Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 433 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 433 Life Of Newly Married Couple 1 Part 2

When Gun-Ho and Young-Eun arrived at Incheon Airport, Chan-Ho Eum was waiting for them.

"How was your trip? Did you have fun?"

"Hmm. How's the company?"

"Everything is good, sir."

"Let's go home TowerPalace."

"Yes, sir."

Young-Eun took five days of vacation off from her work for her wedding and honeymoon. Including two weekends prior to and after the five days, she had a nine-day vacation. After spending two days in the TowerPalace condo, Young-Eun would go back to her Anam condo in Myeongryoon Town.

Gun-Ho's Bentley arrived at the TowerPalace condo complex.

"Thank you, Mr. Chan-Ho Eum."

Young-Eun gave Chan-Ho the Aloha shirts that she bought for him from Hawaii.

"It's not expensive shirts. You can wear them at home. I just picked them up from Hawaii."

"Oh, wow! Thank you so much, ma'am"

When Chan-Ho was about to leave, Gun-Ho called for him.

"At the wedding, Tae-Young brought his people and helped with taking care of the guests. Please tell Tae-Young that I appreciated his help. And this is from me to Tae-Young. Tell him to have a nice dinner and liquor with his people."

Gun-Ho gave an envelope to Chan-Ho who received them with two hands. He looked happy.

"Take a deep rest, sir."

When Young-Eun entered the master bedroom, she was so excited.

"I now have enough storage space for my clothes unlike the one in my condo."

"You can move your desk and bookshelf to another room. That way you can have more space here."

"It's good as it is. It's still so huge."

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun laid down on the queen-size bed that Young-Eun bought, side by side.

"You have rice, right?"

"Of course I do. Why are you asking? Are you going to cook? But all I have is rice, nothing else. Let's dine out today."

"You don't go to work tomorrow, do you?"

"No, I don't. I took several days off for my wedding with you."

"Then, let's do some grocery shopping tomorrow. I want to go to a traditional market."

"There is no traditional market in this area. We have to go all the way to the Yangjae Station area for it. There is Lotte Mart around here though."


"I usually go to Lotte Mart if I need anything, or we can drive in the direction of Cheonggye Mountain, where there is Hanaro Mart. It's huge."

Youg-Eun jumped out of the bed and went to the kitchen. As she opened the refrigerator, she said, "It's completely empty. No food at all."

"Yeah, my sister cleaned that up."

"I don't see any greasy spots on the stovetop any longer."

"Yeah, my sister cleaned that up as well."

"Wow. Big thanks to your sister."

"Let's go out. There is a good Udong restaurant in the commercial building inside this condo complex. They have sushi too. Let's eat there and stop by a supermarket to get some beverages and fruits on the way home."

"Don't forget to get bottled water."

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun went to Mitaniya on the second floor in the commercial building inside the TowerPalace condo complex. They had Udong and sushi. On the way home, they bought bottled water, beverages, beer, fruits, and paper cups.

"You are now the lady of the house. I don't know anything about decorating a home. Why don't you decorate the place as you please?"

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun were watching TV while having some beer when Gun-Ho received a call from Jae-Sik Moon.

"How was your honeymoon trip?"

"It was good. We just came back today."

"You must be exhausted then. I called you because I have something that I want to give you a report about."

"What is it?"

"I signed the sales and purchase contract for that 2,600 pyung large farmland behind our factory."

"Good job."

"Just like last time, I used some funds from the company bank account to pay the initial payment."

"Okay. I will transfer the funds by tomorrow."

"The second payment is scheduled ten days later and we will have to pay the total price by the end of this month."

Young-Eun, who realized that Gun-Ho was talking about his business over the phone, quickly lowered the volume on the TV.

"So now the land is 5,100 pyung large including the factory land we are currently occupying?"

"That's correct. Once we flatten the land by filling low spots, we can use the land right away. Even a semi-tractor-trailer truck will be able to make a turn there."

"This is so interesting. Once we open a business there, we get the chance to buy those pieces of land additionally."

"Well, I'm sorry if I bothered you to have a romantic time with your new spouse."

"No, it's okay. Thank you for letting me know. I had to know it in order to send you the fund, right?"

Young-Eun also went to the master bedroom and talked on the phone with her father and aunt to let them know that she was back from the trip. While watching Young-Eun calling her father, Gun-Ho also made a call to his parents who were in Guweol Town in Incheon City, and he let them know that he just came back safely from his honeymoon trip.

After informing the parents that they both were back in Seoul, Gun-Ho and Young-Eun changed into pajamas and continued to watch TV while drinking beer. Gun-Ho was thinking if the feeling he was having right then was happiness.

Gun-Ho looked at Young-Eun who was sitting next to him while watching TV and suddenly kissed her on the cheek.

The dreamy two days passed, and it was Sunday evening. Gun-Ho gave a ride to Young-Eun to her Anam condo in Myeongryoon Town.

"Are you coming back to TowerPalace next Friday evening?"

"Yeah, that's the way it is supposed to be for a while."

"What kind of car do you drive, Young-Eun?"

"It's SM5. I usually leave it in the parking lot. I don't drive often."

"How old is that car?"

"It's about five years old, I guess. But since I don't often drive, it has very low mileage."

"I will get you a new car."

"No, that won't be necessary. It's a waste. My car works totally fine. I don't need a new car."

"You haven't changed its tires for the past five years since you bought it, have you?"

"No, I haven't, but whenever I drive it to see my aunts in Yangpyeong County, it works great."

"Have you noticed the cars that were parked in the TowerPalace parking lot? Most of them are foreign-made luxurious cars. If you drive a Korean vehicle there, you will feel embarrassed."

"Maybe that's true, but I still feel like changing a perfectly-working car is a waste. That's not acceptable."

"Young-Eun, your husband is a businessman who is running five companies. People will talk bad behind my back if they find out that my wife is driving a five years old SM5. I will get you a BMW."

"No, thank you."

"Please let me do this for you, and will you accept it for me?"

"Well, I will think about it then. Drive safely on the way back to TowerPalace."

Gun-Ho hugged Young-Eun and kissed her before letting her go.