Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 438 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 438 Visiting Parents After Honeymoon Trip Shinhaeng 1 Part 1

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun went to Gun-Ho's parents' home. It was their first visit after their honeymoon trip. Gun-Ho's mother and father seemed to be happy to see them.

"We should have come right after the honeymoon trip. I was just too busy at work."

"It's okay. We are just so happy to see you two together."

Young-Eun took out the gifts that she prepared.

"What are those?"

"I bought these for you from Hawaii. These are Aloha shirts and dresses."

"Aloe shirts?"

"Aloha shirts, not Aloe shirts. People wear these in Hawaii."

"They are very bold in color and pattern."

"Just wear them at home if you feel embarrassed about wearing them outside."

Gun-Ho's sister, who was in the kitchen, came to the living room.

"What about me? Didn't you get anything for me? You'd better get along with me to make your marriage more pleasant!"

"I bought nail nutrition oil for you."

"That's it?"

Young-Eun laughed and gave a skincare set to each person, which she bought at the duty-free shop at the airport.

"Without this skincare set, you would almost have a hard time getting along with me."

Young-Eun also showed a shell necklace that she purchased for Jeong-Ah.

Gun-Ho's sister shouted to her husband who was in another room.

"Honey, why don't you come out? My brother's wife is here."

"Oh, is he home?"

Gun-Ho's brother-in-law came to the living room.

"Hey, Gun-Ho, you are here."

"Honey, you haven't met Gun-Ho's wife, right?"

"I saw her once at the wedding."

"I know, but you haven't really introduced yourself to her. Young-Eun, this is Jeong-Ah's father."


Gun-Ho's brother-in-law seemed to be shy when he said hello to Gun-Ho's wife.

Gun-Ho's mother and sister prepared lunch just like the last time when they visited home.

Doenjang-jjigae* was on the table, and Young-Eun seemed to like it a lot. She asked Gun-Ho's mother, "Mother, how did you make this Doenjang-jjigae*?"

Gun-Ho's mother shared her recipe with Young-Eun.

After lunch, Gun-Ho's mother and sister started cleaning the dishes, and Gun-Ho's mother didn't let Young-Eun help with it.

"Your hands are used to give medical treatment to people. Don't let them be tired by doing some household chores."

Gun-Ho's sister didn't agree with her mother.

"Mom, you need to let her help with household chores. That's how she learns."

Young-Eun started cleaning the table, and Gun-Ho's mother stopped her.

"Give me the dishcloth. I will do it."

Gun-Ho's parents felt so proud of having a daughter-in-law who was a medical doctor. Their friends were envious of them. That was understandable considering how their life had been. Gun-Ho's mother used to work as a caregiver at the nursing home until she was beaten by an old patient with dementia. Now she had a medical doctor as a member of her family.

Gun-Ho's father used to work as a labor worker at a factory. When he told his friends that his son would marry a medical doctor who graduated from a top universitySeoul National Universitythey didn't believe him. Even Gun-Ho's aunt refused to believe it.

That was why many people were astonished at the wedding when Young-Eun was introduced as a medical doctor at Seoul National University Hospital. Moreover, many guests at the wedding looked like they were from the upper class. A lot of congratulatory flower wreaths were sent by high-ranking government officers and also by pharmaceutical companies.

When they saw an inc.u.mbent minister presiding over the wedding and when they heard him introducing Gun-Ho and Young-Eun, they realized that what they were told by Gun-Ho's parents was true. The officiator clearly stated that Gun-Ho was a businessman with several companies, and the bride was a medical doctor who graduated from Seoul National University.

"Oh my gosh, their son was such a successful man now."

"The last time I heard about their son, he was still studying for the level-9 government job exam in Noryangjin. Now, he is in a different social class."

Gun-Ho's aunt changed her attitude when she talked to Gun-Ho's mother. She no longer bragged about her son who was a level-9 government employee or her daughter-in-law. Now, she had to accept the reality that Gun-Ho belonged to the upper social class, and she couldn't compare him with her son anymore. Additionally, Gun-Ho's wife was way better than her son's wife, not just in their occupations but also in their physical appearance; Young-Eun was prettier than her daughter-in-law. Gun-Ho's aunt had been suffering from mild depression, and now her depression seemed to become deeper.

There was another new fact that frightened Gun-Ho's aunt.

When she learned that Gun-Ho was living in a TowerPalace condo that was 50 pyung large and that he owned 1,000 pyung land in Namchon Town, Namdong District, Incheon City, she was surprised.

"1,000 pyung? Oh my gosh!"

Since Gun-Ho's father was registered as a non-executive director of GH Development, he was receiving a monthly salary of 3 million won, and he often bought his friends lunch or dinner with that money. He was well respected among his friends.

Gun-Ho's mother felt so proud of her son and her daughter-in-law. She prepared fruits for them.

"Have some apples for dessert."

Gun-Ho's mother said to Gun-Ho while having a piece of apple, "You know what? I went to see the land in Namchon Town the day before yesterday."

"Just watch if anyone piling up trash there."

"I met the village foreman, and I also visited the senior citizen's center. I had a good talk with the village people. I told them that I will plant some seeds in our land in April."

"What are you going to plant?"

"I want to grow some peppers, corn, and peanuts."

"Hahaha. Well, mom, do as you please. Good luck."

Gun-Ho's father, who had been quiet, said, "Did you register your marriage?"

"Oh, marriage registration? Not yet. We both have been busy lately. We will do it the week after the next one."

"It's better that you do it as soon as you can."

"Okay, dad, we will do that."

"You haven't visited Young-Eun's father yet after the honeymoon trip, have you?"

"We are planning to go there this evening."

"Good. I guess you'd better leave now then. He is a decent person. You be a good son to him. A father-in-law is also your father."

"Yes, dad."

When Gun-Ho and Young-Eun walked out of Gun-Ho's parents' home, it was still early to visit Young-Eun's father. They decided to stop by Songdo City.

"Do we want to buy some abalones for your father? Abalones here must be fresh."

"I don't know how to cook them. If we want to get something for my dad, let's go to the seafood market in Noryangjin and get some salted seafood, oppa."

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun stopped by the seafood market in Noryangjin to buy two bottles of salted seafood before heading to Sillim Town to see Young-Eun's father.

Young-Eun's father was delighted to see his daughter and his son-in-law.

"We should have come to see you earlier. We were so busy lately."

"No worries. You can come anytime you want."

"Dad, I got you Aloha shirts from Hawaii."

"Aloha shirts? I think I can wear them when I do mountain climbing."

"And, this is from oppa. It's liquor and an electric shaver."

"You don't have to spend money on me."

"I brought you some salted seafood as well."

"These are made in Korea."

"Oh, the salted seafood is from the seafood market in Noryangjin. We went there before coming here."

"Oh, I see."

"Oppa wants to buy you dinner. Let's dine out and have some Korean Galbi*."

"Why don't we instead have some raw fish? A new seafood restaurant opened in the food alley in Sillim Town."


Doenjang-jjigae a Korean soybean paste stew

Galbi Korean grilled beef ribs.