun-Ho Goo, who was the big player from Gangnam, could only think of business wherever he was.

'The trip from Honolulu to Incheon International Airport costs 500,000 won for each person. If for 100 people, it will make 50 million won, and 100 million won for 200 people. It's definitely a lucrative business. All of these airlines don't manufacture their own planes, but they probably lease the planes from Boeing Company. How much do they pay for the lease? What's the qualification that the government requires to run an airline like this?'

While thinking of the business, Gun-Ho boarded the flight while holding Young-Eun's hand.