Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 447 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 447 Ownership Transfer Of Condo 2 Part 2

Gun-Ho received a call from Min-Hyeok Kim.

"President Goo? You are going to Byeong-Chul's wedding today, right?"

"Yes, I will be there."

"Please make gift money of 50,000 won with my name."

"Make it 100,000 won. You are a president who is running a company in China, man."

"But, he is not like our business' vendor or customer, or anything like that."

"That's okay. He is our friend."

"And, I wanted to thank you for the dividend of 50 million won. It helped me a lot. I appreciate you for giving me the company shares."

"You deserve it. I'm sorry that I couldn't give you more."

"I paid the loan I took out when I purchased my parents' condo in Incheon City with that 50 million won. It reduced the amount of the interest I have to pay every month. That's a big relief for me."

"Really? That's good to hear."

"I actually aimed at making the net profits of 2 billion won, so I could receive 100 million won as my dividend. I couldn't make it this time, but I will try harder this year to achieve that goal."

"Sounds good to me. That will help both of us. I will send a congratulatory flower wreath with your name to Byeong-Chul's wedding as well."

"Oh, a congratulatory flower wreath? Thank you so much."

"You don't have to thank me. You are the one who makes money for me."

"I feel like I receive more from you than I make for you."

Gun-Ho headed to Yeoui Island to attend Byeong-Chul's wedding. He arrived at the wedding being accompanied by Chan-Ho Eum, who was wearing a business suit.

"Oh, Gun-Ho, you are here."

"Gun-Ho? Good to see you."

Gun-Ho's friends from high school gathered around Gun-Ho instead of the groomByeong-Chuleven though it was his wedding day. They all wanted to get closer to Gun-Ho. Gun-Ho just stayed there with a smile on his face.

Gun-Ho slowly approached Byeong-Chul Hwang.


"Thank you for coming. It means a lot to me."

Byeong-Chul introduced Gun-Ho to his mother.

"Mom, this is President Goo. He is running a company."

"Oh, really? Thank you for coming."

Byeong-Chul's mother was wearing gold metal frame glasses. She extended her hand to Gun-Ho for a handshake. She was an old and small-framed lady now. Gun-Ho actually remembered her from the old days. She didn't let Gun-Ho play with Byeong-Chul when they were in school.

[Byeong-Chul is doing his homework right now. You go play with the other kids instead.]

Byeong-Chul's parents were both teachers in a junior high school. Gun-Ho was fine when Byeong-Chul's mother told him that Byeong-Chul was busy doing his homework, but what he heard afterward hurt his feelings. She said to Byeong-Chul,

[I told you not to hang out with those poor kids. Those kids have no future. They are poor, and they don't study hard either. You are different from them. You have to succeed in your life by going to a good college. The boy, who just left, has a father who is working in a factory as a security guard, right? Why do you hang out with that kind of boy? You should be very selective with your friends. From now on, do not bring any friends except Won-Chul Jo or Suk-Ho Lee, understood?]

Byeong-Chul lived up to his parents' expectations. He was ranked first in the entire school, and he was the most favorite student among teachers. Whenever Gun-Ho fought with Byeong-Chul, teachers always took Byeong-Chul's side no matter why they were in a fight in the first place. They always made Gun-Ho look like a bad student.

Having a poor family was a disgrace, a serious disgrace in those days.

Gun-Ho looked around. There were several congratulatory flower wreaths. Some were from the groom's college alumni, and some were from the research center that he was working for. Also, his mother's friends sent one too. His mother had a big social network. There were a lot fewer flower wreaths than Gun-Ho's wedding. There were about ten of them.

Among those flower wreaths, three flower wreaths were proudly standing, which were from those three poor kids from Byeong-Chul's childhood: President Gun-Ho Goo of GH Mobile, President Min-Hyeok Kim of GH Parts Company in Suzhou City, China, and President Jae-Sik Moon of GH Logistics. However, none of those boys, who Byeong-Chul's mother allowed to play with his son, sent any congratulatory flower wreaths.

Gun-Ho left the lobby and entered the wedding hall because so many people wanted to talk with Gun-Ho while he was standing in the lobby. When the wedding finally began, Gun-Ho quietly walked out of the wedding after letting Jae-Sik Moon know that he would leave early.

Gun-Ho's sister called to let Gun-Ho know that she bought a Grandeur for their dad.

"Gun-Ho, we got a Grandeur. Dad and mom were so excited that they even danced around the car. You should have been here to see that."

"Haha, really?"

"They go out every day"

"Where to?"

"Literally everywhere like Yeonan Pier and aunt's home. They even went to Sorae Pogu traditional fish market and bought some fish."


"Guess what made them the most excited?"

"What's that?"

"They said, they won't feel small or embarrassed anymore when they go to TowerPalace to visit you in their Grandeur now."

"Haha. That's good."

"Dad doesn't go to Tapgol Park in Jongno 3-ga anymore. He instead regularly goes to the cultural center run by the district office with mom to take some classes. They became more educated and knowledgeable."

"What about the land in Namchon Town?"

"They go there, of course. They took three bags of candy there the other day to share with the old villagers in the senior citizen's center. Do you know what people call our dad these days?"

"What do they call him?"

"They call him President Goo, like President Goo who is riding a Grandeur, to be more specific. The villagers in Namchon Town, especially those senior citizens call him like that."

Gun-Ho was looking down the street from his office building in Sinsa Town when the thought of Mori Aikko struck him. He decided to visit Japan. Since Young-Eun came home to TowerPalace on Saturdays and Sundays, he had to choose the trip date during weekdays. While he was planning his trip to Japan, the secretaryMs. Yeon-Soo Ohbrought a cup of tea to Gun-Ho and said, "Sir, someone is here to see you."

"Who is it?"

It was the dandy entertainment manager from BM Entertainment. He gave a 90-degree bow to Gun-Ho as soon as he entered Gun-Ho's office.

"Hello, sir. I was in the area, and I remembered you said the other day in Cheongdam Town that I should stop by your office some time. So here I am."

"Please have a seat."

Gun-Ho asked Secretary Yeon-Soo Oh to bring one more cup of tea for his guest.

"Do you still often go to China or Japan these days, sir?"

The dandy manager asked with a smile in his eyes.

"I couldn't go on a trip there these days."

"Did you have something to ask me, sir?"

"Let me ask you one thing. If I acquire a Chinese production company of soap operas, or if I start a joint venture with one of them, do you think it will be a lucrative business?"