Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 442 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 442 Visiting Parents After Honeymoon Trip Shinhaeng 3 Part 1

Gun-Ho was informed from Dyeon Korea that the machine no. 11 and no. 12 started producing products, and the entire volume of the products manufactured from these two machines would be sent to China.

When Gun-Ho received this report via email, he made a call to Director Yoon.

"How much did you send to China?"

"We sent 20 tons, sir."

"How much are you planning to send to China on a monthly basis?"

"50 tons. According to President Dingding in China, they can take up to 50 tons with their current storage capacity, so they will let us know when they need more."

"How much would the 50 tons of products be in value?"

"50 tons of products would be..."

"How much do you charge per ton?"

"It's 4.5 million won, sir. There is a difference of 300,000 won in the price of the products between the national market and the overseas market."

"If we charge 4.5 million won per ton, then it would make 50 tons of products worth 225 million won."

Gun-Ho was definitely a mental calculator. His mental computation was faster than Director Yoon's who graduated from Seoul National University. He sometimes looked goofy, but his genius side like this made his current self.

"Were the machine no. 13 and no. 14 shipped?"

"Yes, they were."

"Who is doing the transportation work for the products that would go to China?"

"We requested the work to GH Logistics that President Jae-Sik Moon is running."

"Hmm, I see."

Gun-Ho was going to ask one more question, and then he decided not to.

After getting off the phone with Director Yoon, he made a call to the internal auditor who recently moved from GH Mobile to Dyeon Korea.

"It's Gun-Ho Goo."

"Yes, sir."

"How's work there?"

"It's good."

"I just talked with Director Yoon, and he told me that the machine no. 13 and no. 14 were shipped already."

"That's correct, sir."

"Is our current monthly sales revenue 3 billion won?"

"A little bit lower than that, sir. We generated 2.7 billion won last month."

"How much cash do we have in reserve?"

"We had 3.2 billion won at the end of last year, and as of March 31, we have 4.2 billion won in cash."

"I understand that we are leasing the machines from no. 9. Are we currently paying the lease payment for those machines on time without any problem?"

"Yes, we are."

"Are we sending the payment to their account in Bank of America?"

"Yes, sir."

"There has to be some wire transfer fees that we have to bear, right?"

"That's correct. Since we are sending the payment in dollars, we pay a margin on the daily exchange rate, wire transfer fee, etc. But these fees are not much. You don't need to be concerned."

"Hmm, I see."

"Oh, I was going to ask you this. Sir, you need to come down to Asan City. We need your approval on the salary expenses."

"How many employees does Dyeon Korea currently have?"

"We are still hiring workers for the production department. We now have more than 100 employees."

"Oh, we have that many already?"

"As we hired more workers in the production team, we needed more workers in the management as well. We also hired one more cook for the cafeteria, and we recently hired one worker for the accounting team since Manager Myeong-Sook Jo there had been working till late at night."

"If Mr. Adam Castler already signed the salary expenses, you can just proceed with it."

"Okay, we will proceed with it for now, but you will need to sign it when you have a chance to come down to this location. This kind of thing would be pointed out during the audit since we are a joint venture company."

"Okay, I will do that."

After getting off the phone with the internal auditor, Gun-Ho looked out of the window. It was raining, and raindrops were hitting the window.

"I wonder if it is raining in China too, and I wonder if Dingding is doing okay. Let me call Min-Hyeok and ask him about it."

Gun-Ho made an international call to China for Min-Hyeok Kim.

"President Min-Hyeok Kim?"

"Hey, President Goo, yes, it's me, Min-Hyeok."

"I had a gathering the other day with our high school friends who came to my wedding. Fourteen of them came and joined me for dinner."

"Really? Did you have fun?"

"I told them that you said hello to them."

"Oh, you did? Thank you."

"You know what? Byeong-Chul Hwang is getting married soon. I will fax you his wedding invitation."

"Was Byeong-Chul still single?"

"He almost had his wedding and then his father passed away. I will send gift money to his wedding with your name on it."

"Okay. Thank you. Byeong-Chul was not one of those who bullied us. He only focused on his studying at that time. I guess he just ignored our presence."

"I will also send him a congratulatory flower wreath with your name."

"Do we need to do that?"

"There are only a few of us. I think it's better for him to have many congratulatory flower wreaths at his wedding. You will have good returns someday for your kind gesture."

"Haha. Okay then, let's do that."

"Did you already pay the gift tax for the company shares that you received?"

"Oh, I'm consulting Kuaijishi (accountant). It will be completed by next week."

"Has GH Parts Company reached its monthly sales revenue of 1 billion won?"

"Haha. We are not there yet. I hope we will someday."

"I heard Dingding's company is generating good sales revenue."

"We received 50 tons of raw materials last time, and she sold 20 tons out of it. She is on a business trip to Yancheng right now. If she achieves what she aimed for in this trip, you will soon hear good news."

"Oh, you mean the contract with the company that her college friend's father is running?"

"That's right."

"You said it's a big company, huh?"

"Yes, it is a big company. It is currently an A-share company, and I was told that they are preparing to get into the B-shares market as well."

China's stock market was divided into two: A-shares and B-shares. A-shares were domestic shares that were traded exclusively between Chinese nationals while B-shares could only be traded by foreigners or the companies that were invested by foreigners. However, these days, a Chinese national could trade both A-shares and B-shares.

"Min-Hyeok, don't ever invest in the stock market."

"I won't. I don't even have that kind of money."

"Investing in the stock market is like playing a gamble where you don't know the other player's cards."

Gun-Ho now sounded like Chairman Lee from Cheongdam Town.

It was Friday afternoon.

It was the day when Young-Eun came home at TowerPalace. Gun-Ho went home early that day, but Young-Eun was not there yet.

Gun-Ho waited for Young-Eun while killing his time by surfing the Internet. It was getting late, and it was dark outside, but Young-Eun hadn't come home yet. Gun-Ho thought of giving her a call at her work for a second, and he decided not to.

When it was a little after 8 pm, he heard someone was unlocking the door. It was Young-Eun. She was carrying a bag on each hand.

"What are they?"

"I stopped by the supermarket."

"We could go grocery shopping together tomorrow."

"We have to eat this evening and tomorrow morning, right?"

Young-Eun placed the grocery bags on the dining table and collapsed into the sofa in the living room.